The TRE world after the creation period is the embodiment of a win-win economic system
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Editors note: "Working together, all life is happy," if you want to talk about TRE's ecosystem, these eight words should be the most appropriate words.


"Working together, all life is happy," if you want to talk about TRE's ecosystem, these eight words should be the most appropriate words. As the value circulation unit in the Eternal Network, TRE has established a relatively stable incentive model after the initial creation period. The initial goal of “win-win” has been achieved.

Judging from the announcement of the Eternal Network, tonight is the day of SUNNY DAY rewards. According to the internal news of the eternal network, this award has a TRX reward of 2.7 million, worth about 600,000 dollars! In the face of such a big bonus award, everyone involved will inevitably compete in the TRE destruction competition as much as possible. It is also a matter of fact that TRE itself has a new round of value-added. SUNNY DAY is part of the four prize pools after the creation period, which will be detailed later in the article.


After years of development, Bitcoin has been very inspiring to users participating in TRE. It is said that the mechanism design is recognized by users. In general, it is “consensus”. Based on the bitcoin model, the TRE incentive model is a multi-stage, multi-directional progressive trust model. In the creation period of the TRE, one of the most common concepts seen by users is the “Thermal cycling”.

The “Thermal cycling” is a fuel consumption process in which TRX is transferred to TRE to participate in the ecological cycle. TRX began with the TRON protocol-based main network currency TRONIX (TRX) issued by the TRON fund. The formula followed by TRE is the convergence function, so the later the TRE output, the smaller the output, plus the destruction and lockout, the price will rise. And based on the underlying system technology of TRON, TRE has realized the function of low cost and high circulation.


At the end of the Eternal Network creation period, the TRX which entered the thermal cycling for redemption, will return four prize pools to the community. The TRX participating in the thermal cycling will enter the four prize pools in different proportions:

A. 16% of TRX enters the contributor's prize pool, rewarding contributors who participated in the thermal cycling last week. 8% of TRX rewarded last week's contributors participated in the thermal cycling TRX Top5, the remaining 8% of participants last week is distributed proportionally to all contributors who participated in the thermodynamic cycle last week outside TOP 5;

B. 16% of TRX enters the node prize pool, and the reward node increases the contribution of the coin--it rewarded last week's Top5 node holders and the node referrers last week. The rankings are added by the number of TREs last week.

C. 30% of TRX enters the ecological dividend pool, and dividends are paid to the users who lock the coins every day;

D. 16% of TRX enters JACKPOT to reward contributors who fit the conditions.


Firstly, we thoroughly analyze the concepts. The contributors refer to each user who participates in the thermal cycling. They are called contributors. Secondly, the nodes are the collectives that have the right to inherit and vote in the Eternal Ecology. The user sets up the node by turning on TRE Trubo and becomes the node holder.

JACKPOT refers to the 600,000 USDT equivalent to TRX entering JACKPOT when the creation phase is completed. And each time a user participates in the thermal cycling after the initiation phase, 16% of the total TRX participating in the transaction will automatically enter JACKPOT. The JACKPOT program is divided into two parts: Doomsday Incentives and SUNNY DAY.

Doomsday Incentive: When participating in a TRX with a thermal cycling of less than 20,000 USDT, the final round of participants will begin to divide the prize pool. The percentage of contributors is: the percentage of last round of TRX , which is the ratio of the individual's participating TRX to the prize pool.

SUNNY DAY: If the thermal cycling does not stop, 15% of the TRX in the JACKPOT prize pool will be contested after the end of each cycle. The competition refers to the destruction of the TRE competition. The top 20 users who have destroyed the TRE in the limited time period can get the SUNNY DAY reward, and also divide the reward according to the proportion of destroying the TRE.


At present, after the completion of the creation, four node teams have been produced, and two of the teams have already met the conditions for upgrading to two accelerators. Every 50 million TRE will generate an accelerator, and then you can snap up through auction. With the accelerator, you can become a node leader, and everyone who joins the node will hand over the node to participate in the fee gate. In theory, the more accelerators, the more revenue gains and achievements, but the accelerators are not cheap and competitive.


From the TRE white paper and the following figure, the highest node, the lock TRE has reached more than 250 million! Among the four prize pools, the ecological dividend received by the lock warehouse is also the largest proportion. Locking the TRE, users can get TRX rewards every day. If the TRE project is zero, the rewards are not worthless, which is one of the characteristics and advantages of TRE rewards. From the point view of the prize pool rules, users who enter the node early, and who participate more, can make their share of the prize increase like a snowball. After the creation period of the TRE, the prize pool rules are not complicated but rigorous, it can be said that the dividend is even greater.

To put it simply, participants in the creation period will buy TRE at a relatively low price; but those who follow in will not suffer, and the value of each four prize pools is not low at this stage. Participants can share the TRX, as long as the participation conditions are met, and the participation conditions are not up to a standard line. If the entry is exceeded, the unreached ones are not qualified; instead, the user participation is proportional to the total participation.

In addition, Eternal Ecology develops a variety of games that combine fun and wealth growth. After being launched online, TRE has become a value player in the game ecosystem of Eternal Network. This shows that TRE's value system is not limited to the eco-incentive model. With the background of total activeness and the community's good win-win ecology, TRE will also be able to expand to more directions.

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