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Guest: Jarvis Nguyen, CEO & Co-founder of Etheremon

Host: Andy Zheng, CEO, Beecast



Andy Zheng: Good evening, everyone! I am Beecast CEO Andy Zheng.

Welcome to the leading blockchain community media [Beecast] and join us with 5000+ communities & 1000000+ Beecasters in [Blockchain in SEA] to discuss blockchain technology and industry development.

This is the Phase 10, Topic: How to Combine Blockchain Game with VR Tech.

Guest: Jarvis Nguyen.

Jarvis Nguyen, CEO & Co-founder of Etheremon. Etheremon was developed in December 2017, which is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum network. It simulates a world of ether monsters (=etheremon) where you can capture, evolve an etheremon to defeat others.

Jarvis got the Bachelor’s degree of Computer Science in National University of Singapore, and got a lot of certificates in IT area, such as Certificates of Distinction on Artificial Intelligence, Certificates of Distinction on Database Systems, Certificates of Distinction on Algorithms & Theory and so on.


Andy Zheng: Mr. Jarvis, you can briefly introduce yourself and your experience, why did you go into the blockchain industry?

Mr. Jarvis: First of all, very glad to be here. I'm Jarvis, co-founder of Etheremon. Before I worked at Garena, the biggest game publisher in Southeast Asia, where I worked on some famous games .i.e League of Legends, Arena of Valors. I saw the limitations of the current gaming system. For examples, in traditional games, everything is focusing on the game publisher’s profit, players can not really control what they own in the game and also a lot of security problem (hacking, server down). Fortunately, all of these can be solved with Blockchain technology, so we decided to build Etheremon. In Etheremon, players can actually control what they own in the game and can get back the real value from the game.

Andy Zheng: So you are not a speculator, you have experience on games, and some problems that cannot be solved are solved through the blockchain.

Mr. Jarvis: Yes correct.


Andy Zheng: Etheremon is a very interesting game similar to 《Pokemon go》. Please give a brief introduction to Etheremon in your eyes. How exactly is VR technology being used into it? What have been the major breakthroughs in development over the past year or so?

Mr. Jarvis: Oh, to me, Etheremon is not just a game. It is the revoluion for a new generation of gaming, where players can actually be part of the system, to control what they have as well as to have more power in the game. Etheremon has a bigger vision than itself, to help the others in the field and to  strengthen the eco-system.We created Emont Alliance for the blockchain games like us, to gather and help each others. Recently we helped MyCryptoHeros, they are quite popular now. About the VR one, it is of course the trending and future of gaming. But it cannot solve the problems as I mentioned above. Meanwhile, Blockchain can solve these problems but it is quite slow at the moment, hence the gaming experience is quite bad. That's why we want to combine them, to create a gaming environment that players can keep control, and enjoy the gaming experience.

About the breakthroughs over the past year, actually we did introduced a lot of features .i.e battle, market, adventure mode, etc. About the breakthrough one, I want to mention the adventure mode. About the adventure mode, basically, the mode is like, we sell players the adventure sites (locations in the game). Then other players pay a small fee to come to that site to play. This fee will go directly to the players who owned that site.We released that a few month ago. Now the owners of the sites already got back what they spent to buy the sites, and slightly get income from these sites. That's really good for them, and for us as well. It proves that the blockchain game can actually bring back real values to players.


Andy Zheng: There are a lot of areas that are combined with blockchain technology in current blockchain projects. Why did you choose game rather than other areas? Please describe your understanding of similar blockchain games. What are the advantages of Etheremon?

Mr. Jarvis: As I said, I worked in game industry & I saw the problems of the current one, so I wanted to solve it with Blockchain.

Also, I think gaming and exchange are the 2 things that can show off the applications of blockchain in a quickest way. I want show the world how cool and how applicable the Blockchain technology is.

About other blockchain games, now there are quite some of them. Some actually did very well in term of gaming experience. And we are very glad for that, as it helps to grow the eco-system and get blockchain gaming more and more attention. In the end, I think our only competitor is the traditional gaming. So we, the blockchain games, must gather and help each other, to grow the eco system.

About the advantages of Etheremon, I would say that it's not really about the game, but about our players. We have a big community and very loyal players, who help us a lot in game idea, features

Andy Zheng: I think finance and games are the easiest to combine in terms of blockchain, and game also has its financial nature.

Mr. Jarvis: Yes, most applicable one at the moment.


Andy Zheng: You have been working on IT technology development, and as a senior technology developer, what do you think is the most important point of the blockchain project in terms of technological breakthrough?

Mr. Jarvis: I have been asked this ques many times. Blockchain is trending. The technology itself is cool. But for each project, you have to answer whether blockchain is really needed? Do people really care about the transparency of your data? Isn’t a normal database good enough? Do you need the anonymousness? so on . If you cannot answer these questions, you won’t be able to inherit the good and beautiful of blockchain technology.


Andy Zheng: The company is registered in Singapore, and you are a Vietnamese. Please talk about your understanding of the blockchain industry in Vietnam and Singapore. How do you evaluate the development status of blockchain projects in Southeast Asia?

Mr. Jarvis: 2017 and early 2018 were crazy as a lot of ICO projects were introduced, then now they are all under development. So I expect in 2019, the blockchain projects will be able to showcase their work and prove the real applications of blockchain.

In Southeast Asia, there are quite some famous projects such as Kyber Network, Zilliqa, etc. As far as I know, they are still developing and releasing quite frequently.So I expect 2019 will be an eventful year for blockchain projects.


Andy Zheng: What is the current number of Etheremon users? How does the team promote it? What do you think is the biggest obstacle for blockchain projects to truly land and become widespread?

Mr. Jarvis: You can check on the website, we have about 9.2k users. Daily active users is about 500 and we are currently #1, according to dappradar (https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/ethereum/category/games) Now we are promoting it mostly in Japan and US. We have a lot of Japanese players.

About obstacles, blockchain is very new and it's really hard to educate the users. Also, the speed is slow so the gaming experience is quite bad, comparing to the traditional one. So I guess it's still a long way to go, for the blockchain technology to improve and to educate the people well.


Andy Zheng: Mr. Jarvis, Please talk about the company's future development vision, how do you expect the development of Etheremon? What is an ideal Etheremon game world like?

Mr. Jarvis: It's hard to talk about an ideal Etheremon world. Now we are just focusing on new game features and to improve the game experience. As long as there are players playing Etheremon, there will be things for us to improve and make it better. About the short-view future, we have Lunar New Year event and Challenge mode coming soon (you may want to go to website and our channels to check more). For long-term future, we want to make an eco-system of games like us. But it's too soon to talk about that at the moment, so I will keep it first.

Andy Zheng: Is the game currently based on Ethereum? Is there any plan to do with other chains?

Mr. Jarvis: Now just Ethereum as there are still a lot of potential players. We have been testing some game in Zilliqa, and we are talking to EOS as well. But nothing is confirmed for Etheremon now.

Andy Zheng: Different chains have different speeds and performances. Do you plan to develop your own game chain?

Mr. Jarvis: No. We don't have enough resouce for that. Also we want to focus on what we do the best.


Andy Zheng: As a senior preacher in the blockchain field, you may have come into contact with a lot of people in the industry. Are there anyone you admire, and why? Beecast currently covers 250 cities in 15 countries, 5,000 community nodes, 1 million users , and hopes to invite more big names to [Blockchain in SEA] to share the blockchain knowledge, promoting the development of the industry. In the blockchain industry of SEA, if Mr. Jarvis introduces one or two guests to be interviewed, who would you recommend to Beecast to share?

Mr. Jarvis: We are very small in this Blockchain field, so of course there are a lot of people I admire. I know some from Kyber Network and Ziliqa quite well. I think they will be able to share more on the technology and other applications of blockchain.


 Q & A

Q1: How can I experience the Etheremon game?

Mr. Jarvis: Just go to https://www.etheremon.com. We have some free Monsters for you to start. If you got trouble, you can just join our community on Discord, https://discordapp.com/invite/umUNHvJ. They are very helpful


Q2: Do you think the cryptocurrency bear market has an impact on the operation of Etheremon?

Mr. Jarvis: Yes it does. As we a still a company, we still need fiat for expense. Moreover, it makes people lose interest in Blockchain technology and Blockchain applications. But I believe good blockchain applications will prove itself soon.


[Blockchain in SEA]区块链游戏如何结合VR技术


对话时间:2018 年 1月 8日  18:00 



Jarvis Nguyen,



东南亚Beecast CEO


郑西平:各位Beecaster,大家晚上好!我是东南亚Beecast CEO 郑西平。

欢迎大家来到领先的区块链社群媒体【Beecast】,与5000+社群1000000+Beecasters一起参与【Blockchain in SEA】节目,探讨区块链技术与行业发展。本期是Beecast【Blockchain in SEA】第10期,


嘉宾:Jarvis Nguyen。

Jarvis Nguyen,Etheremon的首席执行官兼联合创始人。Etheremon诞生于2017年12月,是建立在以太坊网络上的分布式应用程序。它模拟了一个以太精灵(etheremon)的世界,在那里可以捕捉,进化以太精灵,并和其他人的精灵对战。

Jarvis 在新加坡国立大学获得计算机科学学士学位,并获得了许多IT领域证书,如人工智能证书、数据库系统杰出证书,算法和理论杰出证书等。


郑西平: Jarvis先生,您可以简要介绍一下您个人以及您的从业经历,您是缘何步入区块链行业的?


Andy Zheng: 所以你不是投机者,你在游戏方面有经验,一些无法解决的问题是通过区块链解决的。



郑西平: Etheremon是一款非常有意思的类似于《精灵宝可梦》的游戏,请您简要介绍一下您眼中的Etheremon,VR技术具体是怎样被运用其中的?开发一年多来,取得的主要突破是什么?




郑西平: 目前的各类区块链项目中,和区块链技术结合的领域有很多,您为什么选择做游戏而不是其他领域?请您介绍一下对于同类的区块链游戏的了解,相较之下,Etheremon的优势是什么?







郑西平: 您一直从事IT技术开发工作,作为资深的技术开发者,您认为区块链项目在技术突破方面最重要的点在哪里?



郑西平: 公司注册于新加坡,而您个人是越南人,请您谈一谈对越南、新加坡区块链行业的了解。您怎样评价东南亚区块链项目的发展现状?


在东南亚,有相当多的著名项目,如Kyber Network, Zilliqa等。据我所知,他们仍在进行相当频繁的开发和释放。因此,我预计2019年将是区块链项目的多事之秋。


郑西平: Etheremon目前的用户量如何?团队具体是是如何对其推广的?您认为区块链项目要想真正落地和广泛普及,最大的障碍是什么?

Jarvis先生:您可以在网站上查看,我们有大约9.2k个用户。dappradar 显示,每天活跃的用户约为500人,我们目前排名第一。(https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/ethereum/category/games)。现在我们主要在日本和美国推广,我们有很多日本玩家。



郑西平: 请Jarvis先生谈一谈公司未来的发展愿景,您对Etheremon的发展有怎样的期待?一个理想的Etheremon游戏世界是怎样的?


郑西平: 游戏目前是基于以太坊吗?有其他链的开发计划吗?


郑西平: 不同的链具有不同的速度和性能。你计划开发自己的游戏链吗?



郑西平: Jarvis先生作为资深的区块链领域布道者,应该接触过很多行业内人士,其中是否有您欣赏和佩服的从业者,为什么?Beecast目前覆盖15个国家250个城市、5000个社群节点、用户100万+,希望通过[Blockchain in SEA]邀请更多的大咖来社群分享区块链,以推动整个行业进一步的发展,如果Jarvis引荐一到两位嘉宾,您会引荐谁来做客Beecast进行分享?

Jarvis先生:我们在区块链领域做的还很小,所以当然有很多我非常佩服的人。我对Kyber Network和Ziliqa的一些人非常了解,我认为他们将能够分享区块链的更多的技术和其他应用。








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