Coinin's first Anniversary Pool Party was successfully held in Seoul, Korea
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Editors note: On the evening of August 9th, Coinin's the first anniversary of the pool party was hosted by Coinin, BLOCK GLOBAL, Bitboy, co-organized by GLOSFER, DooriDoori, MXC, SOURCE and sponsored by BLUCON, xsensor, BRP, FOBLGATE in Seoul, South Korea.


 (Coinin 1st Anniversary Pool Party on site)

On the evening of August 9th, Coinin's the first anniversary of the pool party was hosted by Coinin, BLOCK GLOBAL, Bitboy, co-organized by GLOSFER, DooriDoori, MXC, SOURCE and sponsored by BLUCON, xsensor, BRP, FOBLGATE in Seoul, South Korea. More than 400 artists and the blockchain celebrities gathered in Itaewon to share and discuss the progress and future of the blockchain industry in the near future.

 图片2.png (Coinin 1st Anniversary Pool Party guests



(BLOCK GLOBAL Founder Charles Shi delivered the speech)

In the opening speech, BLOCK GLOBAL founder Charles Shi said that BLOCK GLOBAL currently covers Block Technology, Block Capital, Huopin Online, Coinin, blocktimes, Beecast, and established a Global College Blockchain Enthusiast alliance and invested to more than ten   blockchain companies. It has basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media.


(GLOSFER/FOBLGATE Taewon KIm’s sharing)


GLOSFER/FOBLGATE Taewon Kim was invited to attend the pool party. FOBLGATE is an exchange-enabled gaming platform founded by GLOSFER and the famous incubator BRP. Taewon Kim said “Congratulations to Coinin’s first anniversary birthday party, some people may not know what BLOCK GLOBAL&Coinin are doing, but in fact we have learned a lot of operational experience in the process of cooperating with Coinin. Today, I sincerely bless Coinin’s first birthday, hope Coinin could continue to grow in Korea in the future!”


(BRP Steve Han’s sharing)


At the pool party, Steve Han of BRP which is a well-known incubator in Korea, thanked the all the guests for coming. He said that he was very happy to attend the first Coinin's anniversary in Korea and hoped that the guests at the scene would have a wonderful time.


(Coinin 1st Anniversary Pool Party guests)



(Zach, the founder of SOURCE project)


Zach, the founder of the SOURCE project, was invited to attend the first Coinin anniversary pool party. SOURCE is based on the traceability field. It is based on blockchain technology and uses Layer 2 technology architecture. It has a new generation of traceability public chain with cross-chain compatible technology. Zach expressed his birthday wishes to Coinin and hoped that more people would pay attention to the SOURCE project.


(TVCC Alex’s sharing)


Alex from TVCC expressed his birthday wishes to Coinin. He also introduced TVCC as a well-known blockchain media in Korea. His diving pushed the pool party’s atmosphere to the climax.


(TVCC Alex)



(Coinin 1st Anniversary Pool Party Birthday Ceremony)


BLOCK GLOBALCoinin CEO Allen expressed his gratitude to the guests from all over the world. He introduced Coinin is a team of media, incubation and investment company which is composed of Chinese and Korean team. He came to Korea for the first time in July 2018. I was delighted to see that many friends and Coinin grew up together during one year. Coinin co-operated and hosted more than 50 events and the 'Blockchain in Korea' online interview program interviewed 50 guests already. Coinin served more than 20 projects of China and South Korea. Recently, Coinin is cooperating with the Glosfer project. In the past one year, Coinin has achieved a lot of breakthroughs. Allen said that too many people to thank and hope that more people will grow up with Coinin&BLOCK GLOBAL!


(BLOCK GLOBALCoinin CEO Allen’s sharing)


Finally, Allen announced that following the 2,000 people Kore Investor Summit on 29th, Apr, Coinin will hold an investor summit in Seoul in early September with BLUCON and will hold a summit in Busan with Dconference in late October. BLOCK GLOBAL and Coinin are growing very fast, hoping to bring more returns to everyone.


(Coinin 1st Anniversary Pool Party guests)


Guests from GLOSFER, FOBLGATE, BRP, SOURCE, MXC, BLUCON, xensor, D.Street, Coinplug, Bitsonic, Bibox, BIFROST, Genesis Capital, Du Capital, ZBG, TVCC, Bitboy, DooriDoori and other projects participated in the first anniversary of Coinin Pool party, the guests covered such as blockchain investment institutions, exchanges, media, KOL and many other blockchain areas.

In 2019, traditional internet, finance gaints entered the industry, and competition in the blockchain industry intensified than before. At present, industry practitioners face complex industry environment and unpredictable supervision. Communication and collaboration between regions and industries play an important role. Coinin will continue to provide high-quality services for Chinese and Korean projects based on the BLOCK GLOBAL ecology and accelerate the development of the blockchain industry.



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