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Guest : Vladimir Khodov CMO of BHEC

Moderator: Andy, Southeast Asia Blockchain media Beecast CEO

Time: 29th, June (Saturday) 18:00 (GMT+8)

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Topic: Coin tiger fund eco-coin BHEC in SEA



Andy: Mr. Khodov, as the CMO of BHEC, please introduce yourself, what’s the reason for you to enter the blockchain industry? And what is the reason for you to join BHEC?

Mr. Khodov: Good evening everyone, I am BHEC CMO, thank you Andy View for the opportunity to do some communication with friends here.

The blockchain can be regarded as one of the leading technologies to open the next financial technology revolution. Blockchain is a new step in the development of the Internet industry. It is a new trend in the 21st century. Blockchain technology is generally optimistic around the world. It is accepted and adopted by more and more people. The blockchain has stood.  New developments on the wind. This is a new blue ocean. I chose to take advantage of the trend, choose this industry, and founded BHEC.

I will introduce BTB.io, BTB.io (formerly bihuex global exchange) alias Bit Bank, a safe, efficient and fast digital asset trading platform, bhec is the eco-coin issued by the Global Fund of the Tiger Tiger, we are committed to Provide global users with excellent blockchain assets, digital currency, digital asset derivatives and other trading and financial services. At present, we have cooperated with hundreds of institutions and served hundreds of professional institutional investors. Since the official launch in 2018, with the efforts of the team and the support of everyone, btb has the honor to become the top 20 exchanges in the world, and the registered users have broken through. Millions, 50,000 live, 200,000 community users. I am also very grateful to everyone for their support. The development of BTB can reach the scale of today.

Andy: As a global digital asset trading platform, how does BTB stand out in many digital trading platforms?

Mr. Khodov: BTB users have a feeling that btb trading operations are more convenient and simpler than other platforms.“Avenue to Jane”, behind this simplicity, is actually the result of our team working around the clock and polishing the product and user experience with ingenuity.  Exchanges are not all simple, not everyone can do, financial models, technical support, risk management, asset security, product design, user experience, etc., each piece is a big business, only professional and deep cultivation, can understand.

If an industry wants to last long, compliance is a must. But this compliance is not necessarily a regulatory aspect of a certain area or aspect, but a series of mechanisms that allow real assets to trade freely and allow the world to operate in an orderly and efficient manner. In the long run, legal currency entry, project incubation capacity, ecological integrity, platform currency economic model, etc. will become new competition points this year.

If BTB.io continues to reinvent itself, along the mode of group ecological operation, actively explore the global market, use the blockchain bottom-level application service ecosystem to accelerate the innovative integration with all walks of life, and give new kinetic energy to the new round of development of each industry. constantly complying with the development trend of digital asset exchanges, I believe that in the accelerated iteration of the cryptocurrency exchange market, we must make a difference and become the leader in the future leading blockchain industry.

Andy: Recently, the trial run of JPM Coin and the Libra white paper led by Facebook have injected high sentiment into the blockchain market. How do you think the current domestic industry participants can leverage the high sentiment to promote the development of the domestic blockchain?

Mr. Khodov: I think Facebook is not a currency, it is a signal bullet that changes the world. In the history of human currency, money represents a realistic free will, especially in this world, the currency itself is like a master key, which can open a door to the world. Perhaps Libra is playing such a role in a digital identity, and Zuckerberg and his nodes are rule-makers.

For the majority of blockchain entrepreneurs in China, it is necessary to use the digital financial opportunities opened by Libra to upgrade the distributed business model (distributed business = landing scenario + economic model + distributed computing power + distributed application)  Dapp+ distributed autonomous community Dao). The core of the business model is three words: decentralization, division of labor and distribution, blockchain technology, 5G and Ai technologies, which will provide efficiency support for the business model to achieve a reasonable distribution of benefits and make the cake more Big and delicious, of course, the premise is that the cake should be divided.

Take our BHEC, based on high consensus and high security, it must be the underlying support of distributed business, so as to realize the rational distribution of benefits in distributed commerce through consensus.

The development of the global blockchain has become more and more vital, and it affects all walks of life from the outside, which brings new opportunities and challenges to the current business model. The development of the blockchain in the future is full of uncertainties, but one thing is certain that BTB.io will have a huge impact on the development of the blockchain industry in the short and long term.

In the future, BTB.io will adapt to the global economic development trend, grasp the innovative application opportunities of global blockchain technology, open up the global digital currency market, and become a high-energy value distribution network and mainstream value for global commercial application and asset user experience.  Pronouns of circulation.

Andy: Can you introduce the application of Coin tiger fund eco-coin BHEC?

Mr. Khodov: BHEC acts as a withdrawal fee for the BTB exchange, a transaction fee deduction, etc., as well as a bhec applet application, such as bhec grab red packets, bhec games, and so on.

Andy: As the core of the blockchain, how is the smart contract applied to BHEC?

Mr. Khodov: BHEC is currently based on erc20, and now more than 80% of mainstream tokens are based on ERC20. The emergence of the ERC20 design standard has a certain historical significance, which promotes the development of the token economy. In the future, bhec will be upgraded to the main chain, and more bhec ecosystems will be added to the bhec main network.

Andy: Under the comprehensive construction of BHEC ecological network, I believe that the launch of BHEC will definitely take a step forward for the application of blockchain. How can we obtain BHEC and what is the distribution rule?

Mr. Khodov: There are two channels for obtaining bhec. One is to buy through the secondary market, and the other is to participate in the wallet Staking.

Andy:  I heard that BTB rewarded the TOKEN airdrop for users who hold BHEC. This is an attractive condition. What other rights will users of BHEC receive?

Mr. Khodov: BHEC has served millions of customers and spreads to many countries and regions around the world. In the long-term cultivation, the market share has steadily increased and gradually grown.  Benchmarking the industry. In addition to the TOKEN airdrop reward, users who hold BHEC can also enjoy the credit card sharing, invite friends to register for rebates, and node dividends. BTB's strong strength brings sufficient confidence, BTB.io is willing to share the BHEC development dividend with users, and pay more attention to user reputation and user experience.

Andy:  Recently, the market value of Bitcoin has hit a new high in the past 17 months, once triggered 13,000 USDT. As a digital asset trading platform, can BTB provide some professional investment advice?

Mr. Khodov: The recent volatility of the market has a high yield and is accompanied by huge risks. The retail investors have escaped. The final defense line of BTC above 12000 is near the 60-day moving average of 12110. This wave of decline may have a long-term layout. opportunity!

The digital currency market is a very attractive market. It is a market that trades on its own decisions and judgments under a game rule that everyone agrees on. It can make people gain huge profits. Indeed, the currency circle can make people rich. People only saw this before joining the market. The original transaction was so simple. If it went up, it would buy it. If it fell, it would make a lot of money, and then confidently put it into the market to fight. As a result, it was miserable by the market.

Investment is a game that is easy, simple, and step-by-step to be profitable in the competition. If you feel anxious and panic in your daily transactions, you may be uncertain. It is definitely that your trading method and your heart rate do not resonate with this breed, reaching a state of tacit understanding, so that it is difficult for you to achieve investment profit. If you become daring in your earnings, you will become timid in the loss. Congratulations, you may have been abandoned by the market.

In this market, those who can really make money are always those who have long-term vision and good mentality. Shopping malls such as battlefields may be elites in your industry, but no matter in which industry, we are all learners, investing on the road. Dissatisfied friends, stop and find a trading platform and trading model that suits you. What we need to do now is not to go blindly, to chase up and down, to blindly cut meat, but to grasp the trend and grasp the market. Every day, there is a market that does not contend for one night. Steady profitability is not a temporary luck, but a long-term operation.

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