January 9, 2020, AAX Global Tour sponsored by AAX, BLOCK GLOBAL. Block Technology, blocktimes, Coinin, Beecast, BLOCK ECO FUND, Fire Hire Online, GCBA, GSIPA, Blockchain No.1 as co-organizers. This activity was supported by Golden Finance, Mars Finance, Liande, Liyun Finance, Deep Chain Finance, Green Onion, Bitwires, FN.COM, World Chain Finance, Ear Finance, UP Chain Participation, Elephant Finance, Chain Century Finance, Zero Blockchain, Ostrich Blockchain, Coin treasure, Hubox, Alpaca Finance, Meteor Finance, BeiPoP, Coin Flutter, Blockchain Blue Ocean, Milin Finance, Mengniu Information, U News, Social Chain Finance, Maitian Finance, Star Vision, CoinOn, Wu Finance, etc.

Xi Jinping emphasized during the eighteenth collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC that “blockchain is an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology” and “accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation”. Blockchain technology has become a hot frontier technology, causing heated discussions and providing solutions for business models. As a new first-tier city in China, Hangzhou has attracted the attention of many capitals. In addition to the dominant position of traditional industries, Hangzhou has also vigorously promoted the joint development of the blockchain industry, formed a high-quality blockchain alliance, and continued to make efforts to promote industrial development.

In view of this, in order to advance the digital economy process, deeply integrate digital assets with the innovative application of blockchain, and create a trusted trading platform, AAX and BLOCK GLOBAL will jointly hold a "trusted transaction · win in the future" conference to build a blockchain business Applying ecology to promote the steady development of the industry system.

Hundreds of industry leaders, opinion leaders, and project founders gathered in Hangzhou at the conference site, sharing a lot of high-quality content with the theme of "trustworthy transactions and winning in the future", and the activities were wonderful. In the end, the conference was in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. The curtain came down perfectly.

( AAX CEO Thor Chan)

First of all, AAX CEO Thor Chan delivered a speech and extended a warm welcome to the guests present.

( AAX CEO Thor Chan)

Thor Chan delivered a live speech on the topic of "How does AAX explode the next generation of digital assets on the shoulders of giants?" He reviewed the development of AAX from the past to the present, and also looked forward to the future development of AAX. He said that AAX, established in 2018, is the world's first digital asset trading platform to join the London Stock Exchange Group Partner Platform. This is undoubtedly a landmark event for the cryptocurrency industry. AAX leverages the mature, robust and scalable technology of the London Stock Exchange to provide users with institutional-level transaction performance and reliability. At the same time, LSEG technology provides solutions for the world's top traditional financial markets, including the London Stock Exchange, Italian Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Singapore Exchange. Based on the core values ​​of "trust, integrity, security, performance" and integrating the elite resources of finance and technology, AAX has established a fully credible institutional-level trading platform for individuals and institutional users. At present, the AAX team has held events in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions, and will meet with nodes, communities, and users around the world to jointly promote the development of the AAX ecosystem.

(Editor of Babbitt, Tang Xialing)

Babbitt's editor-in-chief Tang Xialing delivered a speech entitled "Today, have you got a Gamma 201?" Tang Xialing reviewed the development history of Bitcoin and analyzed the current market value of Bitcoin. She said that large enterprises such as Ant Financial and JD.com have conducted a lot of exploration in the blockchain industry, especially in terms of technology. At the same time, blockchain is a very cross-cutting industry, with great interaction with fields such as mathematics, computer science, economics, cryptography, and law. In 2019, the blockchain is surging, attracting many investors to join. She divided investors into three categories: value investors, blind followers, and contrarian arbitrageurs. She analyzed the proportion of the three in the market and fluctuations in technology development, and believed that the proportion of value investors determines the trend of the technology curve; The more value investors there are, the more stable the curve is, and the overall tendency is towards the development trend of low frequency and long period;
The more speculators, the higher the fluctuation frequency and the greater the amplitude; If all of them are contrarian arbitrageurs, the curve will not rise and repeat at a low level. In addition, editor Tang has brought analysis of W (passive factors such as the law of self-evolution of the technology) and γ (active factors such as positive social influences). He believes that W and γ can be kept within a reasonable range to achieve better results.

( Gao Chengwang, Partner of Quantking Asset Management Network)

Gao Chengwang, a partner of Quantking Asset Management Network, delivered a speech entitled "Looking forward to 2020," Opportunity "and" Risk ". He said that Quantking Asset Management Network established the first private equity ranking of blockchain, formed an authoritative influence in the industry, and provided FOF funds and related training services. He believes that from the announcement of Facebook's forthcoming Libra to the speech of Xi Jinping during the 18th collective study of the CPC Central Committee. In November, the major exchanges cleaned up and rectified, and various events such as the return of public chains to zero and the influx of dark traffic signaled that the development of the blockchain industry is in the "window period". In the chain circle, it means the bubble recedes and the arrival of new things; in the mineral circle, it means ecological maturity, halving the "crisis"; in the currency circle, it means stock competition, and careful investment; with the circle, it means clearing up and managing Bright. At the same time, the rise of new things such as government affairs chain and supply chain finance, the issuance of exchange regulatory licenses, and the news of "halving the market" also marked the "regular military admission." Therefore, to seize the opportunity.

(The panel discussion "How blockchain links value application landing")

Subsequently, panel discussion was held on the theme of “How Blockchain Links the Application of Value Applications”, AAX CEO Thor Chan, Zhaobei Capital CEO Mark, Zhongxiang Bit Zhejiang Regional Market Director Pei Wenzuo, and BitMart Labs Co-founder Eric, Bitrise capital investment manager Wu Yijia participated in the discussion. They expressed profound insights on these three questions: "How to build a safe and trusted digital asset investment? How to choose a more secure and trusted trading platform? How can blockchain link value applications?" The guests said that supervision, restriction and supervision are the prerequisites for ensuring safe and trusted digital asset investment. The issuance of government licenses and the spontaneous supervision in the industry are conducive to the security of digital asset investment. As for the security of the platform, at present, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and other countries have adopted the model of issuing licenses to control the digital asset platform. Blockchain technology itself is a technology that can improve social collaboration capabilities, but it relies on the joint collaboration of multiple departments and technologies, and will play a greater role with the support of a large number of extremely language and information. At present, blockchain has been applied in various fields, such as supply chain finance, blockchain invoices, and blockchain traceability.

(Lottery scene)

Then there are 6 third prizes, the prize was AAX gift package.

(The second prize Lottery site)

Three second prizes were drawn by AAX CEO Thor Chan and three winners were selected.

(The first prize lottery site)

AAX CEO-Thor Chan draws a first prize with 3 ETH prizes.

(The tea break)

The conference was well received by the guests. Many news sharing and wonderful round table forums brought a deep impression to the guests and had a clear understanding of the future industry development trends and trends. Especially during the free tea break time, the AAX team has attracted the attention of many practitioners in the blockchain industry, fully promoted the actual progress of the application of blockchain value, and created the common development of the industry ecology.