Giants gathered, the 2019 Blockchain Investors Summit (Seoul) will be held
2019 Blockchain Investors Summit (Seoul)
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Editor' s Note: From April 29 to 30, BlockGlobal, DConference and Coinin will hold the " Blockchain Investor Summit 2019" in COEX, Seoul, South Korea.

From April 29 to 30, BlockGlobal, DConference and Coinin will hold the " Blockchain Investor Summit 2019" in COEX, Seoul, South Korea. At present, more and more traditional financial and large enterprises such as New York stock exchange, Morgan Stanley and Samsung are entering the blockchain, and traditional capital plays an increasingly important role in the blockchain industry. Therefore, the theme of this summit is the entrance of Fintech and traditional giants. Many VC institutions, financial institutions, traditional enterprises, exchanges and tokenfund are invited to gather in Seoul to explore industry trends and cooperation.

BlockGlobal is a Singapore-registered blockchain media and incubation group including four blockchain media, a Token Fund and a blockchain talent recruitment platform. DConference is a well-known education, financing and marketing platform for the blockchain ecosystem in South Korea. Coinin is the leading blockchain community media in South Korea. Relying on the BlockGlobal ecosystem, Coinin is globally oriented, carrying out media, investment and whole process incubation businesses.


At present BlackRock, Schroders, South Korea's national pension fund NPS, South Korea's national sovereign wealth funds KIC, IBM, Samsung, LG, SK, Shinhan Bank, Kookmin Bank, the United States National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company, Nomura, Hyundai Motor Company, PWC, Deloitte, SAP, Draper fund, the world's second cloud company Binance, Huobi, Node Capital, EOS VC, the Middle East Alphabit, Britain Eterna Capital, the famous legislator in Taiwan, the mayor of Omaha, Bahamas, the President of the blockchain society of South Korea and the advisory committee of the finance committee will attend. There will also be 60 senior executives of traditional enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region at this meeting.


(Some participating enterprises)

Huawei vice President Genovese confirmed his attendance at the 2019 blockchain investor summit (Seoul). Following the Huawei blockchain white paper, Huawei will disclose more blockchain exploration this time. It is reported that Samsung will also take part in the summit, and the two ICT giants will share the journey of blockchain.


(Huawei VP Genovese)

Omaha, Bahamas mayor Don G. Cornish confirmed his attendance at the 2019 blockchain investor summit (Seoul). Previously on April 2, the securities commission of Bahamas has passed the draft cryptocurrency legislation and entered the public notice period to formulate rules for cryptocurrency sales, trading and other enterprises and to provide a favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrency companies. The special surprise is that the mayor of Bahamas specially brought "100 million dollars investment plan" to attract excellent cryptocurrency enterprises to the Bahamas.


(Don G. Cornish, mayor of Omaha, Bahamas)

Leslie Tam, head of Binance OTC team, confirmed her attendance at the 2019 blockchain investor summit in Seoul. It is understood that binancewill open the SGX in April due to its previous investment from Singapore's Temasek. The importance of traditional funds in the blockchain sector is evident. CZ, Binance's founder, says five to ten legal exchanges will open in different states around the world in the next year.


(Leslie Tam, head of Binance OTC team)

From April 29 to 30, the summit will be held in the COEX E hall in Seoul. Thank you for your support and welcome you to join the Summit.

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