BTC term deposit (BTD) launched by Bitsonic sold out within a matter of minutes.

Bitsonic’s BTD is a term deposit product that locks deposited Bitcoins for 2 weeks from the last day of its sales and offers reward rate up to 20 percent per annum.

With the confidence from the hit, Bitsonic has also introduced Ethereum Term Deposit (ETD) and it is now available on Bitsonic with the annual reward rate up to 20 percent.

Term deposit products offered by Bitsonic will fulfill the needs of risk adverse investors who prefer to hold Bitcoin and Ethereum for long term at attractive reward rate.

Bitsonic said, “It is surprising that BTD has sold out in few minutes after its launch and since we believe ETD is also very high in demand, hence, we are expecting that ETD will also sell out very quick.” ETD is now available on