Thundercore (TT) is listed on Huobi Indonesia on April 13. The online transaction pairs include TT / usdt, TT / BTC . Indonesian users can directly trade IDR to TT on April 22, which is very convenient.

Thundercore (TT chain) is a new generation of blockchain public chain platform. It breaks through the dilemma of blockchain, achieves fast, high scalability, security, and is compatible with Ethereum virtual machine. Thundercore is committed to building an efficient and secure
Entrepreneurs, and unique use of rigorous mathematical proof of POS consensus algorithm, to ensure the efficiency and security of blockchain. Through this algorithm, thundercore solves the problems of high gas cost, low TPS and high transaction confirmation time of Ethereum.

The thundercore main network has been launched on March 11, 2019, and the thundercore ecological construction has been officially launched. On March 17, 2020, the consensus Pala R1 (there are three rounds of R1, R2, R3) has been successfully deployed to the thundercore main network, and the Pala consensus has been officially launched, realizing the trusted random number generator (RNG), system throughput of 4000tps per second and other functions. At present, the thundercore team has carried out systematic test on the Palla R2 version, and will deploy it on an optional basis after ensuring more security.

Thundercore token allocation
Developer incentive: 10%
Node Revenue: 15%
Community incentive: 15%
Team: 15%
Project financing: 25.86%
Thundercore reserved account: 19.14%

Thundercore token information and release
Total Tokens: 100000000000
Prime Lite total release: 0.33% token total
Release amount unlocking of prime Lite: no lock
Seed Round: January 2018, $0.01/piece
Seed round Tokens: 575906500, accounting for 5.76% of the total tokens
Seed wheel unlocking: one time unlocking on February 26, 2020
Strategy round: from March to may 2018, 0.02 USD / piece
Strategic round Tokens: 1862274499, accounting for about 18.62% of the total tokens
Strategic round unlocking: one year after investment, one-time unlocking after the end of the locking period (March to may 2019)
Private placement round: June to July 2018, USD 0.1/piece
Private placement round Tokens: 147648516, accounting for about 1.48% of the total tokens
Private placement round unlocking: 20% on February 28, 2019, 40% on May 28, 2019, 40% on August 28, 2019
Developer incentive unlocking: from March 2019, the maximum unlocking time is 1 / 36 per month
Release rhythm of node Revenue: from March 2019, unlock up to 1 / 36 of each month
Community incentive unlocking: from March 2019, the maximum unlocking is 1 / 36 per month
Team token unlock: release 1 / 4 in May 2019, and then unlock up to 1 / 48 per month
Thundercore reserved account token unlocking: release 1 / 4, then unlock 1 / 48 every month

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