The first meet-up of the SINOC Southeast Asian tour was successfully hosted in Bangkok on 16th August
33days ago


The first meet-up of the SINOC Southeast Asian tour hosted in Bangkok Thailand on 16TH August was a great success. It was co-hosted by BeeCast, and attracted lot of enthusiasts from Thai community, including executives from Cryptonist, Siam Blockchain, Asian Blockchain Review, Dash Thailand Community, Crypto Beach and other corporate leaders.


For the first time ever, the SINOC founder shared the proof of traffic-measured storage traffic storage consensus mechanism. In the future mechanism of SINOC, the mining machine will be upgraded to a personal server node, breaking the traditional consensus concept to just mining. The distributed storage truly realizes the integration of idle social resources, achieve a decentralized, safe and efficient new concept of storage! It also explains how to land 5G and distributed storage in a wider range of applications overseas. It is the first of all hard drive mining projects. The traffic agreement in the traffic storage consensus will break the limitations of existing mobile communication service providers in distributed personal servers. With the support of the family bandwidth rich traffic can be used to the mobile side, this will greatly alleviate the huge difference in global traffic per capita value! It is well known that the traffic of some developed and sub-developed countries is relatively rich! In a relatively poor developing country, the personal server through the traffic storage consensus can efficiently match the demand to the mobile phone, and also provide more favorable local traffic for international business trips! The Pots Consensus has been widely recognized in the Thai blockchain industry. And most importantly Thailand is currently one of the most popular destinations globally. 


After the meet-up was being successfully held o 16th, some of the experts and KOLs are invited to an exclusive dinner with SINOC team on the next day 17th, to celebrate the establishment of the SINOC Thai community, which will be operating SINOC's related business in Thailand as well! Meanwhile, SINOC will also set up communities in Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea to build a distributed storage ecosystem around the world.


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