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Editors note: After the worst crypto winter, 2019 witnesses remarkable application and adoption of blockchain, for examples, JPMorgan coin, IBM’s blockchain for bank payment.


Time: 05/18  14:00(GMT+7)

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Guest: Paven Do,COO and Co-founder of Kingchain

Host: Andy Zheng, CEO, Beecast



Andy Zheng: Good afternoon, everyone! I am Andy Zheng, CEO of Beecast.

Welcome to the leading blockchain community media [Beecast] and join us with 5000+ communities & 1000000+ Beecasters in [Blockchain in SEA] to discuss blockchain technology and industry development.

This is the phase 22,

Topic: How to bring blockchain to public awareness

Guest: Paven Do,COO and Co-founder of Kingchain

Paven Do is COO and Co-founder of Kingchain Media, Admin of Vncoin Community.

Paven Do is a Vietnam blockchain consultant, he is also a PhD candidate in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, studying applied mathematics, blockchain and its applications.

He has two years serving as advisor for blockchain projects and fundamental specialist for crypto communities in Vietnam.


Andy Zheng: Mr Paven Do, you can introduce yourself. As a PhD candidate of Hong Kong university of science and technology, when did you first know about blockchain? What are your expectations for the development of the blockchain industry?

Paven Do: My name is Paven in English and Thuật in Vietnamese. I have studied abroad many years, in Bangkok and currently in Hong Kong. I’ve known bitcoin and blockchain since December 2017, then found a great intersection between blockchain and mathematics (my major research field). Blockchain is in a very beginning stage but potential to disrupt many fields of economy and industry. In next years, I hope that blockchain (and distributed ledger technologies) can get more mature and be ready for practical application.


Andy Zheng: As the COO and co-founder of Kingchain, could you please briefly introduce your company? What is your business philosophy for a blockchain media company?

Paven Do: Though blockchain and cryptocurrency are very hot topics worldwide, they haven’t got mass adoption, and public don’t understand them well. The mission is that we try our best to bring knowledge of the field to popular awareness, pushing blockchain projects to public attention and to help crypto exchanges connecting huge communities of traders, then building a strong connection among developers, investors, traders and liquid providers. All our efforts are dedicated to promoting the development of the new-born industry.

Kingchain Media is a full-packaged marketing service provider in blockchain and cryptocurrency in Vietnam. We are one of the pioneers in the field. Having been in operation since middle 2016, we have already built a strong portfolio of over 50 ICO projects both domestic and international in this new sector. Our strong network with investors, partners, communities and projects allow us to offer top-quality packages of complete and comprehensive marketing solutions at competitive value with a proven track record of success and professionalism.

Our business philosophy is one of the win-win mentality – when our customers get what they need, only then we do achieve what we want. We are more than just a complete, professional marketing service. Our approach is aligned with our business philosophy, and we seek to provide a holistic experience for our customers, for the success of a project is as much of a success to a marketing firm. This is why just in 3 years we have been able to partner up and cooperate in so many projects – words travel far. Even further in the tumultuous landscape of a burgeoning industry.


Andy Zheng: In order to build a blockchain media company based on blockchain marketing services, what do you think is the most important strategy in the connection between traditional marketing services and new technologies and concepts?

Paven Do: A traditional approach with an innovative mindset is key for strategy building here. Marketing service is essentially a hearts-and-minds communication service: we relay what our customers can offer to their own groups of users, and we relay what potential groups of users may require back to our own customers. It is a two-way street of mutual progress. In that sense, the strategy is not all that different – basically, we’d find a way to get through to our customers and their users, and become a strong marketing firm in the traditional sense. In near future, at least, methods and mediums of access are the same: WoM, social media, events, conferences, traditional media outlets.

The first half of our strategy, therefore, in connecting traditional marketing services and breaking new technologies and concepts – namely blockchain in this case – is first becoming a strong, complete, comprehensive marketing service provider in our own rights. The second half, however, is one of energetic innovation. Though our approach remains a reliable constant, the technologies and the communities thereof are not. In order to correctly and holistically provide a high quality service to this new circle in the Venn diagram, and successfully bridge traditional marketing to blockchain, our strategy is one of complete understanding. We seek to, and are, well connected to all aspects of this new world and the people within it. By aiming to, and achieving, a wide network of connections in the blockchain scene and by understanding the technological backbone of blockchain itself, we can better offer traditional marketing services to non-traditional players in the new industry, finishing the strategy to bridge old-school marketing with our new-age blockchain customers.


Andy Zheng: After 2017's craziness and 2018's return to rationality, many voices say that 2019 may will be the first year of blockchain application. What do you think?

Paven Do: Yes, that is absolutely true. Last year, people can see that blockchain and cryptocurrency had nothing except speculation, illusive expectation and impractical projects. After the worst crypto winter, 2019 witnesses remarkable application and adoption of blockchain, for examples, JPMorgan coin, IBM’s blockchain for bank payment. I can assure that more and more practical applications of blockchain and crypto will come true in next years, bringing huge benefits to the world.


Andy Zheng: As far as I know, you have a deep understanding of the application of blockchain technology. What do you think is the greatest value of blockchain technology?

Paven Do: Blockchain is a breaking technology, but like an infant. Actually, it is difficult to claim what is the best. However, I am pretty sure that blockchain will change the internet and other connected things in the essential levels, enable feasible means for which new type of economics are born, for instances, sharing economics, peer-2-peer collaboration.


Andy Zheng: What difficulties and challenges do you think in the application of blockchain technology?

Paven Do: Blockchain is useless itself. In fact, it is becoming an interdisciplinary field, combining blockchain, cryptography, smart contract, other information technologies, accompanying with financial services, etc. Thus, bringing blockchain to practical application is a very hard work. Maersk, a giant in global shipping industry, has started a joint venture with IBM to build a blockchain platform for global trading since 2016. Up to now, the project is still in internal pilot stage. Deutsche Bank has kicked off a research team to develop blockchain-based financial services since 2015 but not published yet. Developers cannot make blockchain into wide practice unless they work with professionals related to the proposed problems. And I think that blockchain needs more experiments and pilots to prove its advantages and feasible applicability before getting mass adoption. Then support from governments and/or big corporations is important as well.


Andy Zheng: As an emerging market of blockchain, Southeast Asia market is becoming more and more hot. So how do you think blockchain technology should be distributed in Southeast Asia?

Paven Do: The world knows Southeast Asia as active economic nations with high growth rate, young population. Vietnam and other SEA countries can quickly learn and apply new technologies. In fact, blockchain and cryptocurrency are very hot topics in recent years. SEA has become one of the largest communities in crypto market and funding sources to blockchain projects. Compared with obsolete, conservative and complicated financial systems in the West, Vietnam and other SEA nations have several favourable conditions to develop blockchain and crypto in finance and economics. Of course, it will need strategic planning and orientational support from governments, so much benefit will come true.


Andy Zheng: As a senior reseacher in the blockchain field, you may have come into contact with a lot of people in the industry. Are there anyone you admire, and why? Beecast currently covers 250 cities in 15 countries, 5,000 community nodes, 1 million users , and hopes to invite more big names to [Blockchain in SEA] to share the blockchain knowledge, promoting the development of the industry. In the blockchain industry of SEA, if you introduce one or two guests to be interviewed, who would you recommend to Beecast to share?

Paven Do: Yeah, as a COO of KingChain Media, I am honor to meet talent developers and excellent leaders, CEO in the blockchain industry in past 2 years. As BeeCast is the leading media in Southeast Asia, I am pleasant to introduce two of them, and I think they are happy as well to be interviewed. Hoang Linh (Seven – nickname) is technical analyst, co-founder of Insight Group, a nice man. Another talent is Quang Nguyen, VIC COO, a famous group in Vietnam, developing Vicion app as the best gateway to crypto world. They are both famous KOL in Vietnam. One more big bomb I will tell you later. It is secret now.

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