Eternal Network: A Nuggets Tool Returned to Reason
Eternal Network
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Editors note: Recently, the price of the BTC fluctuated drastically, which made the short-term currency manipulators miserable.


Recently, the price of the BTC fluctuated drastically, which made the short-term currency manipulators miserable. The use of futures leverage was frequently exploding, and the institutions with loss were not infrequent. In fact, in this wave of bull market this year, the mainstream currency has risen 3-4 times on average, but most of the altcoin hasn’t progressed. This phenomenon fully shows that investors have returned to reason, and only truly valuable projects will be favored and chased by capital.

In the current turbulent downturn, the Eternal Network based on TRON technology has sprung up everywhere, with JACKPOT, node dividends, fission rebates and other unique ways to create success, reaching nearly 2 million USDT trading volume in just a few days.

So, what is the Eternal Network that goes against the market?

In terms of project attributes, Eternal Network is a new generation blockchain value transmission protocol based on TRON as the underlying operating system. It is fully compatible with Ethereum's smart contracts, including network e-commerce, payment settlement, games, wallets, etc. The field realizes the value of low-cost and high-speed circulation.


The world is bustling, all person for the benefit of the world, the world is awkward, all person for the benefit. Investors have a profit-seeking nature, and all profitable projects will quickly aggregate the flow of scale. From the perspective of investment, the incentive mechanism of the Eternal Network is the gold and silver scales, the overall return rate is as high as 88%, and the points are the true TRON TRX, not the altcoin and air coins.


JACKPOT is the most attractive way for users to give back to the Eternal Network. After the success of the creation, the bonus is more than 600,000 USDT equivalent TRX. The JACKPOT rule is similar to FOMO3D, but is more scientific and complete. For FOMO3D, as long as someone buys KEY and participates, the game will not end. In theory, it can continue indefinitely. In practice, FOMO3D is based on Ethereum, and block congestion caused by hackers forces the game to terminate quickly. The Eternal Network has chosen a higher throughput TRON public chain to ensure that the games never stop.

In the rule of JACKPOT, when the trading volume is less than the TRX of the equivalent of 20,000 USDT in any 24 hours, the thermal cycling stops, the doomsday bonus plan starts, and all the contributors who participated in the last round of the thermal cycling share all the accumulated bonus in prize pools. If the thermal cycling does not stop, at the end of a cycle week, the SUNNY DAY rewards program starts, the 30-minute countdown destroys the top 20 users in the competition, and divides the bonus according to the destruction ratio. At the last SUNNY DAY, the reward was 1.55 million, and the participants got 3 times income!

As we all know, FOMO3D is a zero-sum game that is purely a gambling game. JACKPOT retains the unique charm of FOMO3D in the system design, and perfectly avoids its fatal flaws. It is a sustainable incentive program with ecological value support. Participants have the opportunity to win prizes of one million.


For the majority of users, creating and joining nodes to get dividends is a more worry-free option than the heart-warming JACKPOT. Up to now, the Eternal Network has created 5 nodes and 8 accelerators have been turned on. Accelerator is a prerequisite for node creation. After the creation, the accelerator is issued through auction. Accelerator holders can choose to create their own nodes or transfer them for auction.

From the ticket revenue, 1-3 accelerator node tickets are 4%, 9%, and 15% of the lock TRE. If the nodes of the three accelerators have a TRE value of 2 million per week, then the node holder will get about 150,000 tickets. From the node rewards, each time the user participates in the thermal cycling transaction, 16% of the total TRX will automatically enter the node prize pool for accumulation. Adding the top 5 nodes of the lock TRE every week will divide the prize pool. Calculated according to the current trading volume of 2 million USDT per week, the first place can get $120,000 of TRX, 50% of which are attributed to node holders and 50% of which are attributed to node presenters. That is, the node 1st place easily gets more than $200,000 rewards in a week!

From the node selection point of view, different levels of node tickets are different, the corresponding lock bin dividend coefficient is also different. They are 100%, 130%, 150%. That is to say, if a user deposits 100,000 yuan, the dividend coefficient difference between the first-level node and the third-level node is 50%, which is much higher than 11% of the ticket gap. It can be seen that the more advanced nodes are added, the earnings will be more profitable. From the perspective of the lock bin dividend, users who join the node can enjoy 30% of the TRX rewards for those who participate in the loop. Please assume that the per capita participation amount is 30,000. If you invest 100,000 and lock the position to the third-level node, it is very likely that you can pay dividends back in the lock within one week, which does not include the gain from the price increase. From the exit mechanism, if the ordinary player exits the node, he needs to use 10% of the current TRE number as a gift to the members in the node, and distribute the dividend coefficient to the remaining members in the node. That is, the more persistent, the more exits are given. The node holder exits, the node as well as the accelerator need to be packaged and transferred, the accelerator cannot be transferred separately.


In addition, the Eternal Network has also designed reward models for participation, ranking, and new promotion. All participating users of the thermal cycling can get TRX reward of 8% of the next week's transaction amount. If the user is added 5 times next week, then only 40% of the reward will be returned by participating in the reward. The platform will rank according to the user's transaction volume, and the top 5 will have 3% to 0.5% reward. Based on the current 2 million USDT trading volume per week, the first place can get a profit of $60,000. I earned $60,000 a week, is it a little inflated! Inviting newcomers to join the project, the old man’s commission from the newcomers is a common routine for the fragmentation of the user base. However, the eternal network played a new idea, pulling 10% of the TRX commission is no longer allocated to the newcomers, but subsidized by the project side. In this way, there is no direct interest relationship between the newcomers and the elderly, and they can happily make money together.

For ordinary investors, no matter what the high-level project, the value base is real. Otherwise, the incentive mechanism of high-force is also a castle in the air, it is difficult to continue. From the perspective of the eternal network overall planning, the source of the incentive mechanism lies in the application of network e-commerce, payment settlement, games, etc., which is the root of the TRE value. These industries have a large user base and strong market demand. They are recognized as the most promising sunrise industry in the world, and it is easier to create and realize value for all parties.

Buffett once said: "Time is a friend of a good company, an enemy of a poor company." It can be seen that the quality of time and investment objects is equally important.

From the perspective of value investment, the new management and incentive mechanism of Eternal Network construction aims to encourage users to hold for a long time, and its business model has strong growth, but short-term investment with quick success is difficult to obtain the best return rate. Instead, long-term holding will become the most effective investment strategy. In general, the Eternal Network brings unprecedented investment efficiency and vitality, solves the pain spot of related traditional industries, and has broad imagination and development prospects.




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