[AndyView] Blucon CEO: How an auto value increase token work
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Time04/16  20:00

Guest: Sabrina Kim, Blucon CEO

Host: Andy Zheng, Beecast CEO



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This is the Phase 4, Topic: How an auto value increase token work.

Guest: Sabrina Kim

BLUCON is a payments company which leverages on bleeding edge technological innovations to enhance the retail economy.


Andy Zheng: What is the Blucon project?

Sabrina Kim:

• Blucon project makes you pay for the dinner with cryptocurrency you have. It means that you don’t need to sell your cryptocurrency or change to Cash in order to pay them. It enables you to use cryptocurrency, with Blucon Card, anywhere and at any time, as much as you need.

• To do this, Blucon project connects the EXO-Platform between

your bank and exchange, and then it processes the exchange, payment and calculation of Fiat & cryptocurrency in real time.


Andy Zheng: What is the Blucon Token (BEP)?

Sabrina Kim:

• When you try to pay for the dinner with Blucon Card, BEP Token plays an essential role as a lubricant, in the process of exchanging from cryptocurrency (such as BTC, ETH) to Cash (Fiat) through EXO-Platform and Bank.

• In other words, BEP serves as a “Key Currency” that enables cryptocurrency to be used in Cash (Fiat).

• Therefore, BEP is a token that automatically generates Trading Volume (Demand) for the conversion of cryptocurrency, even if there is no Transaction of Buying & Selling. In other words, there is a big difference from other cryptocurrency that price is determined only by Supply and Demand, Selling and Buying amount.

• BEP Token is AVI (Auto Value Increase) Ecosystem. Namely, it has

a structure that increases the value itself through EXO-Platform.


Andy Zheng: Where do I purchase Blucon Token (BEP)?

Sabrina Kim:

• Purchasing Blucon Token (BEP) is available on exchanges where Crypto Card is issued with EXO-Platform.

• If you hope to purchase Blucon Token (BEP) before the listing, it is available on exchanges where BEP IEO(Initial Exchange Offering) in progress.


Andy Zheng: What is the plan for listing on Exchange?

Sabrina Kim:

• Blucon is receiving a love call from several major exchanges which are wanting to issue the exchange card through EXO-Platform.

• Blucon will finalize Blucon Token (BEP) IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on April, and will do listing on some major exchanges from May. Detailed information will be noticed.

• Blucon has already signed a contract with three major exchanges which ranked at the top 10, with reference to EXO-Platform support. And more consultation with several exchanges is under way.


Andy Zheng: How many types of Blucon Card are there?

Sabrina Kim:

• Blucon Card can be divided into three types of Card [Transportation Card / Debit Card / Credit Card].

• Blucon will start the Transportation Card service first, and expand the service area into Debit Card & Credit Card through the process of stabilization in EXO-Platform and financial partnerships.


Andy Zheng: How do I apply for Blucon Card?

Sabrina Kim:

• Blucon Card application is available on an exchange.

• If you are an exchange user, you might have your own account which was complied with KYC. Then, you are able to apply for Blucon Card with just a few clicks!



Andy Zheng: How do I receive my Blucon Card?

Sabrina Kim:

• Blucon Card will be delivered direct to you by various way such as post or courier service.


Andy Zheng: How do I recharge my Blucon prepaid Card?

Sabrina Kim:

• Unlike other crypto projects for the purpose of payment, Blucon Card will use the existing financial network. Therefore, charging a prepaid card is no different from the way you've been using. Just imagine that you have the option to charge Fiat with your password.


Andy Zheng: How does the EXO-Platform operate?

Sabrina Kim:

• EXO-Platform is located between the existing financial institution (Transportation Card Company, Bank, Credit Card Company) and crypto exchange. And in three places, Financial institution and EXO-Platform, Exchange, the payment is guaranteed based on validation through the decrypted Key that given by EXO-Platform.

• The technology that calculates precisely the large amounts of financial information is the core of EXO-Platform.


Andy Zheng: How do I need to register my Blucon Card?

Sabrina Kim:

• All the users who received Blucon Card is able to register the card after downloading EXO-Platform App first on mobile phone. Registration method is easy to complete.


Andy Zheng: Where do I use Blucon Card?

Sabrina Kim:

• You can use Blucon Card anywhere in the same way that you did before.

• Because Blucon Card uses the existing financial network system.


Andy Zheng: What are the rules on getting a refund in the event of Blucon Card declined?

Sabrina Kim:

• In the event of you Blucon Card declined, it is changed to Mileage or Point and then calculated to your account.

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