Participating institutions include Korea Fire Co., Yozma Group, Tembusu, BLOCK GLOBAL, Globalization Association and other overseas investment companies.


Accelerate the discovery of star projects with institutional investors through the VIP Party (VSG Arena) on the 17th- Forming an institutional investor investment environment by creating Asian blockchain funds.


Blockchain Seoul 2019, Korea's largest blockchain fair, will be held in the COEX C Hall of Samsung Cave in Seoul from the 16th to the 18th of this month for a period of three days.

"Investors Day" is hosted by Delio and DCConference, with Zdnet Korea and Money Today, BCapitalist, B:STARS Partners, Coinin, BITWIN, Saramnsaram, Blockchain Today, etc. as partners.




‘Investors Day’ is a blockchain-based finance, financial technology and payment company, as well as gatherings of institutional investors from Korea and abroad. Investor Day is an investment IR program that links companies and investors to blockchain companies to provide investment IR opportunities for companies and projects. The day before the event, you will have the opportunity to partner with VIPs at VSG Arena. Will meet with institutional investors.


In addition to Korean fire coins, Singapore's Tembusu fund partner Kim Yongmun, BLOCK GLOBAL CEO Allen, Hong Kong Globalization Association executive chairman Guo Bingyuan was invited to deliver a keynote speech, Korean University professor IK Song, Yozma Group co-founder Jang Setak, Hanyang University block Chain Research Institute Professor Li Zhengxuan, Uppsala Security Vice President Yang Genyu, Octa Solution CEO Park Wencheng, Tenspace CEO Gao Zhenshuo, One Dream Holdings CEO Jiang Hengfu, TEAM EXVA CEO Lyu Dohyeon, Iconloop Director Zheng Yongjun, G-Cord Innovation CEO Ren Longxun, Data Construction CEO Lin Shanmo, Delio CEO Jung Sangho, Quentinel CEO Li Xianri, TPULY Korea Branch General Manager Li Enzhe, ETC Labs Vice President Sun-Ho Shin, TED&Associates Partner Tae-Geun Kim and Partner Human Rights Xu Xu ( Tax experts, HOWARD Lab, Talken, Anex KOREA, WMS, GranC, etc. will publish and participate in the round table. This event will provide investment institutions with investment directions and explore blockchain trends.


With the dramatic changes in the blockchain industry, experts and professional companies such as exchanges, AML, encrypted asset loans, mining, trading, tax accounting and security solutions are participating as speakers to predict the future of digital asset trading and promote the region. The development of the blockchain industry. It is expected that this event will be a conference to study disruptive innovations in existing industries, changes in industrial landscapes, regulatory changes, and discussion of countermeasures.


In particular, through this event, the Blockchain Investment Research Institute will accelerate the creation of the Asian Blockchain Joint Fund by co-sponsoring the Korea-ASEAN Summit Blockchain Summit in Busan with B:STARS Partners and Delio. To this end, we plan to jointly establish a joint platform for education, activities and investment networks in Asia with BLOCK GLOBAL (Coinin).


IK Song (Korea University), a professor at the DCONFERENCE Blockchain Investment Institute, hosted the event. “This meaningful event aims to build a blockchain investment ecosystem centered on institutional investors. The activation of the blockchain industry. It is expected that this event will foster a blockchain star startup that protects technology and customers."

In addition, Delio CEO Zheng Xianghao, who co-sponsored the event and published the theme of DeFi, said, “We hope this will be a good opportunity to share knowledge and experience and activate the blockchain industry in order to build a healthy blockchain investment ecosystem. ""

The "Blockchain Seoul 2019", which has been held for the second time since last year, represents a representative global company of blockchain and encryption assets. More than 300 companies have participated in the conference. It is estimated that about 20,000 visitors will exceed the conference. last year.


This summit is an important activity to explore the current and future of the blockchain industry. It will focus on the changes brought by the blockchain to the economy, industry, society and culture, and discuss blockchain technologies and policies in depth. It aims to introduce and experience cases where blockchain technology has been applied in real life and industry.

"Investors Day" will be held on October 18th (Friday) as the last day of the "Blockchain Seoul 2019" event in the COEX C meeting room in Seoul, South Korea. You can register on the event homepage (www.dconference.io). The VIP party is accepting applications on onoffmix (https://onoffmix.com/event/197245).