XP Invest announced the listing of 4 new trading pairs on its platform; Gold/BTC, Silver/BTC, Cocoa/BTC & Coffee/BTC.
17days ago

XP Invest is a trading platform that helps retail investors trade US-listed stocks and commodities against Bitcoin. The firm focuses heavily on enabling its users to trade multiple assets in both crypto and conventional world with ease and speed. “With the equity markets heading towards uncertainty, people are looking at Bitcoin as a digital safe-haven”, said Tanuj Bathla, Business Manager at XP Invest, “This is why our firm has created a unique trading pair where people can short the Nasdaq index with Bitcoin using 5X leverage. This has filled a huge demand coming from the Bitcoin traders.”


Having gained popularity from its early users, XP Invest is adding 4 new trading pairs, they are Gold/BTC, Silver/BTC, Oil/BTC and Cocoa/BTC. Tanuj said that macro-economic factors were the key reason behind the firm’s addition of commodities to the platform. ‘With Cocoa planters setting a price floor, coffee prices being depressed, and Gold spiking, we want our users to have immediate access to these commodities which represent tremendous opportunities to earn huge upsides by longing or shorting them.’


After its soft launch in May this year, XP Invest listed the NDX/BTC (Nasdaq 100 vs. Bitcoin) trading pair, the first platform to do so. It aims to create products and list pairs that crypto traders want, and continue to explore interesting opportunities for its users. The company is incubated in Hong Kong and run by a group of capital markets and crypto enthusiasts.


About XP Invest

XP Invest aims to create investment products that have not been seen on the market, unlocking accessibility to valuable and illiquid assets, and exploring possibilities. It operates a single platform where people can trade cryptos, equities and commodities with minimum friction of converting between different assets. Learn more, please visit www.xpinvest.io

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