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Editors note: For us the community is always the most important point. Communities can change values, can control the value of cryptography if they want.


Time: 07/24  16:00 PM(GMT+7)

Wechat group: BlockChain-in-SEA

Guest: Nguyen Nhat Quang, VIC COO

Host: Andy Zheng, Beecast CEO



Andy Zheng: Good Afternoon, everyone! I am Andy Zheng, CEO of Beecast.

Welcome to the leading blockchain community media [Beecast] and join us with 5000+ communities & 1000000+ Beecasters in [Blockchain in SEA] to discuss blockchain technology and industry development.

This is the phase 28,

Topic: Community changes value concept in Blockchain industry

Guest: Nguyen Nhat Quang, VIC COO


Nguyen Nhat Quang is an Actuary , he had many years of experience in forex trading, crypto trading and is currently holding the COO position for VIC Group.

VIC Group is now one of the largest crypto communities in Vietnam. Once the leading organization in the mining community to bring crypto mining to the local scene, in 2017 VIC Group moved towards bringing high-potential projects to the community as well as develop the crypto market to help the masses better understand and better approach it.

Recently, the VIC team is working on building and expanding its ecosystem in order to bring a more complete overview for users on high-quality projects as well as avoiding low-profit projects for the community.


Andy Zheng: Mr.QUANG, you can introduce yourself. As an expert of e-commerce and software development, when did you first know about blockchain? What are your expectations for the development of the blockchain industry?

Mr.QUANG: My name is Nguyen Nhat Quang, actually I am an Actuary and now my position is COO at VIC Group known as the biggest community in Vietnam. Our company started at a mining community and in 2017 we changed our business model into software company to support full function about crypto for Vietnamese crypto.

I know about the blockchain from 2012 when stellar have a big airdrop as that time. At that time 1 account you can get 2500 XLM and the value at that time is 25$ per account . It so much when I’m still a student in my university. Then I try to cheat it with my friend with many account.

As the same time many exchanger asked about bitcoin for offer and other breaking news like an exchange has been hacked in Japan. Then I’m research about bitcoin and know about Blockchain what does it mean. When I graduated , I just come back Vietnam in 2015 , as the same time my friend ask me for help them grow up their company (now is VIC Group ) many times but I reject it because I think bitcoin don’t have any value in the future and really not understand this market too.

In 2016 I break up will my lover, so I accepted my friend’s offer to grow up his company. From 2017 till now, I moved to Ho Chi Minh city and work for VIC also branding for this company. Working in this market since 2017 I have had a clearer understanding of this market as well as how it works. For this market it is a fertile ground for start-up projects that have the opportunity to grow as well as better to get fund than get fund traditional.

For the present, the application for blockchain into practice is not much. But I believe it is the future of the internet revolution. Let compare with bitcoin in 2009 , no one understand it ( blockchain) until bitcoin grow up higher.


Andy Zheng: The US Congressional Hearings is a formal and primary method of collecting and analyzing opinions from various sectors during the initial development of legislative policies. The investigation hearing is to express the determination of the congress to investigate and help the legislature to expose the problem. What effect did the US House of Representatives hearing on July 17 have on the currency price?

Mr.QUANG: Bitcoin's value has influenced quite a bit after July 17.  However, it only affected in a short time because it relates to the Libra digital currency. So the market will also recover by many different factors in there are also elements of American law that will be more clear in using cryptocurrency.


Andy Zheng: As a Vietnam’s Top 1 market-leading cryptocurrency community and one-stop provider, what services does VIC provide for users and how to boost the development of the blockchain industry?

Mr.QUANG: VIC provides a comprehensive ecosystem for community members (Wallet, Trading Signals, Assistant Tools, Knowledge Library, Social Network Platform, etc.) as well as a series of unique and effective marketing services for VIC's partners, customers (Airdrop Platform, Identity Verification, Fundraising Pool, Event Management Solution..)

To promote in the blockchain industry, first of all need to know and especially important people need to understand it. VIC regularly provides information and knowledge and provides basic Blockchain and Crypto training courses for community members. Besides, VIC promotes thorough research and application of Blockchain in our Ecosystem.


Andy Zheng: Industry development requires feedback from different voices, and the community is a good carrier. How do you think about the communities that are increasingly swaying under market volatility?

Mr.QUANG: For us the community is always the most important point. Communities can change values, can control the value of cryptography if they want. Because we are working for the community, we will always share and support the community as much as possible. So for this question, we think that community is always the most important thing for the success or failure of a project.

In other words, their support for a project or for any currency is very large. Just need a fund or great news from community they can change all.


Andy Zheng: The community is a major manifestation of the decentralization of the blockchain. How can we manage to realize the true value of the blockchain community?

Mr.QUANG: In order to recognize the value of the community, we need to look at the actual value and usage of a project or for any coin/ cryptocurrency. For example: the doge coin don’t have any value, it looks like a shit coin but it is still supported by many community from over the world and still has a lot of users use as a way to pay for personal purchases. So here we can see that the actual value is not in any blockchain, but where we can use it for other purposes.

Or another example: Ethereum is the first platform to use ICO. And a lot of projects have been ICO on the platform of Eth just raise fund for their projects and that is the true value of Eth platform.


Andy Zheng: The United States has recently adopted a strict regulatory attitude towards Bitcoin and Libra. Please analyze the impact of this on the market situation from a long-term and short-term perspective.

Mr.QUANG: In the short term it can negatively affect bitcoin because of the difficulty with a stable coin for a large organization. But in the long term, if indeed when US laws pass on Libra money, things will get better for the bitcoin market as well as the cryptocurrency market.

However, because of this, Facebook will launch the libra coin it make many investors and other big guys know about crypto currency and learn more about it, which means that in the long term there will be many People who will invest in crypto currency in the long term and market capitalization of this market will grow rapidly unexpectedly.


Andy Zheng:In this period everyone can issue private currency, will the privacy public chain become the next hot spot of the blockchain?

Mr.QUANG: With my knowledge, this question I cannot be sure , cannot answer that it may be the next point or not. However, in order to innovate, there will always be new forms of new ways of operating on the blockchain formed to develop increasingly more optimal blockchain.


Andy Zheng: As a senior preacher in the blockchain field, you may have come into contact with a lot of people in the industry. Are there anyone you admire, and why? Beecast currently covers 250 cities in 15 countries, 5,000 community nodes, 1 million users , and hopes to invite more big names to [Blockchain in SEA] to share the blockchain knowledge, promoting the development of the industry. In the blockchain industry of SEA, if you introduces one or two guests to be interviewed, who would you recommend to Beecast to share?

Mr.QUANG: I recommend to Beecast is Kyle Nguyen from VBC. He joined this market before me, so he has a lot of experience in this market at the time of bear market as well as bull market. And he also a KOL, great leader in Vietnam.



Free Q & A

1. Mr. Nguyen, which markets in the world will VIC choose to develop next? why?

Mr.QUANG: Our goal is worldwide but we will go to each country in which laws are devoted to cryptocurrency easily. One of the countries with good legal conditions for that cryptocurrency is Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Russia etc.

So these countries will be the targets that VIC has thought of because it will be easy to develop when the legislation is very clear. And when we are strong enough, we will cooperate with other communities in China, one of the largest countries in cryptocurrency.


Andy Zheng:Beecast, SEA's leading blockchain community media, recently launched the ‘Blockchain in SEA’ series activities, visiting SEA's top blockchain funds, projects, exchanges, practitioners, and promoting global blockchain cooperation. Welcome more Friends to join. See you next time!


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