WBF 2019 Vietnam Technology Conference held in Ho Chi Minh City in August
WBF 2019 Vietnam Technology Conference
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Editors note: On August 18th, WBF 2019 Technology Conference will be located in Vietnam, at the GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City, gathering 30 quality projects and more than 1,000 industry elites in Asia, allowing technology to meet with the market, allowing opportunities to emerge in communication and  making a joint contribution to achieve win-win situation.


“As early as 2017, digital currency ATM machines have already appeared in Ho Chi Minh’s city centre.” No matter how this information is read, Vietnam is rapidly growing into a new fertile ground for innovative industries such as Blockchain.


As a disruptive technology, Blockchain is leading a new round of technological change and industrial change in the world. It is expected to become the “source of policy” for global technological innovation and model innovation, and promote the change of “information Internet” to “value Internet”. This new digital technology is forming a wave of technological innovation around the world. In the Southeast Asia region represented by Vietnam, the local government strongly supports the development of Blockchain technology and the landing of financial technology innovation to help Blockchain innovation.


In Vietnam, where are full of opportunities, more and more global institutions have set foot in Vietnam's Blockchain market, with Vietnam as the core link to India and Indonesia to the entire Southeast Asia region. Political stability, rapid economic development, and Vietnamese government authorities have a moderate attitude toward Blockchain and digital currency. In addition, the 29-year-old per capita age guarantees Vietnam's high acceptance of financial technology and constitutes an endogenous driving force for the development of the country's Blockchain. Vietnam is becoming a strategic location in the Blockchain era. In 2019, the Blockchain market in Vietnam flourished and the application of Blockchain extended from the financial sector to the physical sector. The Blockchain technology began to integrate deeply with the real economy industry, forming a group of “industrial Blockchain” projects.

In this country, known as the “Next Blockchain and Digital Asset Gold Mine”, on August 18th, WBF 2019 Technology Conference will land in Vietnam, at the GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City, to gather 30 quality projects in Asia, thousands of leaders, talents and technology, industry elites to explore new opportunities for the future of the industry.


The conference attracted Franklyn Richards, founding director of Litecoin, Tom Menner who is R3 Asia Pacific Solutions Architecture Director, Edi Prio Pambudi who is Deputy Minister of Finance and Balance of Payments of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Indonesian Government, and Kyber CEO & Co-founder Loi Luu etc. It is reported that more industry figures will come to the scene with more than 1,000 industry elites discussing the Asian Blockchain market and exploring new business opportunities in the Vietnamese market.


The conference carefully set up more than 20 high-quality speeches, and the distinguished guests will debut one by one. They will focus on the core topics and start a series of high-end communication, from the underlying technological innovation of the Blockchain to the new evolution of Blockchain thinking, from the industry supervision technology innovation to the expansion of the application scenario. They aim to analyze the industry's forward-thinking ideas and lead the industry in the next decade.


The WBF 2019 Technology Conference was hosted by WBF as the“Global Publicity Pioneer”in the Blockchain field. WBF was founded on Wall Street in 2018 and currently has central offices in New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh and Jakarta. WBF takes the industry hotspots as the entry point and is committed to building the world's largest Blockchain resource platform and traffic portal. In the future, the WBF 2019 Technology Conference will continue to start the global journey and enter Blockchain hotspots such as Jakarta, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, and London to build a communication bridge between industry and regulation, allowing technology to meet with the market, allowing opportunities to emerge in communication and making a joint contribution to achieve win-win situation. We look forward to the participation of global Blockchain technology and digital asset partners to promote the rapid development of the Blockchain industry.


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