Blucon: the first IEO project that can be listed on Exshell
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Time:  04/25  14:00 (Vietnam time)

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Guest: Sabrina Kim, Blucon CEO, Korea

Host: Andy Zheng, CEO, Beecast

Sabrina Kim is BLU Global Partner (Singapore) and F.A.Lab (Korea), Global Marketing Director.

She previously worked as Morgan Stanley Capital International - MSCI Barra (Hong Kong), Corporate Event Analyst and Inside Fashion New York (Hong Kong), Marketing Specialist.

She also has worked on Youjiali International Trading Ltd. (China) as a vice President, Namuhana Ltd. She used to be a general manager of Yiwu Branch (China) .

In 2018, Sabrina Kim seted up BLUCON.


1.Andy Zheng: Miss Sabrina, how did you get to the blockchain industry? What was the purpose of setting Blucon?

Sabrina Kim: Before I join in blockchain industry, I was working for financial industry, I used to work for Morgan Stanley Capital International in Hong Kong as an analyst. It’s also named MSCI Index. The job was confidential work and very boring, but it helped me a lot to understand next generation of financial industry will be opened through blockchain technology.

When I entered this blockchain industry, Korean peoples are already very crazy in it. But still, I saw the big opportunity and found out a niche market, like a blue ocean.

I see the blockchain industry is still like an island, not really merged to the existing traditional system and totally separated. So I figured out that if we connect the traditional payment system and crypto currencies, many people can use this crypto in their real life, and provide a bigger pie to the blockchain industry.

So we merged one of the best payment technology company in Korea, and the key partnerships with major financial and card companies in Korea, we could develop our system and its essence is our BLUCON.

2.Andy Zheng: Could you give us a brief introduction to Blucon, Blucon Token as well as the IEO project?

Sabrina Kim: BLUCON’s basic concept is “connection” which is why our platform’s name is EXO-platform. We connect traditional financial network to crypto currencies. Many blockchainers reject existing financial network and doing their own ways, it takes a lot of time and cost. So we think differently. If we run this system with the existing system, and if we make a solution that can be a win-win method to both side, then blockchain industry can be soak into human’s real life very quickly. The traditional financial network needs blockchain technology, and blockchain industry their worldwide network.

So briefly what we do is we exactly use the existing worldwide payment network and make crypto holders use it in real life anytime anywhere. And with our exo-platform, and with our BLUCON card, it can be a real time transaction. So you don’t need everytime you sell your coin, and apply for withdrawal and send to your bank account and make a payment. Just pay with Blucon card whenever you need, very easy and convenient.

So we have Korea domestic transportation card, which is already can be used in nationwide in Korea, and global debit and credit card using EMV chip, which can be used for all visa, master network. and lastly Global one card, which is a compatible transportation card in several countries.

For BLUCON token, we use it for utility token, like a mediator roll, when you use our card, all currencies automatically invert to Blucon token, BEP to enter this system.

And For IEO, we are first IEO project in Exshell exchange. Which means the exchange has a big confidence on our project, so they could select us for representing their first project. We started on 20th, and it is very successful till now. Today is the first day of the third round, and three days to go.

3.Andy Zheng: What are the similarities, differences and special points of Blocon Token with other tokens? What are the advantages of Blucon Token compared to other tokens?

Sabrina Kim: The key point of financial service is it should be circulated. So it can keep their ecosystem. If it is not used, then has no idea what is their value. For the beginning of coin market, investment or speculation was more popular, and because of that this blockchain industry made out many bad effections.

If everybody just holds cryptos and looking for profits, then this industry will hard to grow. If we use the cryptos in real economy through the connection with existing financial system, then more people will enter this industry and make it merged to usual common life.

What’s the big difference between our BEP and other tokens, is that, even without of buy and sell trade, through the exo-platform, our BEP is automatically used in peoples’ payment transaction, so we have our own auto value increase ecosystem through this platform. So I can say this ecosystem is huge for all over the crypto market, and this is no any other crypto had before.

4.Andy Zheng: What is the strategic layout of Blucon?

Sabrina Kim: Just using existing payment method like Visa is a red ocean market. Already many global major companies own them. So our target is emerging market, as I told you soon, let crypto holders use their crypto make a payment in real time in their common life, which is a new blue ocean and also a huge amount market.

First of all, transportation card is issued. Our team has more than 15 years’ experience of developing payment system. Before connecting the crypto payment, we had also developing China Korea compatible transportation card and Indonesia MUI card.

And including many key partnerships, we just had contract with and Roger Ver, we are going to provide our payment platfor for Bitcoin cash, and also with Consentium and western pay, many global companies joined our project so we will provide our unique payment system to the world.

One of our biggest business model, names Global one card is already developed multi countries card spec, and it includes Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and others…This project will be widen with famous investor Jim Rogers and Singapore investment company and also from China’s major VCs.

Blucon after listing on Exshell and Digifinex exchanges in May, just few days left, and then Our exo-platform will be launched from June to the two exchanges.

So we are proceeding our IEO on Exshell now, and We also provide our transportation Blucon card to IEO participant. Hope more people can get our cards.

5.Andy Zheng: Does Blucon plan to extend to other areas, such as blockchain games?

Sabrina Kim: Yes we have. Our EXO-platform is not only affordable for Fintech Financial payment technology, but also can be adoptable for blockchain based contents, e-commerce, social media, entertainmens and more. So we use our platform through B2B business model can be widen to many blockchain based industries, and of course including the fintech financial part.


6.Andy Zheng: Why do you choose Exshell as your strategic partner over other exchanges? What is the advantage of Exshell?

Sabrina Kim: Our goal is not just for listing. Blucon’s customers are exchanges, so we provide our platform and cards to those exchanges. For the first beta testing step, we need most efficient interactions between exchange and us. There were three exchanges including big three exchange. But for the beta testing, our standard was very clear. First, they want to develop this market strongly together, second, also has the strong technical background, third, where to proceed aggressive marketing for our exo-platform. And lastly, very stable and has a capital strength. So, with these standards, we picked Exshell for our main partner exchange and that’s why we proceed our IEO on Exshell till 28th.

7.Andy Zheng: We heard that Blucon achieved a great success at the first two days of IEO. What do you think is the key factor leading to this great success?Does this IEO project live up to your expectations? If not, what are your expectations?

Sabrina Kim: Actully not onluy for the first two days, it’s been last 5 days, it was all successful, to be honest, it was above of my expectation. It was only few seconds sold out.

I guess main reason of our succeed on IEO is our business model is new paradigm for crypto market. As we all know, how many cryptos can be used in real life? And at any place? Not existing yet. Even though many payment projects already are there, but they can’t make the real time transaction yet.

If I address more about comparing with other payment projects, there are many big differences. Firstly, we are B2B providers, so we provide this solution to other payment projects and exchanges. And as you can see, some of them can issue with Visa, you can check your crypto balance through the Visa card, but if you don’t have cash in it, still you cannot make a payment. And some of them are electronic cards, you can connect many kinds of cards, but it’s just like a cold wallet, still cannot make a payment directly. And few of them, quite popular in Singapore can make their own crypto to pay, but the condition is the membership stores should accept their coin, so it needs a lot of time and cost to develop their own market. It’s not also using the existing payment network. Because they don’t have this platform that can connect between the existing system and crypto part. For having this kind of platform, not only understand the crypto part, you also know the banking system, card system and merchants, and it requires many experiences and cooperation with other institutions, only few has the qualification, which we have.

So we assume this truth as our business direction is accepted to the market.

We of course expect our IEO for 40 million BEP on EarlyBird sale will be sold out for last three days, and as just successfully finished 2nd round yesterday, and we start 3rd round today, we decided to provide more benefits to participants, so we designed and just made an announcement a new event today. Please refer the community rooms for details.

8.Andy Zheng: Why do you choose Southeast Asia’s cryptocurrency trading market?

Sabrina Kim: Yes, Our main goal for this year is Southeast Asia countries. We already developed Global One card system, which can be used for many countries with one card. We are working on Singapore transportation card to connect technologies and Indonesia is already done the contract, so Singapore- Korea compatible card would be the first for our global one card, and we are working with several related intuitions for it. Southeast Asia is new emerging countries now, and its market including crypto part is also very big. So we are aiming to those countries to put our number one goal.  

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