Block Technology Jakarta live report: December 12, Blockchain Southeast Asia Summit 2020 was hosted in Jakarta by BLOCK GLOBAL, Blockchian No.1, Huobi Indonesia, Block Technology, Eagle Chain Fund, Coinin, blocktimes, Beecast, BLOCK ECO FUND, Huopin Online, GCBA, GSIPA , ASIA BLOCKCHAIN ALLIANCE, BLOCKCHAIN INNOVATION CENTER, CRYPTIC LABS, Youmeng Chain, Bluehelix, Ionic Chain, Diamond Network, VEXANIUM, TokenWiz, LATOKEN and 30+ medium. In 2019, on the tenth anniversary of the birth of the blockchain, the cryptocurrency battle between the two giants, Facebook and the People's Bank of China, has become more and more anxious, which will always promote the future development of the blockchain. Looking ahead to 2020, Bitcoin is about to be halved, and the Chinese central bank's digital currency, DCEP, is ready. China and the United States are bound to continue to fight hard for the financial leadership of the future world. As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has been embracing new developments with an open and inclusive attitude. The international summit gathered guests from Indonesia, ecological partners, business elites and industry experts to discuss the Indonesian blockchain, how to use cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, big data, and the Internet of Things to achieve cornering overtaking in the financial industry.

Chairman and Founder of BLOCK GLOBAL, Shi Yanqiang, delivered an opening speech.

(Charles, Chairman and Founder of BLOCK GLOBAL)

Jacob Wu, CEO of Blockchain No.1, delivered an opening speech.

(Jacob Wu, CEO of Blockchain No.1)

Xiong Dan, Huobi Indonesia partner, delivered an opening speech.

(Xiong Dan, Huobi Indonesia Partner)

Erzaldi Rosman Djohan, Governor of Banga Province, delivered an opening speech.

(Erzaldi Rosman Djohan, Governor of Banga Province)

Mr VINDYARTO PURBA delivered a speech. According to the Regional Government of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province, the Sadai Industrial Area is considered as a Strategic Industrial Zone of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province for the development of the Industrial Estate and has been welcomed by the Central Government.

(Mr VINDYARTO PURBA, Manager of SADAI Industrial Area)

Next is the signing ceremony of Huobi Indonesia and PT. Ration Bangka Abadi.

(The signing ceremony of Huobi Indonesia and PT. Ration Bangka Abadi)

James Parker, Business Development Director of Standard Capital, delivered a speech. He talked about the trends in STO market size and establishment of Japanese STO laws. And now Standard Capital can eliminate unnecessary calculation costs for transaction processing and reduce the number of node.

(James Parker, Business Development Director of Standard Capital )

Next is the panel discussion, chaired by Roger Wang, Asia Blockchain Alliance-Rotating chairman of the Executive Committee. Guests are Danny, the CEO of Vexanium; Isybel Harto, head of business development of Udax; Zhou Hongming, CEO of HomiEx; Tyler Wu, Global Managing Director of Bluehelix.  

(Panel discussion)

Later, Shi Yanqiang, the founder / chairman of BLOCK GLOBAL, gave a speech detailing the overall ecology and development plan of BLOCK GLOBAL, the world's leading blockchain technology media group. Currently, BLOCK GLOBAL covers "4 media companies + 2 industries Association + 1 ecological fund + 1 talent service company ".

(Charles, Chairman and Founder of BLOCK GLOBAL)

Jacob delivered a speech, Blockchain No.1 as the Blockchain vertical media, we will focus on Blockchain industry report, providing comprehensive Blockchain information, quotations and data research services, which can effectively facilitate the development of Blockchain in four areas: information services, investor education, in-depth research and platform interoperability.

(Jacob Wu,CEO of Blockchain No.1)

Alex Won gave a speech, HUOBI INDONESIA is a key step of Huobi Globalization Strategy, it can trade over 140 tokens. Regional Ecosystem characterized with exchange, market-making, quantification service, OTC and digital asset storage, Dapp project team, Token Fund and incubation for blockchain ventures.

(Alex Won,Partner of Huobi Indonesia)

Shabrina Adani, as the head of business development of Rupiah TOKEN, she gave a speech, stating that stablecoins are a new type of crypto assets, trying to provide price stability and be supported by reserve assets. The stability, security, and scalability of stablecoins provide a bridge between traditional currency markets and digital assets. Investors can firmly invest in crypto assets through stablecoins.

(Shabrina Adani,head of business development of Rupiah TOKEN)

Next is the panel discussion: Will China digital currency DCEP threaten Crypto? The host is Zoe, Guests are Irvan Tisnabudi, Business Development of Latoken; Danny, Co-Founder of CryptoWatch; Imantaka Nugraha, Head of Regulatory & External Affairs of Rupiah Token; Nidya Rahmanita, Business Development Manager of INDODAX.

(The panel discussion: Will China digital currency DCEP threaten Crypto?)

Head of Business Development Asia, Aaron Choi, gave a speech. DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. This is based on blockchain technology. Assets are controlled by individuals, and clearing and settlement are done in real time through smart contracts. By minimizing dependence on trust, the trust cost between individuals is reduced.

(Aaron Choi, Head of Business Development Asia)

The CEO of Blockchain Global, Sam Lee, gave a speech.The Blockchain Center is committed to promoting blockchain education and adopting blockchain technology. Our business focuses on the following five areas: activities and communities; education and training; incubation programs; talent pools and cross-border cooperation.

(Sam Lee, CEO of Blockchain Global)

The gathering of guests at the conference brought a lot of high-quality content to many audiences. In the end, the conference ended perfectly.