2019 1st Taiwan Blockchain Week ended successfully
2019 1st Taiwan Blockchain Week
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Editors note: 2019 1st Taiwan Blockchain Week was held at the Taipei International Convention Center.


(Conference site)

2019 1st Taiwan Blockchain Week was held at the Taipei International Convention Center. The summit discussed the application, development and challenges of blockchain with the theme of “smart city”, “financial innovation”, “technical development” and “supervisory regulations”. This event was hosted by blocktimes and BLOCK GLOBAL, co-hosted by SDAT, YeeCo, SINOC, DUSD, co-organized by Block Technology, Block Capital, Coinin, Beecast, Huopin Online, Global Blockchain Alliance, Global STO Industry Promotion Association, Huobi Indonesia and Blockchain No.1. ACCUPASS joined as a special event platform, Taiwan Internet of Things Association joined as an execution unit. WOLOT, JEX, Guoanjiaozhen, Hopex, ALicoin, Catalyst Chain Valley, Yotta Chain, Mobro, BTB.io, Coldlar, ZG.com joined as supported institutions. International officials and officials discussed the trend development together, expecting to break away from the same-temperature framework in the industry and raise the public's attention as well as participation in the development of the blockchain industry.


(Conference site)


(Conference site)


(Chen rongxuan, general manager of blocktimes)

At the beginning of meeting, the general manager of blocktimes, Chen Rongzhen, delivered a speech. For the first time, blocktimes held a large blockchain summit, hoping to focus on the industry highlights through this event, so that people in the industry and academia can have a deeper understanding of each other and accelerate progress.


(Deng jiaji, deputy mayor of Taipei municipal government)

Deng Jiaji, deputy mayor of the Taipei municipal Government, delivered a speech to show his concern about the new blockchain industry. He said that the Taipei City has a “Taipei entrepreneurship service office” to provide more direct and convenient services for new entrepreneurs in various fields. At the same time, the municipal government is also willing to become the backing of the industry, combined with all aspects to promote the development of blockchain applications.


(Shi yanqiang, founder and chairman of BLOCK GLOBAL)

Shi Yanqiang, founder and chairman of BLOCK GLOBAL, delivered a speech. Shi Yanqiang said that the blockchain can solve many things that the traditional Internet can't do, and this is also its value. BLOCK GLOBAL is committed to linking international resources and accelerating the blockchain industry.


(SDAT chief economist David Pan)

SDAT Chief Economist David Pan delivered a speech. David Pan said that he is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises to use regional blockchain applications to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Taiwan's abundant talents and technology are the best opportunities to bring these industries to the international arena.


(Wu wei, founder of SINOC Public Chain)

Wu Wei, founder of SINOC public chain, delivered a speech. Storage Internet Nova Optimum Chain (SINOC) is a new consensus mechanism POC. Each computer can lock in chips for mining and gain revenue. The market will be extremely broad in the future. The POC consensus mechanism has the advantages of decentralization, quiet as well as non-noise, everyone can participate, green energy saving and low power consumption. In the future, SINOC will become “Ethereum” in the field of POC, and the SINOC technical team will provide corresponding technical support and enjoy the existing computing power of SINOC. Its sub-chain project will be completed in August, and anyone can publish their own POC project on the public chain of SINOC.


(Chen yuhua, founder of green ji quan)


(QMI CEO Huang Delun)

Chen Yuhua, founder of Green jiquan, and Huang Delun, QMI CEO, delivered a keynote speech. Chen Yuhua said that the development of climate action-green gold chain is a global trend. Through a large number of tree planting to solve the global crisis, and create a new business model, the first forest football field in Asia was built. In the future, according to market demand, 1,200 hectares of betel nut will be cultivated. Many famous organizations cooperated with each other to launch green gold coins, and the future development prospects will be good.

Huang Delun said that the core value of the intelligent multimedia water station blockchain plan is the symbiotic concept and commercial ecology. The different industries are combined, they provides each other with the resources they need to solve obstruction through the characteristics of the blockchain, and solve the existing industry pain points through the new business model. The international market will move forward to Southeast Asia, and there is a great demand in Southeast Asia.


(Chen Lixian, Chairman of the WOLOT Foundation)

Next, the chairman of the WOLOT Foundation, Chen Lixian, delivered a keynote speech. He said that in the era of digital economy, AI, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies continue to subvert traditional business common sense, understanding that the essence and development trend of intelligent business is the biggest challenge facing traditional business. TOOL (OLO) solved the current market pain points through blockchain technology, and built a multi-centered business ecosystem for global SMEs, sharing users, data, and information, bringing accurate traffic and data analysis capabilities to merchants, and Let the user's behavior data be converted into a pass to achieve behavioral realization.


(New York Digital Dollar Stabilized Coin DUSD Co-founder Raindy Deng)

Next is Raindy Deng, the co-founder of New York digital dollar stable currency DUSD. She said that the currency anchoring mechanism and payment model will change in the next decade, and the global Fortune 500 companies will have their own industry Stablecoin. The existence of Stablecoin will narrow the gap between national payment models and establish a global payment system. The fourth-generation Stablecoin will be launched on major exchanges and apply its concepts to commodities, e-commerce, B2B, financial technology, new retail, digital financial management and other industries. In the future, Stablecoin's goal is to get acceptance and support from Wall Street. POE will become the core consensus, and the fourth-generation Stablecoin has a good competitive mechanism and will not form a monopoly.


(Panel-Smart City)

The first round of the panel in this summit was based on the theme of “Smart City”. Facing the arrival of the 5G era, improving the efficiency of urban life through technology has become a compulsory course for “smart cities”. AI, the Internet of Things, big data combined with various business scenarios as well as public services, the emergence of large and complex value data, blockchain will become one of the future solutions to ensure data privacy and security. This round of panel invited Dr. Cai Zhichuan, president of the Asian Blockchain Society, Wu Wei, founder of SINOC public chain, the public blockchain developer, Liang Binxian, chairman of the Taiwan Internet of Things Association, Chen Lixian, chairman of the WOLOT Foundation, and Zhang Dekui, general manager of BayPay. Chen Zhiwei, founder and CEO of Jucai.com, discussed the infrastructure and applications of Smart City. Wu Wei, founder of SINOC public chain, said that the public chain established through the new consensus mechanism POC is decentralized and environmentally friendly, and is more suitable for providing public services to smart cities. Chen Lixian, chairman of the WOLOT Foundation, also said that the blockchain can provide more accurate traffic and data analysis capabilities for SMEs, and also enable data to be realized, which will be the appearance of Smart City in the future.


(BLOCK GLOBAL Founding Partner CEO, Block Technology CEO Zhang Chaoran)

BLOCK GLOBAL Founding Partner CEO, Block Technology CEO Zhang Chaoran introduced global ecology and development plan of BLOCK GLOBAL to the guests of the summit. 【BLOCK GLOBAL】 is committed to building the global leading blockchain technology media group, and serving the entrepreneurs and investors in the global blockchain field with the mission of “converging international information, linking global resources and empowering economic development”.

【BLOCK GLOBAL】 Headquarters is located in Singapore. Since its establishment in March 2018, 【BLOCK GLOBAL】 and its eco-brands have got investment and support from Liu Li, Beechat Fund, Goopal Group, Achain Eco-Fund, Hash Capital, Wang Chuyun, Leadger Capital, Shanggu Capital, Collinstar Capital, Liu Zhe, Lu Jun, Oness Capital, Yuandao Capital, Qidi Chain Network, Xufan Fund, ChainHR and many other well-know investment institutions/individuals.


(JEX founder and CEO Chen Xin)

JEX founder & CEO Chen Xin came to the stage to deliver a keynote speech. Focusing on digital currency derivatives, JEX is the world's most professional digital currency derivatives trading platform, and continues to introduce new trading categories following market development and demand. He said that innovations in contracts, options and other trading categories are one of JEX's core strengths. Options can be short and have high leverage like futures, but there is no risk of smashing, no need to entangle in the entry point, risk of smashing and The retracement ratio can be traded only by looking at the direction, simplifying the trading process and increasing the possibility of user transaction benefits. The contract type with insurance function is an innovation of JEX. Users can purchase insurance for their positions. After purchasing insurance, JEX will bear the risk of loss on the position. Users can get full loss when they lose money or open positions. Compensation. JEX will also launch more market-oriented trading categories.

图片16.png (Partner & President of Huobi Indonesian, Xiong Dan)

Xiong Dan, partner and president of the Huobi Indonesian, delivered speech in this summit. Xiong Dan said that the Huobi Group has been striving to develop into a pioneer in the blockchain industry for many years. Huobi Indonesia is part of the strategy of the fire currency globalization. Based on Indonesia with huge market potential, Huobi Indonesia will continue to explore Southeast Asia and other ASEAN countries. Huobi Indonesia has five core strengths – safety, stability, sharing, sustainability and intelligence. Choose to listing in Huobi Indonesia can enjoy a higher price/performance ratio, more investors/users and specialized services. In addition, Xiong Dan shared the next step of the Huobi Indonesia in the venue, including the establishment of the Indonesian Token Fund and the issuance of stable currency (an Indonesian currency rupee). Finally, he said that the mission of HUobi Indonesia is to improve financial efficiency and increase wealth.


(Hopex CMO Zhang Xiaoleng)

Hopex CMO Zhang Xiaoleng delivered a keynote speech. She said that Hopex is deeply involved in the derivatives trading market, with huge growth potential and mature market. The perpetual contract has become the darling of the current digital asset derivatives trading. Compared with the term contract, the perpetual contract has multiple advantages: no delivery deadline, good price linkage, and more flexible trading. Hopex has four authoritative guarantees – top investment institution blessing, excellent core team, zero risk of trading/asset, and powerful empowerment of intelligent engines.


( Representative of ALicoin)

Then ALicoin delivered speech on the stage. The ALicoin Exchange is the largest exchange in the Middle East and the first Islamic encryption exchange in the world. It is based in Dubai and has a global presence. At this stage, it has obtained a trading license from Dubai and established operation centers in 13 countries. There are no mature exchanges to serve Islamic users. ALicoin will operate strictly according to Islamic law, serve 1.8 billion Islamic users worldwide, link 2 trillion Islamic financial markets, establish early operational advantages and technological advantages, and deepen Islamic encryption assets. The huge blue ocean market provides fair and transparent trading services to all blockchain users worldwide. The ALicoin Eco-Fund has officially been approved by the Malaysian government to set up a technology center for blockchain technology research and development and Internet project development. The ALicoin International Trade Center has partnered with bosnian wang airlines to achieve high-frequency speed through large-scale trade settlement.


(Panel-Financial Innovation)

The second round of panel was based on the theme of “Financial Innovation”. The United States surveys millennials for the low willingness to invest in traditional stocks, and the aging of the investment market will become a hidden worry in the future capital market. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have triggered investment enthusiasm among younger generations around the world, and the overall industry has also become younger. In addition to possible structural changes to existing industries, blockchain applications have created a market capitalization of nearly $600 billion in conservative estimates of new investment and sponsorships in the blockchain. This round of panel invited SDAT chief economist David Pan, Hong Kong Ping An Group executive director Alex Wan, ZB Group vice president Aurora Wong, JEX founder & CEO Chen Xin, and New York digital dollar DUSD vice president Ying Jun to discuss cryptocurrency Emerging financial markets derived. Aurora Wong, vice president of ZB Group, said that with the trade war, the risk aversion friction has risen, and the decentralization and security features of digital currency such as Bitcoin are more suitable as a hedging tool. JX founder & CEO Chen Xin also said that under the economic war, digital currency can better reflect its external characteristics and break international barriers. Aurora Wong, vice president of ZB Group, also said that the digital asset market is not very relevant to the traditional financial market. In fact, there is still a lot of room for operation in terms of value-added space and risk hedging. Ying Jun, vice president of New York Digital Dollar DUSD, believes that cryptocurrency can slide in different value assets, such as oil, gold and other combinations, which may be an important change in the blockchain to provide a stable value medium.


(Nervos Community Operations Director Henry)

Henry, Nervos Community Operations Director, delivered a speech. The Nervos Network is the infrastructure of cryptography economics, which will create an asset, the future of tokens, with better liquidity, higher economic returns, and a better world. Nervos Network has a professional blockchain programming team with layouts in China, the US and Japan. About Nervos CKB, Henry said that Nervos CKB is the first layer of blockchain, including consensus algorithm Max (POW), ISC-V-based virtual machine, programming model and token economic model. In addition, Henry said the Nervos Network will launch the Nervos CKB main network in the fourth quarter of 2019.


(Guoan Jiaozhen CTO Mo Fei)

Guoan Jiaozhen CTO Mo Fei delivered keynote speech in this summit. He introduced the ecological layout of CLC to many guests at the venue, from CLC business layout, CLC assets & financial cycle logic, CLC certificate value circulation system, CLC ecological training plan, etc., and said that the value of the entire CLC is in the initial state. Next, Guoan will open up the “consensus resonance” system, so that the value of CLC will be determined by the participants of the community.


(Yotta Chain founder Wang Donglin)

Yotta Chain founder Wang Donglin delivered a speech. Yotta Chain creates a large-scale interstellar storage pool by connecting globally dispersed storage resources, ensuring everyone's data sovereignty, which is overwhelmingly superior to existing centralized storage (a tens of times more reliability, several times lower cost, and With anti-DDoS and disaster recovery features. Yotta Chain has mastered blockchain storage core technology and has more than 200 domestic and foreign patented technologies. Its core TruPrivacy technology is the only technology in the world that can realize encryption and de-emphasis, and has won global patents to change the storage industry landscape.


(Digital Renaissance Foundation Taiwan Partner Wang Yuanheng)

Digital Renaissance Foundation Taiwan Partner Wang Yuanheng delivered a speech. The Polkadot network is a protocol that connects different blockchains and provides shared security! Enable different blockchain networks to achieve cross-chain interoperability, and each member enjoys high quality security. The Web3 Foundation has teamed up with several corporate teams, and more than 100 developers have built the underlying code for the Polkadot network.


(Panel - Technology Development)

The third round of panel was launched with the theme of “Technology Development”. The blockchain is still in its infancy, and in order to achieve global commercial grades, security, efficiency, and decentralization have always been the goal of developers. This round of panel invited Liao Shiwei, an associate professor of the Department of Capital Engineering of the National Taiwan University, as the technical development forum to host YeeCo CIO David Li, Turing Chain Technology CEO & Co-founder Hu Yaojie, Chairman of the Chain Group Zhang Shousong, Digital Renaissance Foundation Taiwan Partner Wang Yuanheng, Dr. Hu Ding, Director of the International Clean Energy Forum Blockchain Committee, exchanged views on issues such as public chain development and information security. YeeCo CIO David Li said that the ecology of POW can accommodate more short-term long-term members than the Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm, and it is technically better able to break through the impossible triangle. Zhang Shousong, chairman of the Chain Group, said that performance is not the primary choice for the public chain, but should focus on balance. Speaking of Libra, Hu Yaojie, CEO and co-founder of Turing Chain Technology, said that the HotStuff consensus algorithm has many improvements to the Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm. Most of the guests agree that the human society is not the more centralized the better. Libra's implementation is different from the technical ones, and its system brings reflection to the blockchain industry.


(Dr. Meng Fanlin, Senior Partner of Bo Rui Law Firm)

Dr. Meng Fanlin, a senior partner of Bo Rui Law Firm, delivered a speech. He said that according to the development of global laws and regulations and the performance of the previous two waves in the new financial Internet wave, it is analyzed that a new wave of new financial Internet will be opened by STO. STO financing through the securitization of the securities, with agreement layer compliance, legalization of the pass financing, opening the institutional investment market, letting the value of the pass itself derailed from BTC/ETH, linking with future cash flow, and reflecting the value of assets. From the perspective of a US-registered company, STO is a legally compliant digital currency offering.


(Panel - Regulatory Supervision)

The fourth round of panel was launched on the theme of “Regulatory Supervision”. Taiwan's leading STO (security token offering) law is expected to inject new international blood into Taiwan's new ventures and capital markets. Although there are still many controversies in the current law, it has also attracted heated discussion from experts and scholars from all walks of life. This round of panel was hosted by Dr. Meng Fanlin, a senior partner of Bo Rui Law Firm, focusing on the challenges and blind spots faced by STO in Taiwan and the international community. He also co-chaired the lawyers of the KPMG Encrypted Assets and Token Economy team. Liao Shiwei, associate professor of engineering, Zheng Xugao, head of Wanxu Information Technology Co., and Dr. Li Lizhong, Ph.D., associate professor of National Taipei University of Commerce, let the guests have a clearer understanding of the blockchain-derived fundraising channels. Mr. Zhong said that Taiwan’s STO decree is not as high as Hong Kong and Singapore’s asset restrictions. Although it is not satisfactory, it is still the first step towards gradual relaxation of market self-discipline. Dr. Li said that the Taiwan regulations still use the amount to regulate investors, and should refer to the United States to develop a variety of investor qualifications to protect investment.


(VIP Party the night of Guoan Jiaozhen)

In 2019, the first Taiwan blockchain week ended successfully in the enthusiasm of the guests at the event. After the meeting, 1st Taiwan blockchain week sponsored by Guoan was called the VIP Party Guoan Night in Taipei’s Xinyi District. The Tiancheng Hotel TICC World Trade Center was held. Guoan’s more true technology, Mo Zhen, took the stage to deliver a speech, and New York’s digital dollar DUSD Vice President Ying Jun took the stage to deliver a speech. In the meeting, Mo Zhen explained the ecological layout of CLC to the guests and explained the unique innovation of the circulation. Ying Jun talked with everyone about the development of stable coins during the meeting, and believed that stable coins would become the core tool for financial innovation. The main guests and important speakers of the event at the dinner were very happy with the industry players, and further promoted industrial exchanges.

The 1st Taiwan Blockchain Week ended on July 30th. This event was hosted by blocktimes and BLOCK GLOBAL, co-hosted by SDAT, YeeCo, SINOC, DUSD, co-organized by Block Technology, Block Capital, Coinin, Beecast, Huopin Online, Global Blockchain Alliance, Global STO Industry Promotion Association, Huobi Indonesia and Blockchain No.1. ACCUPASS joined as a special event platform, Taiwan Internet of Things Association joined as an execution unit. WOLOT, JEX, Guoanjiaozhen, Hopex, ALicoin, Catalyst Chain Valley, Yotta Chain, Mobro, BTB.io, Coldlar, ZG.com joined as supported institutions. The first day of summit was held at the Taipei International Convention Center. The deputy mayor of Taipei, Deng Jiaji, the director of the Taipei Municipal Government Industrial Development Bureau, Lin Chongjie, the founder and chairman of BLOCK GLOBAL, Shi Yanqiang, the chairman of blocktimes Chen Zhenguo, the general manager of blocktimes, Chen Rongxuan and other guests were present. The whole event focused on the four themes of smart city, financial innovation, technology development and regulatory supervision. Experts from all walks of life gave speeches and panel. On the evening of the 28th, Guoan’s VIP dinner was held at the summit. There were heavyweight guests on the day of the summit, including developers, projects, exchanges, traditional enterprises, capital, lawyers, accountants and other people from all walks of life. On the 29th, YeeCo's named talents and technical lectures were held in the University of Taiwan's brainstorming conference center and specially invited Taiwan's well-known talent recruitment website 1111 Job Bank, Taiwan University Blockchain Alliance, Huopin Online, Professor Han Feng, YeeCo CIO David Li, Chen Guanghai, a professor at Ming Chuan University and vice president of sales at Kushen Wallet, talked with representatives from the blockchain society of various universities in Taiwan. On the 29th, the JEX named dinner was held at THE MIRAMAR GARDEN TAIPEI. Internet celebrity and KOL interacted with the guests from all over the world. JEX also provided prizes to promote the atmosphere.


(Taiwan's well-known talent recruitment website 1111 Job Bank Associate of Development Department Zhang Shiwei)


Taiwan's well-known talent recruitment website 1111 Job Bank Associate of Development Department Zhang Shiwei delivered a speech. She analyzed from the perspectives of career planning, social pressure, and personal expertise. Then, taking the information of workplace salary standards, job requirements, and the status quo of the seniors' schoolmates as an example, she provides a detailed inauguration idea for the participants.


(Peng Shaoqi, founder of the Taiwan Blockchain University Alliance)

Peng Shaoqi, founder of the Taiwan Blockchain University Alliance, delivered a speech. With the theme of “Native or Empowerment”, talk about the career planning of college blockchain. He said that the blockchain engineer's job growth was 517%, and the annual salary was an average of $105,400. The blockchain-related job shortages in the first five months of 2019 were equivalent to the 2018 full-year job deficit. The blockchain focuses on technology, operations, commerce, and products. The demand for enterprises comes from online finance, computer software, and enterprise services. In response to the status quo, the Taiwan University Blockchain has launched a corresponding development plan and development plan to provide clear blockchain career planning for college students.


(Jobus Asia workplace travel founder Yin Junye)

Yin Junye, founder of Jobus Asia workplace travel founder, delivered a speech. At the beginning of Yin Junye, through the introduction of humorous self-introduction, many guests were impressed by it. After that, they shared three key moments in their careers and felt that they had helped their seniors at every crucial moment. Therefore, he decided Established the JOBUS ASIA workplace travel platform, invited more seniors to share the successful experience of the workplace and help young people who are interested in learning.


(Panel - Technology and Talent)

The panel is based on the theme of "Technology and Talents", hosted by Du Ruoyu, the president of the political blockchain research society, and Qiu Chuangjin, president of the political blockchain research society. The guest of the 1111 Human Banking System Development Department is Zhang Shiwei and Taiwan. Peng Shaojun, founder of the Blockchain University Alliance, Yin Junye, founder of Jubus Asia's workplace travel, and Lin Mengxiang, associate professor of the Department of Finance and Technology at Ming Chuan University. Associate Professor Lin Mengxiang said that he encouraged students not to block the blockchain for the blockchain, but to extensively understand and learn, such as the history and bottleneck of financial development, the current Internet defects and solutions, etc., in a more macro way. Looking at the blockchain industry, we have the opportunity to bring about effective changes in society.


(Huobi Online co-founder Zhou Yiwen)

Huobi online co-founder Zhou Yiwen came to the stage to deliver a speech. With the theme of “Interpretation of blockchain talents in 2019”, this paper introduces the development status of the global blockchain field from three aspects: international environment, domestic environment and financing environment. Through a large amount of data, it introduces in detail the geographical distribution of blockchain enterprises in China. Charts, employee turnover reports, and the types of talent needs of the current blockchain companies, and introduced the company's corporate philosophy, partners, business scope and other content.


(Han Feng, founder of MIT IDE Blockchain Pillar and Foundation)

Han Feng, founder of MIT IDE Blockchain Pillar and Foundation, delivered a speech. He said that Zuckerberg’s data privatization movement has huge dividends behind it, including the general increase in personal credit lines, the transformation of big data mining into data rights proof mining, and the creation of personal digital digital assets into tradable digital assets. The second-generation Internet, also represented by Cloud, is the decentralized infrastructure for data privatization: blockchain, communication, ID, storage, and trusted computing environments.


 (YeeCo CIO David Li)

YeeCo CIO David Li delivered an excellent speech of YeeCo's goal to become the infrastructure of the Internet of Everything, and to be a value delivery carrier in the high-speed massive interconnection scene represented by 5G. The core features of YeeCo are high performance, decentralization, high flexibility, high security, and high intelligence. YeeCo is based on the new "full-slice + layered" high-performance architecture, leveraging the original CRFG final deterministic technology to address the security and efficiency of cross-slicing and cross-chain transactions. YeeCo embraces the vast real estate industry and takes 5G as an opportunity to firmly advance in the combination of blockchain and physical industry.


(Second Panel - Technology and Talent)

The second round of the panel was based on the theme of “Technology and Talents” and was hosted by representatives of the student associations. The guests were co-founder of Huopin Online Zhou Jinwen, YeeCo CIO David Li, Founder of MIT IDE Blockchain Pillar and Foundation Han Feng and vice president of COLDLAR Chen Guanghai. YeeCo CIO David Li was interviewed by the president of the Blockchain Research Institute of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology& National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, to discuss the blockchain talent market. In addition to analyzing the current types and needs of blockchain talents, David Li also uses YeeCo as an example. He said that although their CTOs and developers are still mostly the former senior employees from giant internet enterprises like Tencent and Baidu, graduates are also welcome to join the YeeCo ecosystem, to test the products and give suggestions as a community member, may even further collaborating on open source code bases to gradually develop experience in the blockchain industry.


(The Night of JEX)

The first Taiwan Blockchain Week 2019 ended successfully in the overwhelming enthusiasm of the guests. After the meeting, the VIP Party exclusively sponsored by JEX was held in The Garden Hotel at Zhongshan District, Taipei. Representative of JEX gave a warm welcome and opening speech to all the guests. Inustrial experts and influencers not just spend a great networking time together, moreover received big prizes from JEX. The concept of cryptocurrency contracts and options have not yet become popular in Taiwan. Hence, JEX founder & CEO Chen Xin introduced to the community through this party about the innovations that JEX made in cryptocurrency financial derivatives. Which allows traders to get some protection without risk of bankruptcy, meanwhile participate in more diversified investment methods.

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