Block Technology Hangzhou Live Report: On October 23rd, sponsored by ZG.COM and BLOCK GLOBAL, co-organized by Qianyi Chain, Block Technology, Coinin, Blocktimes, Beecast, Brock Global Eco-Fund, Fire Online, GCBA, GSIPA, Huobi Indonesia, Blockchain No.1, Even Token, FIND, Chain Tour Player, Zhuozhi Enterprise, and Great Wall Commune, the commercial and distributed financial summit was held in Hangzhou (supported by 30+ media). Commercial finance is a monetary and financial activity that is carried out by social entities in accordance with the principles of the market under the conditions of a market economy. It has always served the class or group with sufficient funds and credit. To date, it has played an invaluable role in improving the efficiency of human society.

The new digital financial system and the value of the Internet-based on blockchain are accelerating. Value interoperability, rapid liquidation, and global flow of funds will become a fundamental feature of the future. For DeFi, the trend in the future financial world is likely to be decentralized. Faced with such a big cake, it is very important for entrepreneurs and investors to take the lead in this moment.

In view of this, ZG.COM invites top talents in the blockchain industry to gather in Hangzhou to discuss the future development of the blockchain industry and how digital currency will better enrich the digital economy. Many well-known VCs, exchanges, traditional large enterprises, community KOL gathered here, the scene of the guests gathered at the conference was full. The round-table forum held during the period shared a lot of high-quality content for many guests, and finally the conference ended in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere.

ZJ.COM Commercial Director Chen Jiwen came to the stage and said that Hangzhou is a city where technology and dreams meet. This great city has created an Internet giant such as Alibaba. Many entrepreneurs with dreams are fighting here. Struggling here, only to find and realize the value of life, with the emerging blockchain value of the Internet is rapidly emerging. Value interoperability, rapid liquidation, and global mobility of funds will gradually become the mainstream of the future. Many entrepreneurs and investors with dreams are very important to take the lead at the moment.

QYBC co-founder Jason took the stage to deliver a speech. He said that QYBC combined with DAG technology to build a new commercial public chain, and on the basis of the blockchain, the simultaneous accounting was upgraded to asynchronous accounting, which greatly improved the expansion of the block, and It combines privacy and security to create a relatively perfect closed-loop economic ecology. QYBC has completed the implementation of the block ecological landing plan for dozens of enterprise-level units at home and abroad.

BLOCK GLOBAL Global Business Psychology Guo Yadong delivered a speech. He gave a detailed introduction to the overall ecology and development plan of the world's leading blockchain technology media group BLOCK GLOBAL. Currently BLOCK GLOBAL covers "4 media companies + 2 industry associations + 1 ecological fund + 1 talent service company". In addition, BLOCK GLOBAL invested in more than ten blockchain upstream and downstream enterprises, basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media.

QYBC technical consultant Steven took the stage to deliver a speech. He said that the influence of blockchain technology is expanding. We believe that there is a law. New things have an N-shaped development law. There is a bubble growth and a bubble. After that, it fell to a low point. The latter growth was solid, so we chose to build QYBC. There is an "impossible triangle" in the blockchain technology, that is, decentralization (fairness), efficiency (scalability), and security cannot be optimal at the same time. Some blockchain technology systems pay more attention to decentralization fairness, and transaction efficiency is relatively low; some blockchain technology systems pay more attention to efficiency, and decentralized fairness must be sacrificed; while emphasizing fairness and efficiency, You can't ignore security. The balance and balance between the three creates different directions for blockchain technology innovation, and QYBC will balance the above three points as much as possible.

After that, the roundtable forum was held with the theme of “Exploring the current business situation and the next investment climate”. This forum was founded by News/Little Turtle, founder Xiaogui as the host, Chuangfei Technology founder Gao Fei, Bitcoin China Research Institute CEO Zeng Li, JTT Partner Harry, Eagle Chain Fund CEO Xu Zeng, ZG.COM CMO Huicong, and Complimentary Global Marketing Director Cora jiang participated in the discussion as a special guest, focusing on the current blockchain field. Compared with other areas of investment enthusiasm, at this stage, the blockchain-related investment should pay attention to what issues, etc., each published a relevant view. Gao Fei said that the investment climate is now on the rise, and the relevant industry personnel are gradually increasing. The blockchain has gradually become a new boom in investment. Zeng Li said that as the blockchain heats up, a large number of users flock to the market, and the competition for traffic on major exchanges is intensifying. Harry said that the application of blockchain technology will be the future trend, and the entity's certification is the key factor. Xu said that the blockchain should follow the path of sustainable development in the future and should empower the real economy. Hui Cong said that traffic is an important factor in the development of the blockchain field and determines its future development trend and direction. Cora jiang said that at this stage, the classical Internet is gradually shifting to the physical Internet, and the investment in high-quality projects in the market is highly enthusiastic.

ZG.COM VP Sheng Chao took the stage to deliver a speech. He said that there is no security, everything is on paper. ZG.COM is the world's leading digital asset trading platform, headquartered in Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, etc. The country and the region have set up offices, and their teams are composed of top talents in the field of financial technology in many countries and members of the Bitcoin China team. And obtained Bitcoin China strategic investment, relying on Bitcoin China eight years of safe operation without accident experience. With multi-signature cold wallet isolation technology, real-time patch security vulnerabilities, automatic detection of AI programs, Bitcoin China technical support and other advantages.

NUC co-founder Michael Redmond gave a speech on the stage. He said that idleness creates circulation and sharing creates value. With the advent of the digital economy era, blockchain technology will completely subvert our lives. When 5G merges with the blockchain, we will take you first to see the future changes! The NUVISION Foundation is committed to the continuous development and application of the NuVision5G blockchain project in the United States, including the operation and management of NUPC, NUC, NUCHAIN, investment development and operation management of Niuweiyun platform. With a strong industrial background, senior management team, senior expert team, innovation team, brand advantage, core team and other advantages. And with the world's top 500 companies Microsoft, Qualcomm, Intel, Google, etc. to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, the layout of the global market.

After that, the roundtable forum was held with the theme of “How to Transform Traditional Finance in Blockchain”. This forum was hosted by BLOCK GLOBAL Global Business Psychology Xin Wei, the founder of Budo Finance, Chai Gongzi, Tianlian Capital Partner Lucy, Bit Zhang Jun, assistant to the president of CMO/33 Complex Beauty, Jason, co-founder of QYBC, Kobe WU, investment manager of Bisheng Capital, and Xie Yaohui, founder of the event, participated in the discussion as a special guest. What are the drawbacks of the existing financial system? The development of blockchain technology has brought about changes to the existing commercial financial system, and each has published relevant opinions. According to Chai Gongzi, the relevant blockchain supervision system concept at this stage needs to be improved. Lucy said that the times are constantly improving, and blockchain finance is a potential for future development, but there are problems such as financing difficulties. Zhang Jun said that with the development of the blockchain field, more financial attributes should be introduced. Jason said that traditional financial use of blockchain technology to empower, except for borrowing and other content, is difficult to improve the efficiency of traditional finance, or that it still takes a long way. Kobe WU said that the essence of the blockchain is the value network, and its birth certificate is its external manifestation. Xie Yaohui said that the value of the blockchain is mainly to empower traditional industries.

Subsequently, a grand signing ceremony was held. QYBC representatives Jason and Mike signed a strategic alliance with ZG.COM on behalf of Shengchao and Kevin. QYBC represented Jason with representatives of Sherry, Li Yiming, Zhou Zhou, Zhang Zhendong, Xu Shangbin and Xiaomi.

The conference was well received by the guests present. Many high-quality projects and wonderful roundtable forums shared a lot of sentiments for the guests, and they have a clear understanding of the future trends and trends of the industry. Finally, a generous VIP dinner was held. This conference was the perfect ending in the crowds of many guests, bringing a lot of guests a memorable night.