On February 21, 2020, the BLOCK GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN 2020 blockchain industry online forum was officially held in the BLOCK GLOBAL online community. This forum is hosted by BLOCK GLOBAL and co-hosted by Block Tech, Coinin, blocktimes, Beecast, BLOCK ECO FUND, Huobi Indonesia, and Blockchain No.1.

Because of the epidemic, offline activities at home and abroad are generally suspended. BLOCK GLOBAL held this online forum to invigorate the industry, gain insight into industry development, and explore industry trends. More than 30 industry elites were from BLOCK GLOBAL, Elastos, BTC38, Aspro, Heyuedi, Bybit, Biki, Gate, Huobi Indonesia, BHEX, BiBull, Jubi, ZB, MXC, OKEx Mining Pool, IPFS Star Continental, ViaBTC Standard Consensus, HashQuark, TokenInsight, Kucoin, HDFS and etc. They shared their views on topics such as industrial blockchain, Bitcoin halving, Margin, IEO, Exchange, Platform currency, Derivatives & ETFs, Mining, Staking, Projects and had a clash of ideas on the theme of "Where is the opportunity for the new year".

BLOCK GLOBAL will continue to build the world's leading blockchain technology media group.

Chaoran Zhang, the founding partner and CEO of BLOCK GLOBAL, CEO of Block Technology, reviewed the journey that Block Finance has taken since its establishment. Block Finance was established, with the world's first social media concept, using three months to complete five rounds of financing to expand the country's most powerful to B and to C communities. On June it changed its name to Block Technology. At present, Block Technology has some excellent columns such as Time Point Dialogue, Dialogue with Capital, etc., and has completed more than 400 phases and more than 5 million words. More than 100 blockchain events have been successfully held, and a complete blockchain project service system has been established. Block Technology has become the leading blockchain social media in mainland China. In June of 2018, the Korean blockchain media Coinin was established. In August, it actively explored the Taiwan market and created Taiwan's most influential blockchain media blocktimes. Expanded the Southeast Asian market in October and established the Southeast Asian blockchain media Beecast. In May 2018, the online employment team was established. In June, the capital section was established, Block Capital was established, and the brand was upgraded in 2019. As of now, BLOCK GLOBAL has basically covered the Asian blockchain media market and industry ecological layout and the commercialization of business channels. In 2020, BLOCK GLOBAL will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of gathering multinational information, linking global resources, and enabling economic development. It will use three to five years to cover the global blockchain media and ecological layout.

"Industrial Blockchain" special topic of the BLOCKCHAIN·2020·Online Forum invited Jiye Hu the professor of Finance Department of China University of Political Science and Law, Ph.D. Supervisor / Director of Blockchain Financial Rule of Law Research Center, and Zhonghong Wei, Dean of Tsinghua x-lab Institute of Qingteng Chain Alliance as guests.

Zhong Hong shared the three major benefits of blockchain industry in 2020. Firstly, the support policies related to independent innovation of blockchain technology and the favor of China's capital market; Secondly, the blockchain enables sustainable development opportunities for the modernization of national governance; Thirdly, the integration of blockchain and the physical industry will lead the digital Globalization dividends from new economic models and new rules. The above three major benefits can be summarized as the science and technology bonus, national bonus and blockchain + industrial bonus of the blockchain industry. He also shared six key scenarios of blockchain + industry from the epidemic situation: data transparency, efficient sharing, distributed organization, trusted economy, digital finance, and global ecology.

Professor Jiye Hu, a professor at the Department of Finance, China University of Political Science and Law, and director of the Blockchain Financial Rule of Law Research Center, introduced four main aspects of blockchain + legal direction: blockchain + financial supervision, blockchain + notarization, and blockchain. + Court sphere. In November 2019, he undertook the "Research on Digital Economy Related Legislation and Supervision" of the National Cyberspace Office, and contributed to China's future legislation and amendments in the field of blockchain and digital economy.

The next topic of the BLOCKCHAIN· 2020· online forum is"Bitcoin Havling". Hongcai Guo, an early Bitcoin investor, said that only Bitcoin is the consensus in the world. The most important thing for the survival of exchanges is the exchange brand, followed by security. Security is the foundation of exchange operations and one of the issues that must be properly addressed.

Shousong Zhang, Secretary General of China Blockchain Application Research Center / Beijing Blockchain Ecological Investment Fund Management Partner / Founder of Blockchain Incubator, mentioned that the impact of halving on the price is not very significant, and the halving of the market is more because of the expectation of halving, driven by everyone's purchasing power. Therefore, all exchanges are pushing contracts this year. Although the contracts can amplify gains, it is likely bring losses to the most traders. Therefore, he suggested using less leverage and holding more coins.

Feng Han, Visiting Scholar at Columbia University / Tsinghua University iCenter mentor / DACA Blockchain Association Secretary-General / Elastos Foundation Director, said that the topic of bitcoin halving has attracted attention due to the following reasons: first, the Bitcoin mechanism is resolved the problem of data ownership; second, the essence of wealth is not a thing; third, the halving is actually a very important node signal reached by the consensus of the currency circle of digital currencies represented by Bitcoin. Bitcoin has played a pioneering role in human wealth perception. Halving the market should be an important signal, but the arrival of the bull market is caused by many factors.

Tianwei Huang, the founder of BTC38, shared that under the premise of the core condition of the rise, the rise is formed by buying more than selling. Since everyone knows in advance that the market will halving, it means that the investor who needs to enter the market has already entered the market. So the halving of the rally will not occurred at all. The financial market is a zero-sum market. Some people make money and some people lose money.

Andy, Partner of Huochetou Capital, analyzed the reasons for the formation of the BTC market. From the perspective of financial derivatives, he analyzed the five major conditions that the bull market needs to conform, that are, time cycle, capital cycle, market trend, market sentiment, and fundamental shortcomings. There are indispensable. So the established facts like halving is not a very important node.

The third topic of the BLOCKCHAIN·2020· online forum is "Contract Trading". In this round of topics, four guests shared their opinions. Mr. Shi, CMO of Coin mentioned that if the main trend of 2019 is to open an exchange, the main theme of 2020 is contract trading. He is quite optimistic about the development of the contract trading market throughout the year. As a contract trader, he also captures certain deterministic trading opportunities through data and experience.

Shao Lan, president of Aspro Digital Finance Group in Asia-Pacific region, said that investors’enthusiasm for digital currencies has gradually shifted to the derivatives trading market, especially the increased demand for leverage and contracts. Therefore, in the next ten years, digital currency contracts will definitely become the mainstream investment direction. Xiaoding Dang, the co-founder of Contract Emperor, shared the topics of“What are the opportunities for small investors in the contract market in 2020” and “How to make money by speculating in coins” from the perspective of individual investors. He pointed out the blind spots that individual investors tend to follow in the investment process and unclear about the break-even point. He suggested that the invest position holding ratio should be: futures accounted for 10%, spot long-term accounted for 30%, short-term spot accounted for 60%, and in accordance with discipline to clearly record each transaction record to form good trading habits.

Martin, Bybit China Business Leader, mentioned that the development of digital currency trading to this day, contracts have become well-deserved main products in derivatives trading. It can be used for hedging, and improving capital utilization. At the same time because of its high leverage it loved by the majority of speculators. He said that the contract is a very big opportunity in the industry this year, and the biggest reason may be that this year will see a halving of the market. Perpetual contract will still be the mainstream product of derivatives trading, and other products will be born one after another.

Let the hot issues go beyond the currency circle and beyond the country.

Allen Liu, CEO of BLOCK GLOBAL & Coinin, delivered a speech on BLOCKCHAIN· 2020· online forum . He believes that the current Chinese community is very enthusiastic, including foreign communities such as South Korea, which is not enough. It is necessary to let the hot spots go abroad and expand the market. In addition, when talking about the industry's stock market and incremental market, he believes that there are still many traditional and Internet companies are transforming into blockchain. After going through a process, the future market prospects will be promising.

In the fourth topic “IEO”of BLOCKCHAIN· 2020· online forum, BiKi founder Winter stated that IEO is a very good tool, it will become the mainstream financing method of the blockchain industry, similar to angel financing of the Internet industry. Last year, most of the IEOs were ultimately reduced to harvesting tools because of issues such as project fundamentals, motivations, and collaboration methods. With the rapid growth of the blockchain industry, IEO is also constantly upgrading. This year, IEO has become more practical, and it is necessary for the project to have hematopoietic ability to bring returns in the secondary market. This year, the BiKi Industry Fund plans to allocate 10 million U.S. dollars to invest in 10 blockchain startup projects that can be implemented, with an average of 1 million U.S. dollars per project, to help the industry's healthy development and build a competitive barrier to the Biki ecosystem. The second sharing guest is Wine, Gate CPO. She pointed out the essence of IEO is how to better issue tokens. First of all, IEO solves the problem of currency exchange and public participation through discounts / votes. Second, each exchange has its own IEO audit standards, regardless of the audit conditions, which are much more standardized than during the digital currency raising period. Finally, for any currency, investors must have their own judgment.

The fifth topic of the BLOCKCHAIN·2020·online forum is "Exchange". In this round of sharing, Dan Xiong, President of Huobi Indonesia said that Southeast Asia has become another emerging cryptocurrency trading market after the United States and South Korea. The traditional financial foundation of Southeast Asian countries is weak, and governments of all countries hope to use the blockchain to achieve "curve overtaking" in the financial field. Indonesia is a country with great market potential, rapid development, and a young and vibrant population structure. Huobi Indonesia was established in September 2018, and its business covers Southeast Asia and other ASEAN countries. In December 2019, it opened the Indonesian rupiah fiat currency channel. Huobi Indonesia's 2020 goal is to become the number one exchange in Indonesia.

James Ju, the founder of BHEX pointed out that the exchange is still the leader in the blockchain industry and the market demand is huge. For the majority of users, spot transactions and contract transactions are still the main transaction requirements. Binance Technology launched a one-stop service of cloud exchanges at the end of 2017. He is optimistic about the potential market of cloud exchanges in the future. The main battlefield of future mainstream exchanges will be the competition of exchanges DEX and public chain DEX. Small exchanges Will rely on mainstream exchanges to survive.

BiBull partner Ge Zhi shared the eight advantages of BiBull Exchange, including senior team, international background brings international resources, professional services, perfect brand marketing team, high safety factor, deep cultivation of small currency market value, top agency operation team, media cooperation communication matrix. The current exchanges are heavily homogenized and competition is fierce. The most important thing in operating an exchange is whether the team has a good initial intention and needs to work in awe and manage user assets.

The last sharing guest of this round is Lei Cai, ONEBT brand director. She said that ONEBT focus on compliance and innovation in 2020.It creates new value for users and the industry; and finally, achieve a win-win situation with our users and partners. Looking back at the past two halving experiences, the third halving in 2020 shows a better overall trend according to historical experience, and the entire industry is being recognized and accepted by more and more mainstream institutions and the general public. She said that the probability of BTC will usher in a new high.

BLOCKCHAIN·2020·Online forum's sixth special topic is "platform currency".  Sharing guests are Jubi CEO Jeff, ZB.com CEO Omar Chen, and ZT Exchange CEO Xiaocheng Li. Jeff, Jubi CEO and Uniweb Group Chairman, believes that the current application scenarios of platform currency are mainly deducting commission fees, dividends, voting for listing, community applications, ladder fees and destroying repurchases. In order for the platform currency to open up the entire economic model of the token, it needs to strengthen its control of the ecological upstream and downstream, such as trading platforms, information platforms, wallets, mining pools, incubators, and asset management institutions. He said that good platforms take the initiative to embrace supervision, and the future trend is compliance, and Jubi regards compliance as their important strategic layout.

Omar Chen, ZB.com CEO, said that this year it will focus on ZB's ecological construction and user experience, accelerate the globalization process at home and abroad, focuses on the Southeast Asian market, continue to optimize its products, serve platform users, and deepen and optimize their global uniqueness. The advantages of the "community +" transaction give users a more convenient and efficient transaction experience.

Xiaocheng Li, ZT Exchange CEO, introduced the five major reasons for launching the platform coin ZTB. Firstly, the market is better, the mainstream currency fluctuates, and the platform currency explodes; Secondly, he hope to cooperate in depth with more institutions and capitalists to achieve resource sharing ; Thirdly, ZT Exchange is one of the few platforms that have not done platform coin fundraising among the exchanges launched in 2018, and its community members and partners have a high willingness to participate; Fourthly, the design of the platform coin, its total amount is 210 million, 20% of which is used for institutional fundraising, and the market value of circulation reaches 25 million; Fifthly, the platform currency operation plan, the KOL of more than 150 communities and more than 300 teams carry out propaganda and off-site, each unit price of the round is increasing. ZT Exchange will accelerate ZT's globalization process in the future through the "BBT plan" and the provision of contracts, ETFs, and wealth management products.

The seventh topic of BLOCKCHAIN·2020·online forum is "Derivatives & ETFs". Henry, vice president of MXC Group of China Technology and Digital Finance Group, said that leveraged ETF products are essentially funds managed by professional financial teams, and each product corresponds to a certain back. The number of futures contract positions, the fund manager can dynamically adjust the futures positions so that the entire fund share can maintain a fixed leverage for a certain period of time. The biggest feature of the MXC Leveraged ETF is the rebalance mechanism, which will partially reduce the position of the loss account through the rebalance mechanism. The strategic direction of MXC Group is to achieve global compliance operations.

Hailong Duan, the co-founder of EXUP, a derivative brand of ChainUP, said that ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is essentially a fund that can be traded on the exchange. As one of its derivatives, it has been in the traditional financial field for many years already. In 2020, ChainUP launched the financial derivative independent brand EXUP. Its service scope includes the recently popular ETFs, as well as perpetual contracts, delivery contracts, European options, American options, liquidity and other technical solutions. At the same time, it can provide two types of deployment methods: Private and SaaS, strive to cover the needs of more different types of customers.

Constance COO of FTX introduced that FTX is a digital asset derivatives exchange, which now has about 70 contract trading pairs and 6 index contracts, and recently launched the 2020 US presidential election contract. She said that there may be three trends in the cryptocurrency market in the coming year: firstly, exchange consolidation; secondly, an emphasis on use-cases and revenue; and thirdly, remittances, the most obvious case is the cross-border movement of people seeking capital.

The eighth topic of the BLOCKCHAIN·2020·online forum is "mining". In this round of sharing, Xin Tian, the co-founder of Ant Pool, said the sooner participate in mining, the better for you. It can continuously produce coins, so mining is always the best time to enter. The prospect of cloud computing power is still very promising. It is a light mining model that requires only a paper contract to mine and enjoy the benefits of its output every day. The low threshold of cloud computing power mining is suitable for those users who do not have too many resources and small amount of funds. Its disadvantage is that after the contract ends, its ownership still belongs to the manufacturer of origin.

Alina the leader of OKEX mining pool believes that the traditional mining model, whether it is from the supply of mining machines, to the supply of power, or the operation of the site, faces great risks, and this year's sudden epidemic is make the situation even more difficult. The leading effect or monopoly trend of the entire mining industry is becoming increasingly apparent, and small miners are gradually being kicked out. Therefore, the opportunity of the mining pool in 2020 lies in cloud computing power. Cloud computing power is a new mining model with multi-party participation, risk dispersion, and stability and flexibility. The risk is also low. Cloud computing power is a blow to dimensionality reduction for traditional mining models.

Yandong Li, chairman of IPFS Intercontinental and vice president of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, introduced that IPFS / Filecoin which is one of the typical representative projects of web3.0. Its core logic is to transform the centralized storage market into an automated algorithm market, making IPFS / Filecoin become a global, decentralized network. He believes that IPFS / Filecoin is one of the good opportunities in 2020, and it will appear as the basic public chain in the blockchain field. Filecoin may change the underlying logic of the blockchain mining industry, and how much valuable services it provides will become a criterion for measuring the amount of mining, which will be beneficial to the healthy development of the mining industry and a trend that cannot be ignored in the future.

ViaBTC co-founder Haoyang Xu analyzed the impact of Bitcoin halving on the mining industry. First of all, 2020 is the third halving of BTC, which will be a very good news for the currency price. Secondly, for mining service providers, the revenue is halved with the currency price unchanged. Third, as this year's dry season and the halving of bitcoin come, the old mines will have a large-scale shutdown. Fourth, halving Bitcoin will bring more revenue to power plants. Fifth, with the entry of more talents and the upgrading of technology, the industry is bound to develop in a more standardized and standardized direction. Sixth, the entry of Wall Street and international hot money into the Bitcoin market is a positive for the industry. Seventh, ordinary investors can easily configure their digital assets to obtain benefits. Eighth, with the development of the halving market, the types of financial derivatives will become more diverse.

Zipeng Li, senior analyst of the Standard Consensus shared in the ninth topic “Staking”on the BLOCKCHAIN · 2020 · online forum, he said that the Staking market has been growing rapidly in the past year, and the market value has reached $11.5 billion. Especially at the beginning of this year, its growth rate is very fast. This phenomenon has a very strong relationship with the recovery of the currency price. He thinks this year will be the era of PoS. In addition, the positive feedback spiral of Staking has already started, and this rising mode will be a very terrifying shock once it starts.

The second guest of the topic is Chen li, CEO of HashQuark. He said that on the one hand, Staking provides POS infrastructure services for the public chain through witness nodes, and on the other hand, the public chain and users are tightly linked through the participation of Token Holder. Therefore, the ecology of Staking will definitely flourish in 2020. He mentioned that HashQuark is a core member of the HashKey Group ecosystem.In 2019, they participated in the Staking nodes of more than 30 public chains. At the same time, HashQuark is also the only witness node of Klaytn in China and one of the earliest 3 trust nodes of ChainX.

TokenInsight partner Wayne believes that 2020 is a year of positive development of Staking and reflects part of the value. From 2018 and 2019, the Staking mechanism is used by more and more public chain projects. In addition to PoW, PoS and its variants will continue to dominate the market in the foreseeable future, mainly because these consensus mechanisms have been relatively tested in actual environments and proved feasible. The rapid development of DeFi and CeFi in 2019 provides the soil for the positive development of Staking in 2020, but Staking is still in a development period.

Kucoin co-founder and vice president Johnny Lyu said that 2020 will be a very important year for digital currencies. Bitcoin will halve in the first half of the year, and Ethereum will launch an ETH 2.0 upgrade in the second half of the year, turning to PoS. He believe this will be a booster for the further prosperity of the Staking economy. In the beginning of 2020, digital currencies are showing a thriving climate. Some people think that Staking is only applicable to the bear market, but he sees that the problem of insufficient liquidity in the Staking economy in the past is being solved by more and more innovative products. KuCoin is one of the most global exchanges, and KuCoin's platform currency KCS will also be a focus of this year's work. He said that the public chain, KCS's new encouragement model and KuCoin Cloud will bring the intrinsic value of KCS a lot of help.

The tenth topic is "Project". The final guests were Rao Fu, Executive Director of Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute, and Weifeng Zhou, COO and CBCA Blockchain Engineer of HDFS Asia-Pacific Computing Power Center. Rao Fu, introduced the project's EAS business model, a global mutual protection platform, and Easy Funding EAS can be understood as the mutual treasure of the blockchain. The EAS Mutual Assistance Platform not only has the flexibility of mutual guarantee products such as mutual treasure and water droplets, but also uses the token economy to solve the problem of product compliance. Not only did some pain points in the industry were solved with blockchain technology, but also business model innovations in insurance sales. Secondly, the outbreak can increase residents' awareness of risk and increase the allocation of insurance, thereby accelerating the reduction of China's protection gap. Third, the blockchain empowers the insurance industry. As the most direct implementation tool for "value stream" and credible verification, blockchain is inherently financial. The "law of large numbers" of insurance has "genetic similarity" with the collective consensus of the blockchain. Therefore, the blockchain-enabled insurance industry is one of the earliest blockchain applications that can be implemented.

Zhou Weifeng, COO of HDFS Asia Pacific Computing Center, CBCA Blockchain Engineer mentioned that HDFS (Hard Disk File System) has a very friendly Chinese name "Haidaisi". HDFS was awarded the annual selection of the most technologically innovative company sponsored by Golden Finance. HDFS began operations in October 2019. The mainnet test network was launched in November last year. On February 9, 2020, the mainnet publicly tested and mined and has been launched on two exchanges. The POC benchmark is a consensus algorithm based on hardware like Bitcoin. Compared to projects with other consensus mechanisms, HDFS based on POC hard disk mining will be more fair and decentralized. And POC consensus has more advantages than POW. Second, the threshold for mining is lower; third, the reuse of equipment is high. He said that 2020 is a very special year and a very crucial year for decentralized storage, because with the application of big data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, enterprises and individuals will need hundreds of times more storage. The growth of the decentralized storage project represented by the HDFS of the POC consensus will also follow the trend, and strive to build the basic storage facilities in the 5G big data era.

Twelve hours of "Where is the opportunity for the new year | BLOCK GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN 2020 Online Forum" has ended. More than 30 guests invited shared their opinions and make the community members benefited a lot. Blockchain is an emerging industry full of vitality and opportunities. The technological, financial, and organizational changes it brings are worthy of our continuous exploration and research. This forum is dedicated to let more people know the latest developments in the industry and jointly promote the healthy development of the industry through exchanges.