Huobi Indonesia will soon open the deposite and withdrawal channel of VIDY, and open the trading pairs of VIDY / USDT, VIDY/ BTC and VIDY / IDR. The specific times and details is as follows:

Online transaction pairs: VIDY / USDT, VIDY / BTC, VIDY / IDR

Deposit function opening time : 15:30 on March 12, 2020 (UTC + 7)

Transaction function opening time : 16:00 on March 13, 2020 (UTC + 7)

Withdrawal function opening time : 15:30, March 14, 2020 (UTC + 7)


Huobi Indonesia official website:

Project profile:

VIDY is the world first invisible embed layer that rests silently atop any website. It dedicated to bringing 600 million people who use advertising blockers back to the market.

Token Name: VIDY

Official website:

Brief introduction of Airdrop activities:

  1. VIDY Early Deposit Reward | March 12, 15:30PM to March 13,15:30PM, if Huobi Indonesia users deposit any amount of VIDY, users get 2000 VIDY rewards.
  2. VIDY Trading Competition | On March 13, 15:00PM to March 16th,15:00PM,  2000 VIDY can be obtained to the traders by trading any amount of VIDY. Winner with first trading volume will receive 200000 VIDY rewards. The second to fifth trading volume winners will receive 100000 VIDY rewards.


To join the Airdrop activities, please follows Huobi Indonesia social media and community account:

Instagram: @huobiindonesia




Risk tip: There is a risk of price fluctuation in digital currency. Please understand the products you want to invest before your investment. Please invest rationally within your tolerance and participate cautiously.