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Guest: Puntil Jongjittrakoon, Founder of Crypto Beach Association, Thailand

Host: Andy Zheng, CEO, Beecast



Andy Zheng: Good evening, everyone! I am Andy Zheng, CEO of Beecast.

Welcome to the leading blockchain community media [Beecast] and join us with 5000+ communities & 1000000+ Beecasters in [Blockchain in SEA] to discuss blockchain technology and industry development.

This is the Phase 13, Topic: The Strength of The Group Boosts the Development of Blockchain.

Guest: Puntil Jongjittrakoon,

Puntil Jongjittrakoon, President of Crypto Beach Association, "Thailand Digital Beach Association" is built in Phuket, aggregating forces from digital assets and blockchain industry. The Association aims to become a hub for the exchange and learning of crypto digital assets and blockchain technology, including government agencies, practitioners and members of the community, and to become the most authoritative information publishing platform about digital assets and blockchain in Thailand and the world. At the same time, the establishment of the Association also marks a new starting point for the international digital assets and blockchain industry.


Andy Zheng: Why did you decide to engage in blockchain industry, can you share your experience?

Mr. Puntil: Hello, I am Puntil,the President of Thailand Digital Beach Association. It is a great honor to be here to communicate with you.

I first known Bitcoin in 2012, when I studied in Beijing, I heard from my classmate who always told me about bitcoin, and I didn't know it, so I didn't take it seriously. At that time the teacher also said that this is the big fraud fund game, do not touch, anyway, it's just a simple understanding.

At the end of 2013, it was the beginning of my interest in Bitcoin, and then I bought bitcoin when the price was $500 to $600, and I remember that the price kept going up, and I've tasted the sweetness.

The key is that the price has been falling in 2014 of a whole year like the current market, so I didn't buy it again, and then I developed an exchange with my friends, while I didn't run it myself, but to be a provider to sell white label.

And then in 2015-2016, when the Bitcoin market in Thailand really started to develop, we started to do training, lectures, events, consultants and even develop projects, and we were probably the first in Thailand to run a big Bitcoin event with 1000 people, held in mid-2016. At that time, almost none of the participants had their wallets. We also invited Bitmain, Bitcan and Huobi as guest speakers, and gave each of them Air Drop valued 500 baht of bitcoin, which seems to be value more than ten thousand baht.

By 2017, I have the idea of developing digital money payments ecological,and it develop into today's Digital Beach Association after slowly laying the groundwork.

Andy Zheng: So it's not easy for the Puntil to be able to do it today after all the ups and downs of the early digital currency.

Mr. Puntil: Yeah, it feels like the movie in 2014 repeats today.


Andy Zheng: The digital asset payment service of Digital Beach Association is being popularized in Thailand. Could you tell us how the service is popularized? What are the results so far? What do you think of the meaning and future of digital asset payment?

Mr. Puntil: The Digital Beach Association's digital asset payment service (called CMS:Crypto Merchant Service), is promoted mainly through the media, the government and related industry associations, which have established good relations with the government, such as the deputy governor of Phuket prefecture, The head of the Patong District took part in our activities many times.

At the same time, the Digital Beach Association has regular training business, to teach business owners how to receive digital money training, including hotels, restaurants, spa, building materials city, nightclub and other aspects of tourism services.

At present, the results are very remarkable. In just a few months, we have already broken through 100 merchants. Our plan this year will be developed in major tourist cities in Thailand, such as Panya, Jiami, Ching Mai, Koh Mui, etc., and is expected to cover 1000 businesses. And mainly cover high-end brands such as: luxury cars, large motorcycles, villas, yachts. Today, for example, the signing of a digital payment agreement with Phuket's eight luxury brands.

Thailand has 35 million foreign visitors a year, and it's growing every year, so the promotion of digital money payments in Thailand will have a very positive and far-reaching impact on the global digital money industry.


Andy Zheng: How do you view the change of the current situation of cryptocurrency market? How do you think cryptocurrency market affects the promotion of digital asset payment service?

Mr. Puntil: The current digital currency market is not very good, in this market, we're going to be affected, too. Bitcoin is more asset storage and investment functions, prices are more rapid ups and downs.

In this case, we are already actively communicating with Thai SEC, officials of the Thai tourism department and Phuket prefecture officials, and plan to issue a stable coin with a one to one stable baht as a way of payment for foreigners in Thailand. The stable coin scheme has been largely improved, and the Thailand Blockchain Research Centre is being established through Prince Of Songkla University, Phuket Campus to study the impact of the use of stable coin.

Phuket has more than 15 million foreign tourists a year who spend nearly $15 billion a year in Phuket and now need to trade dollars or RMB online, and paper money is cumbersome to use. The use of this stable coin will lead Phuket and Thailand to a true cashless society.


Andy Zheng: Why was the association set up in Patong, Thailand? What superiority do you think Phuket has in terms of hardware and software facilities?

Mr. Puntil: Because Phuket is the largest tourist city in Thailand, with a population of 400000 and the second largest city in an area of 543 square kilometers, but its economic income ranks among the top 10 in the country, with about 15 million foreigners traveling each year. It is one of the largest international tourist centers in the world, and Patong is the heart of Phuket. In Patong, it is easy to radiate around the world.


Andy Zheng: The association brings together people involved in blockchain and various segments of the digital assets industry. It can be said that it is a large and powerful team. What do you think this group can bring to the development of the blockchain industry? How do the members of the association work together? What are the current priorities?

Mr. Puntil: These experts members are prominent people of Thailand's military, political and business circles, including foreign blockchain experts, and the Association's group of experts has very strong policy and social influence in Thailand.

The current focuses of work are:

1. Promote the development of related industries such as digital assets and blockchain technology;

2. Promote the local industry to popularize and apply digital assets more quickly and effectively, and apply blockchain technology;

3. Promote the establishment of blockchain technology and knowledge exchange center of digital assets industry, to promote the local people's understanding and learning of blockchain knowledge, so that the public can understand the real-time development of the industry in a timely manner;

4.Promote exchanges and cooperation with relevant institutions of higher education, and make the Association a professional training centre for members of the blockchain knowledge;

5. Promote the Association as a consulting centre for the blockchain technology and digital assets industry, providing advice and advice on law, technology application and popularization, development and application;

6. Promote the association to become the research center of blockchain technology and digital assets industry, and promote the output of economic benefits of related industries.


Andy Zheng: The Digital Beach Association has also made efforts to promote the diffusion of blockchain technology and digital asset-related knowledge, and how? Some people believe that the promotion of blockchain technology does not have to be based on a comprehensive understanding of blockchain knowledge by the public. For example, the various mobile phone side APP, clients used today only need to know how to use it, without having to delve into the complex technical logic behind it. What do you think of this view?

Mr. Puntil: There is no need for people to understand technology, as we all use Facebook now, but few understand the technical principles of Facebook. But we need to make people understand the fairness and transparency of blockchain technology, and global acceptance and liquidity. In this way, people will run their business better.



Andy Zheng: According to your understanding and thinking in the course of the Association's work, how do you view the development status and potential of blockchain technology in Thailand? What do you think is a good project?

Mr. Puntil: From the policy point of view, I have visited many countries all over the world. Thailand is one of the countries all over the world which is strongly supported the digital money and blockchain industry whether by government, business, people , or, to be exact, Thailand is the country which is supported most strongly,and not ONE OF.

Andy Zheng: Yeah, I felt that, too.

Mr. Puntil: Malta, while supporting it, has fewer than 1 million local and immigrant populations combined, and business community doesn't have a concept of the blockchain. The governments of Japan and South Korea are more likely to support cryptocurrencies than blockchain, and they are keen to trade coins, while the real industry is not keen on blockchain application, and there are huge problems with the industry landing. Singapore and Switzerland have a mature financial system, but they have few physical industries and have many problems.

In terms of industrial structure, Thailand as a good global rate of flow hub, almost never has deep application of the Internet. So the blockchain allows us to see a new track that goes beyond other internet-developed countries. This is a good reason to understand, you see, China, this is also because the previous underdevelopment of retail, the world's most powerful e-commerce company Alibaba appeared.

Andy Zheng: When you say "global traffic aggregates", you mean that foreigners come and go to Thailand frequently, and the advantage is that Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and other places are more international?

Mr. Puntil: Yes,refers to the movement of foreigners to and from Thailand

A good project, in addition to good technology, more important is that if it will be used, rather than just ranking market value. Now the blockchain industry has not landed, I think ranking market value can not explain anything in addition to the hype is strong. So instead, I look well at that the really actively working on a blockchain landing project.


Andy Zheng: As a senior preacher in the blockchain field, you may have come into contact with a lot of people in the industry. Are there anyone you admire, and why? Beecast currently covers 250 cities in 15 countries, 5,000 community nodes, 1 million users , and hopes to invite more big names to [Blockchain in SEA] to share the blockchain knowledge, promoting the development of the industry. In the blockchain industry of SEA, if Mr.Luo introduces one or two guests to be interviewed, who would you recommend to Beecast to share?

Mr. Puntil: In fact, in this industry, the people who stick to enthusiasm until now all have the place to deserve to be learned, especially for those who are really industry-oriented and who can make projects grounded on the land.


Q & A

Q1: What are the access standard for joining the association?

Mr. Puntil: Check out the information on www.cryptobeach.in.th, the official website of our association. We will notify you of the standard of the association at the end of the month. Right now, you can contact me directly.


Q2: Is your association only in Thailand at present? Will it expand to nearby countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia? After all, in Southeast Asia, there are geographical advantages.

Mr. Puntil: Currently only in Thailand, to established Thailand's ecosystems to be healthy, radiating globally through Thailand's Phuket.

Andy Zheng: I believe that under the leadership of Puntil with Thailand's good policy, Crypto Beach will develop very well.

Thanks to Puntil for giving us a better understanding of Thailand.


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对话时间:2018 年 1月 17日  18:00 



Puntil Jongjittrakoon



东南亚Beecast CEO


郑西平:各位Beecaster,大家晚上好!我是东南亚Beecast CEO 郑西平。

欢迎大家来到领先的区块链社群媒体【Beecast】,与5000+社群1000000+Beecasters一起参与【Blockchain in SEA】节目,探讨区块链技术与行业发展。本期是Beecast【Blockchain in SEA】第13期,


嘉宾:Puntil Jongjittrakoon

Puntil Jongjittrakoon,泰国数字沙滩协会会长,“泰国数字沙滩协会”聚合数字资产和区块链业内各方力量在普吉建立,协会旨在成为包括政府机关单位、圈内从业者和社会人士在内的加密数字资产和区块链技术交流与学习中心,成为泰国乃至全球有关数字资产和区块链最具权威的信息发布平台,同时协会的成立也标志着国际数字资产和区块链行业开创了一个新起点、新开端。


问 答


Puntil: 大家好,我是Puntil 泰国数字沙滩协会会长。很荣幸能在这里跟大家交流。




然后到了2015-2016年,泰国的比特币市场真的算是开始起来,我们就开始做了培训、讲座、活动、顾问甚至开发项目,我们应该是泰国最早办比特币大型活动的,规模是1,000人,在2016年年中办的,那时候来参加的人几乎没人有自己的钱包,我们当时也请了比特大陆、币看和火币来当嘉宾讲座,每人送Air Drop 500 泰铢的比特币,现在好像变成1万多泰铢吧。



Puntil: 是的,感觉2014年的电影开始重演。



Puntil: 数字沙滩协会的数字资产支付服务(叫CMS:Crypto Merchant Service),主要通过媒体、政府以及相关行业协会来推广,协会和政府之间建立了良好的关系,例如普吉府副府长、芭东区区长多次参加我们的活动。






Puntil: 目前数字货币的行情不是很好,在这种行情下,我们也会受到一些影响。比特币更多的是资产存储功能和投资功能,价格涨跌比较急促。





Puntil: 因为普吉是泰国最大的旅游城市,当地人口40万人,面积543平方公里排倒数第二大府,但经济上的收入排在全国前十,每年来旅行的外国人有1500万人左右,是全球最大的国际游客聚集地之一,而芭东是普吉的核心地带。在芭东,可以很轻易的辐射全球。



Puntil: 这些专家成员都是泰国军政商界要员,也包括外国的区块链专家,协会的专家团在泰国拥有非常强大的政策影响力以及社会号召力。



2、促使当地产业更快更有效地全面推广与应用数字资产, 并且运用区块链技术;







Puntil: 民众没有必要懂技术,就像我们现在都在用Facebook,但是没几个人懂Facebook的技术原理。但是我们需要让民众懂得,区块链技术的公平透明性,以及全球接受性和流通性。这样民众会更好地经营他们的生意。



Puntil: 从政策上讲,我在全球多个国家都经常走访,泰国是全球举国上下、无论政府、商界、民众都在大力支持数字货币区块链行业的国家之一,或者准确的讲,是最大的主流支持国家,没有之一。


Puntil: 从马耳他虽然也支持,但是当地人口和外来人口加一起不到100万人,而商界对区块链并无概念。日本和韩国政府更准确讲是支持数字货币,而非区块链,他们热衷于炒币,而实体产业界对区块链结合并不感冒,产业落地存在巨大问题。新加破和瑞士拥有成熟的金融体系,但是他们几乎没有实体产业,也是存在很多问题。



Puntil: 从是的,指的是外国人来往泰国。



郑西平:Puntil作为资深的区块链领域布道者,应该接触过很多行业内人士,其中是否有您欣赏和佩服的从业者,为什么?Beecast目前覆盖15个国家250个城市、5000个社群节点、用户100万+,希望通过[Blockchain in SEA]邀请更多的大咖来社群分享区块链,以推动整个行业进一步的发展,如果Puntil引荐一到两位东南亚地区嘉宾,您会引荐谁来做客Beecast进行分享?

Puntil: 其实在这个行业里能坚持热忱到现在的所有人都有值得学习的地方,尤其那些真正以行业发展为导向,能够使项目以实际落地为基础的战士们更加令人钦佩。




Puntil: 可以关注我们协会官方网站 www.cryptobeach.in.th 的信息,我们一月底会通知加入协会条件。目前可以直接联系我


Puntil: 目前只在泰国,先把泰国的生态系统成立健康,通过泰国普吉作为中心辐射全球。

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