[blochchain in SEA] When the Blockchain Meets AI
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Guest: Pondet Ananchai, CEO of CryptovationX,Founder of CRYPTONIST

Host: Andy Zheng, Beecast CEO



Andy Zheng: Good evening, everyone! I am Beecast CEO Andy Zheng.

Welcome to the leading blockchain community media [Beecast] and join us with 5000+communities&1000000+Beecasters in [Blockchain in SEA] to discuss blockchain technology and industry development.

This the 3rd phase, Topic: When the Blockchain Meets AI.

Guest: Pondet Ananchai

Pondet Ananchai is the CEO of CryptovationX (AI Robo-advisory Platform) and the Founder of CRYPTONIST (Top Crypto Media and Agency in Thailand). He has over 5 years of experience in Blockchain and Fintech industry. He started from founding an EdTech startup. Then he served a venture capital company, and managed a forex brokerage firm. Prior to his business cereer, he was working with the United Nations(Asia Pacific)and Asian Developmen Bank.


Andy Zheng: Mr. Pondet has more than 5 years of experience in the blockchain and financial technology industries. It can be said that you are an early blockchain practitioner. How did you get into the blockchain industry ? Can you tell us about your work experience? During the period, is there  any very unforgettable thing that has a great impact on your direction?

Pondet Ananchai: Very good question. I worked with a venture capital (VC) firm as the starting point of my financial career path. Later on, I founded a Forex brokerage and develop algo trading bots to help our client to trade. Forex mean Foreign Exchange Market or currency trading

Then I realized that Bitcoin and Blockchain will be the next big thing. So I started to study about it and invest in it.

When I was in Forex industry, I got to understand the traditional monetary system which is not very efficient. That’s why I like the new idea that can revolutionize our economy like cryptocurrency movement. There was no specific event that impact me. I’m just the early adopter of Innovation and I was in Forex. That’s why it’s not so hard for me to get to the crypto market at all.


Andy Zheng: The CryptovationX you are currently working on is designed to help cryptocurrency investors build a robot platform for digital asset investment consulting by using artificial intelligence (AI). How does CryptovationX integrate AI into the business? What do you think of the impact of AI on the development of blockchain?

Pondet Ananchai:We already have knowledge in using AI for predicting the price in stock market and Forex market.So we just apply the same knowledge to do research in the crypto market. Our AI will be able to help the user to have a successful investment in the volatile crypto market. We believe that without this kind of Robo-advisory tool, it will be hard to grow the Blockchain industry. We need to protect the investor and assist them to make profit with low risk. If we not do it, people will lose money and run away from the market. Then the Blockchain industry cannot grow sustainably.

Andy Zheng: I also have set up a technical team and wrote some AI algorithms to do quantitative trading of digital currency. But now the transaction depth is not enough. Are you still running the AI code in the bear market?

Pondet Ananchai:Cool! Yes, that’s the biggest problem. We don’t have enough data to train the AI. So we have to use some techniques like “State Reinforcement Engineering” and “Collective Intelligence” to help improve it. We are focusing on R&D the most right now.

Andy Zheng:haha, bear market plant, bull market harvest.

Pondet Ananchai:Totally agree!


Andy Zheng: Mr. Pondet has rich experience in finance industry. What do you think of the cryptocurrency market in Southeast Asia? What are your suggestions for people to buy cryptocurrency as part of their financial management? Recently, BCH Fork has become a hot topic, mainstream digital currency market fast go down, how do you think of this phenomenon?

Pondet Ananchai:Southeast Asia market is booming! Thailand and Singapore have very positive and friendly regulation for it.

Cryptocurrency is considered as “high risk, high return” asset. Those one who want to invest should be really understand it before the investment, and should not allocate more than 10%-20% of the portfolio for it.

I think it’s normal to see the market crash. Even there is no BCH Hard Folk event, the market will go down anything. I predicted since the early of this year that Bitcoin price will go down to 3,000$-5,000$ before the bull run come back. No one believe me that time. So the BCH Hard Folk just accelerated the market cycle to be faster, which is good, because I want the bull run come back as soon as possible.


Andy Zheng: What do you think is the relationship between finance and blockchain, or what changes can blockchain technology bring to financial development?

Pondet Ananchai:Blockchain technology will revolutionize the whole financial industry forever. Our financial system. Our financial system is relying on “Trust Party” or the middle man since beginning. Blockchain will eliminate them. So the bank, broker, or financial firm have to adapt their value proposition and adopt Blockchain as soon as possible.  

Blockchain technology will make the cost of financial service like transaction fee, money remittance fee, trade finance fee (for export and import), etc. to be much cheaper than they are now. Not only cheaper, but also faster and more secure.


Andy Zheng: Mr. Pondet is the founder of Thai crypto media CRYPTONIST. From your experience in running blockchain media, what is the focus of your efforts to achieve a breakthrough in the development of blockchain media?

Pondet Ananchai: CRYPTONIST is focusing in creating the easy-to-understand content to education people. We believe that if we make Blockchain and crypto knowledge friendly and fun, we can promote the adoption to be more successful.


Andy Zheng: What is your understanding and view of the blockchain industry ecology in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia?

Pondet Ananchai:The ecosystem is growing stronger and stronger. It’s very good market to jump in.


Andy Zheng: What’ your development plan in the future? Will there be a focus between the AI Robo-advisory Platform and the media you operate?

Pondet Ananchai:It’s a group company. We have very talented team who work in both business units. We think we have to focus them together. The AI Robo-advisory Platform will help those one who already invest in the crypto market. While the media will help the beginner to understand it before make any investment.


Andy Zheng: As a senior preacher in the blockchain field, you may have come into contact with a lot of people in the industry. Are there anyone you admire, and why? Beecast currently covers 250 cities in 15 countries, 5,000 community nodes, 1 million users , and hope to invite more big names to [Blockchain in SEA] to share the blockchain, promoting the development of the industry. If Mr. Pondet introduces one or two guests, who would you recommend to Beecast to share?

Pondet Ananchai:I admire Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum. He is genius and creative. I’d like to recommend Vitalik and Jun (the founder of OmiseGo). Vitalik lives in Singapore and Jun lives in Thailand. They lead the global Blockchain projects and live in Southeast Asia. So they should be the right candidate to be recommended.


Q & A

Q1: In addition to cryptocurruncy investment, do you have other good investment advices for personal finance?

Pondet Ananchai: US stock market will be a good choice for this time.

QE unwind policy and interest rate increasing policy of FED will make US economy stronger. The US-China trade war will result the higher profit of US company. But I recommend to invest in the High-Tech company stocks. And instead of invest in individual stock, you can invest in the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) to diversify risk.

US tech company stocks are dropping a lot because of the market cycle, but they have very good fundamental. So it’s good time to buy them.


Q2: What do you think of the future development of AI will be ?

Pondet Ananchai: For AI, I think it will revolutionize every industry and make the productivity to be higher. It’s definitely good for our civilization just like when human can invented the steam engine and became the Industrial Revolution. But majority of people has to get ready to re-train themselves to change the job in the future. The routine job will be replaced by the AI and automation system. But there will be a lot of new jobs that require thinking, imagination, creativity skill emerge in the market, because these are something that AI cannot do.

There is the Universal Basic Income (UBI) idea that will be introduced after the AI Revolution as well. Elon Musk and other tech leaders also support this policy. Human born to think and be creative. So it’s good to see that humankind can finally unlock the sleeping potential of our brain and can fully contribute to our civilization advancement.


[blochchain in SEA] 当区块链遇上人工智能


对话时间:2018 年 11月 22日 18:00



Pondet Ananchai

CEO of CryptovationX,Founder of CRYPTONIST


东南亚BeeCast CEO


郑西平:各位Beecaster,大家晚上好!我是东南亚Beecast CEO郑西平。

欢迎大家来到领先的区块链社群媒体【Beecast】,与5000+社群1000000+Beecasters一起参与【Blockchain in SEA】节目,探讨区块链技术与行业发展。本期是Beecast【Blockchain in SEA】第3期,主题:当区块链遇上人工智能

嘉宾:Pondet Ananchai。

Pondet Ananchai,人工智能投资咨询平台CryptovationX CEO,泰国加密媒体CRYPTONIST创始人。他在区块链和金融科技行业有5年以上的经验,曾创办教育科技公司,后服务于风险投资公司,管理一家外汇经纪公司。创业前,他曾与联合国(亚太)和亚洲开发银行合作。



Pondet Ananchai: 很好的问题。我曾在一家风投公司工作,那是我金融生涯的起点。后来,我成立了外汇经纪公司,并开发了algo交易机器人来帮助我们的客户进行交易。(外汇Forex指外汇市场或货币交易。)


没有特定事件影响我,我只是创新的早期实践者,而且我一直在外汇市场, 这就是为什么对我来说进入加密市场没那么难。



Pondet Ananchai: 我们已经掌握了使用AI预测股票市场和外汇市场价格的知识,所以我们只是运用相同的知识对加密市场进行研究,我们的AI将能够帮助用户在多变的加密市场上获得成功的投资,我们相信,如果没有这种Robo咨询工具,区块链行业的发展将会很困难, 我们需要保护投资者并帮助他们以低风险获利。,如果我们不这样做,人们就会赔钱并逃离市场,那么区块链行业就无法持续增长。


Pondet Ananchai: 酷! 是的,这是最大的问题, 我们没有足够的数据来训练AI, 所以我们必须使用“国家强化工程”和“集体智慧”等技术来帮助改进它,我们现在最专注于研发。


Pondet Ananchai: 完全同意!



Pondet Ananchai: 东南亚市场在蓬勃发展! 泰国和新加坡对此有非常积极和友好的监管。

加密货币被视为“高风险,高回报”的资产。 那些想要投资的人应该在投资之前真正理解它,并且不应该为其投入超过10%-20%的投资组合。

我认为看到市场崩盘是正常的。 即使没有BCH Hard Folk活动,市场也会下降。 我预测自今年年初以来,在牛市回归之前,比特币的价格将降至3,000美元-5,000美元。 那时候没人相信我。 所以BCH Hard Folk只是加快了市场周期的速度,这很好,因为我希望牛市尽快回来。



Pondet Ananchai: 区块链技术将永远地彻底改变整个金融业,及我们的金融体系。

我们的金融体系从一开始就依赖于“信托党”或中间人, 区块链将消除这些。 因此,银行、经纪人或金融公司必须尽快调整其价值主张并采用区块链技术。




Pondet Ananchai: CRYPTONIST致力于提供易于理解的内容,对人们进行教育。我们相信,如果我们将区块链和加密知识变得友好和有趣,我们可以促使这一技术应用更加成功。



Pondet Ananchai: 东南亚的区块链生态系统正在成长地越来越强大,是一个非常好的值得进入的市场。



Pondet Ananchai: 这是一家集团公司,我们拥有非常有才华的团队,他们共同在这两个业务中工作。我们认为必须将它们集中在一起,AI Robo咨询平台将帮助那些已经投资加密市场的人,媒体则将帮助初学者在进行任何投资之前了解它。


郑西平:Pondet先生作为资深的区块链领域布道者,应该接触过很多行业内人士,其中是否有您欣赏和佩服的从业者,为什么?Beecast目前覆盖15个国家250个城市、5000个社群节点、用户100万+,希望通过[Blockchain in SEA]邀请更多的大咖来社群分享区块链,以推动整个行业进一步的发展,如果Pondet先生引荐一到两位嘉宾,您会引荐谁来做客Beecast进行分享?

Pondet Ananchai: 我很欣赏以太坊的创始人Vitalik,他是个天才,富有创造力。我想推荐Vitalik和Jun(OmiseGo的创始人)。Vitalik住在新加坡,Jun住在泰国,他们领导全球区块链项目并居住在东南亚, 所以他们应该是推荐的合适人选。



Pondet Ananchai: 美国股市将是这个时候不错的选择。

QE宽松政策和美联储加息政策将使美国经济走强,美中贸易战将导致美国公司的利润增加,但我建议投资高科技公司股票。 您可以投资ETF(交易所交易基金)以分散风险,而不是投资于个人股票。



提问二: 你对人工智能的未来发展有什么看法?

Pondet Ananchai: 对于AI,我认为它将彻底改变每个行业,并提高生产力。 这对我们的文明来说绝对是好事,就像人类可以发明蒸汽机并成为工业革命一样。但大多数人必须准备好重新训练自己,以便应对将来工作的改变,日常工作将由AI和自动化系统取代, 但市场上会有很多新的工作要求思考,想象力,创造力技能,因为这些是AI不能做的事情。

人工智能革命之后还将推出通用基本收入(UBI)理念,Elon Musk和其他技术领导人也支持这一政策,人类天生具有思考和创造力,所以很高兴看到人类终于可以释放我们大脑的睡眠潜能,并为我们的文明进步做出充分贡献。

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