【Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit · Indonesia 2019】was successful held
【Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit · Indonesia 2019】
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Editors note: On May 25, 2019, 【Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit · Indonesia 2019】was successful held in Indonesia.


On May 25, 2019, 【Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit · Indonesia 2019】was successful held in Indonesia. This event was hosted by BLOCK GLOBAL, BeeCast, Huobi Indonesia, Blockchain No.1, Klaytn, and co-hosted by Block Technology, Coinin, blocktimes, Block Capital, Huopin Online, Global STO Industry Promotion Association, Global College Blockchain Alliance, Glosfer, D-Globe Ecology, Asia Blockchain Alliance and CollinStar.


With the theme of "Empowering Digital Economy", this event gathered well-known blockchain experts, digital currency industry elites, excellent enterprise managers and blockchain media practitioners from home and abroad to discuss current industry hot spots, opportunities and challenges focusing on the development process of blockchain. Meanwhile, Metro TV, Indonesia's largest chinese-language media station, also gave a special report on the summit.


Masters gathered and expressed their opinions


BLOCK GLOBAL Chairman Yanqiang Shi delivered the prologue for the speech and all the honored guests. He expressed warm welcome to the guests present and expressed the hope that the event will contribute to the development of the industry.

Then, he introduced the detail development process of the global leading blockchain technology media group, BLOCK GLOBAL. At present, BLOCK GLOBAL covers “4 media companies + 2 industry associations +1 eco-fund and +1 talent service company”. The 4 media companies are Block Technology in mainland China, blocktimes in Taiwan China, Coinin in Korea and Beecast in Southeast Asia; 2 industry associations are Global College Blockchain Alliance and Global STO Industry Promotion Association; 1 eco-fund is Block Capital; 1 talent service company is Huopin Online.

In addition, BLOCK GLOBAL has invested in more than 10 upstream and downstream enterprises of the blockchain, and has basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media.


BeeCast CEO Andy said BeeCast is one of the first blockchain companies to set up in Southeast Asia, starting in October 2018. BeeCast has offices and teams in five cities in four countries: Bangkok, Thailand; Hanoi, ho chi minh city, Vietnam; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Jakarta, Indonesia. BeeCast will share the specific situation of the Southeast Asian market in the form of ecological report.

On June 1, 2019, BeeCast will hold the 【Asia Blockchain Consensus Conference Vietnam · 2019】 in Hanoi, Vietnam with 1,000 participants. It has become a strong consensus that “Go for BeeCast if you go to Southeast Asia”. In the future, BeeCast will continue to take advantage of the natural advantages of media and integrate local resources to provide better services for practitioners in the blockchain industry.



As one of the organizers, Huobi Indonesian partner Alex delivered speech at the summit. He said that Huobi Group has been striving to become a pioneer in the blockchain industry for many years. Huobi Indonesia established under the strategy of Huobi Globalization, has a strong user group in Indonesia and covers the whole Southeast Asia.


Huobi Indonesia has a high cost performance, mainly reflected in HUOBI BRANDING GUARANTY-- the first platform of globalization strategy in Southeast Asia; Lower costs to join Huobi global; joint listing strategy of Southeast Asia, South Korea and Japan. Finally, Alex said that the mission of Huobin Indonesia is to improve financial efficiency and increase wealth.


Blockchain No.1 CEO Jack delivered the prologue as one of the host. He firstly proposed his viewpoint that Indonesia's blockchain Industry has great potential and then introduced Blockchain No.1 as the professional blockchain media of Indonesia. Since the vitality of the media lies in originality, so he brought their plan named “100”, which means interviewing 100 CEOs of blockchain companies, 100 Blockchain Projects, and 100 Key Opinion Leaders.

He believed that Blockchain No.1 will help Indonesia's blockchain industry to achieve better development, and Blockchain No.1 will become the media that Indonesia's blockchain industry really needs.


Eddy Satriya, deputy assistant of ICT and Utility, delivered an excellent talk on "Reshaping Indonesia's ICT policies for the ledger economy".

Mr. Eddy talked about ICT and economic development, blockchain and disruptive technologies, and the way forward and closed. ICT has contributed significantly to economic growth over the past two years. Mr. Eddy introduced us to the latest details of ICT and government development. He stressed that blockchain is a new global resource that has been accepted and used by many countries and institutions. Finally, he explained that the world has enacted some relevant ICT laws.


ASOSIASI BIG DATA & AI Chairman Rudi Rusdiah addressed a speech named “Big data & Blockchain” at the summit. He firstly showed the era from Big Data, governance to AI. And then he explained that the differences between Big Data and Blockchain lie in that the data of Big Data is distributed in Data Nodes & Name Node Server, while blockchain data is distributed in ledger to all stakeholder Nodes. In addition, Big Data is not encrypted and structured SQL & non structured no SQL, but blockchain is encrypted and structured encrypted chain in block.

He also said that revenues for big data and business analytics (BDA) solutions have great potential according the latest worldwide market study.


Jerome , Head of Klaytn Strategic Partnership, delivered the speech about “How Kakao and Klaytn Plan to Drive Mass Adoption Around the Globe”. He said everyone talks about blockchain mass adoption, but the Dapp stats are terrible. And Klaytn’s vision is to be the first blockchain platform to achieve mass adoption in the era of blockchain 3.0. In the end, he said that Klaytn Mainnet will launch in June 27, 2019, and the blockchain mass adoption will start in South Korea with Kakao and Klaytn.


GLOSFER, started in 2012, is the first generation blockchain company in South Korea and also the founder of the well-known public blockchain Hycon. GLOSFER provides digital currency services to local governments in South Korea and also launched the DApp ecosystem for business enterprises.


CEO and CTO of GLOSFER Kim Taewon said that South Korea has the hottest blockchain community, and the South Korea government also began to understand, follow the trend, and gradually make a change in policy. As the leader of the South Korea blockchain industry and the company that has the closest contact with the government, GLOSFER is obliged to promote its business enterprise DApp in Korea and the world to accelerate the application of blockchain technology.

印尼峰会9.pngAsia Blockchain Alliance Chairman Roger Wang, Chairman of ABI Steven, i-Bank Marketing Director Stephan Clinton, Huobi Global, APAC Managing Director Edwark, Founder of iLinker Xue Gang have launched a deep discussion on "Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain" at panel. According to Stephan Clinton, marketing director of i-Bank, the advantages of blockchain technology such as information confidentiality, intelligent contract, distributed storage, network P2P and data preservation make blockchain technology possess high application value in the field of public services. At present, people's understanding of blockchain is not deep enough. For the success of enterprises, the development of blockchain requires joint efforts.


After that, Asia Blockchain Alliance secretary general Leo Yang introduced the vision, mission and architecture of ABA and membership benefit to join ABA in this summit.

The Asian Blockchain Alliance, jointly initiated by BLOCK GLOBAL, BeeCast, Blockchain No.1, Huobi Indonesia, Udax and Finblock, aims to gather industry forces and promote the development and growth of the industry in various regions.

Vision: To be a worldwide influential blockchain technology association, and promote the development of blockchain technology and applications

Mission: Providing a platform for information exchange, resource sharing and win-win cooperation for the blockchain enterprises

Architecture: Basic services (company registration, HR, etc.), Community operations, Media & PR, Education and training, Study Tour, Project incubation.

Membership Benefit: Asia Blockchain Alliance will give members the opportunity to become a ABA Committee and have voting rights and the opportunity to business collaboration with ABA members in other countries.



APay founder Xiaonan Feng introduced digital Asset Payment SaaS Platform. APay is committed to quickly solving digital asset payment issues, making digital asset payments faster, easier, and safer. APay is based on blockchain distributed storage, core banking and other cutting-edge design concepts that drive digital asset payments and promote the commercialization of the blockchain 3.0 era.

APay payment is based on blockchain technology and SaaS system services. It integrates front-end, layered deployment, modular design and other technologies, as well as switching, over-the-counter, media, encrypted IM, HD wallet, payment and more.

The core technologies of APay are core bank system, core bank risk warning and account system.

Core bank system includes All encryption system, Automatic audit and All encrypted communication.

Core bank risk warning includes Big data risk control, KYC and Abnormal behavior analysis control.

Account system includes Blockchain accounting, Balanced accounting system and Customer center architecture, Peripheral system and Batch system Big data analytics decision.

Finally, Xiaonan Feng concluded: “The appearance of APAY will completely solve the problem of difficult commercial implementation of blockchain.”


Lecturer Luoxin Lei introduced CEEC 16+1 Platform in this summit. With the vigorous promotion of China and the joint efforts of the 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in a few years, the leaders of the “16+1” member states have held consultations at various meetings, formulated and gradually implemented a number of development plans, and established joint federation mechanisms covering various fields such as investment, trade, infrastructure, logistics, agriculture and tourism, such as establishment. In Bulgaria, the "China and Central and Eastern European Countries Agricultural Cooperation Promotion Association" and so on. In addition, many infrastructure projects have been completed in railways, direct flights, and ocean freight transportation, laying a solid foundation for expanding economic and trade cooperation.


Cheng Yang, COO of D-Globe Ecology, introduced D-Globe Ecology at this summit, which is the first blockchain token economic whole industry ecology. After development of 2018, Drink rose 20 times, and users reached 10 million. Now D-Globe together with the TEA Chain, Green Chain, Car Chain, SPC, Health Chain, GOC, HOME Chain, BOOK Chain, and many other industry blockchains to open global tour and the force of decentralization to reshape the production relations, finish consumption population transfer of each chain network from the Internet within 3 to 5 years, make all value contributors enjoy the industry development of bonuses!

CEO of Tea Chain Yongxi Zhou introduced Tea Chain in this summit. Tea Chain aims to solve the pain points of tea industry through blockchain technology and the token incentive mechanism. Tea Chain can be circulated in all links of tea industry from manufacturers to consumers. Users hold TEA, that is to say, they hold the dividend of tea industry.

Tea Chain is used in the circulation, incentive and application of all scenarios in the Tea Chain ecosystem. Behavior is value, consumption is investment. All users' actions will form value, and be recorded on the blockchain, and be rewarded with contribution value. Reward high-quality merchants by referring to merchants' sales volume, user evaluation and other indicators, so that users' needs can be fully met.


Bing Peng, CEO of Car Chain talked about the current situation of vehicle networking, analysis of pain points in vehicle networking industry, from vehicle networking to vehicle chain network and global node election scheme.

Mr. Bing gave us a brief introduction to Carbe Box which uses the satellite navigation and positioning system as well as Carbe APP, which can solve the pain points of vehicle networking operators. The global node election mechanism is very all-around, including the foundation node partner, general node partner, standby node partner, super node partner and co-founder partner.


Tianyue Liu, CEO of Green Chian, co-founder of Dirnkchain, co-founder of Shaanxi Micro E-commerce Alliance delivered a speech about “plant + blockchain”, which gave us a brand-new aspect of the application of blockchain technology.

Aligning with Drinkchain, it aims to use the blockchain to provide global green plant and flower enterprises, growers, flower pot manufacturers and consumers with quality products and services to solve the industry pain points including the difficulties in renting, buying and raising flowers, and distribution in different places, as well as high logistics costs.

Green Chain developed a new consumption pattern, which is "consumption is investing, buying is mining”, meaning that consumers, distributors, producers and other roles are all value contributors and can directly participate in the token dividend.


Luke, Senior Marketing Manager of BHP Public Chain, delivered a speech with the name of “Impact of Blockchain on Financial Service”.

His speech mainly covered a brief introduction to blockchain and cryptocurrency, impact on financial service, BHP and Hash2one as well as the future of blockchain on financial service.

The key features of blockchain are decentralized and immutable while cryptocurrency is difficult-to-fake, decentralized and easy-to-transfer digital currency.

BHP is a third party payment platform and Hash2one is a financial technology platform, one of DAPP based on BHP public chain. Mr. Luke believed that the implementation of blockchain in financial institutions will only increase.


Lin Yu, Senior Operations Manager of Huobi Crypto Exchange, introduced Huobi Group.

As the world’s leading digital asset financial service provider, Huobi group has completed a comprehensive international strategic layout, which have set up service teams in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the UK, Hong Kong and many other countries. Huobi Cloud is a one-stop solution for the digital asset exchange launched by Huobi Group.

Huobi Indonesia is a professional platform in Southeast Asia with powerful support with higher cost performance, more investors/users and professional service.


Liu Wei, CFO of Cryptic Labs introduced the basic information, business model, business domain and development plan for Cryptic Labs.

With an outstanding team, Cryptic Labs aims to combine cryptography researchers with economists and cybersecurity practitioners to improve the feasibility of cybersecurity and blockchain technologies. Its business domains include various aspects such as research, advisory & incubation, education, as well as software development.

It has landed in China now, and it will continue to land in different areas and build a high-tech ecosystem.


Finally, 【Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit·Indonesia 2019】ended up with a successful conclusion. The huge summit is of far-reaching significance to the innovation and development of blockchain in Southeast Asia. The world is stepping into the "Blockchain Era". With the stable economic growth in Southeast Asia represented by Indonesia and the dual advantages of demographic dividend and market potential, the strategic layout of blockchain innovation in Southeast Asia is imperative.



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