2019 Global Blockchain Eco Summit will be held in Shenzhen on July 14th
2019 Global Blockchain Eco Summit
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Editors note: On July 14, the 2019 Global Blockchain Eco Summit, hosted by BLOCK GLOBAL, Block Technology and GLOSFER, will be held in Shenzhen, China.


On July 14, the 2019 Global Blockchain Eco Summit, hosted by BLOCK GLOBAL, Block Technology and GLOSFER, will be held in Shenzhen, China. The summit will invite 20+ well-known VCs, 50+ KOL, 20+ traditional enterprises, 40+ well-known exchanges, 30+ global projects, 30+ blockchain experts, 500+ participants to discuss the industry trends, the exploration of blockchain internationalization, and a new round of bull market opportunities as well as layout in 2019.

With the release of Facebook's stable currency Libra white paper, the entire industry is in the eve of the bull market, and the enthusiasm of the practitioners was once again ignited by the market. Softbank China Executive Director Zhengrong Pan, Tencent Cloud Vice President Long Wang, FBG founder Zhou Shuoji and other heavy guests will be invited to participate in the summit to share the industry leader's layout and explore the industry's new opportunities on the eve of the bull market.

In addition, this Shenzhen Summit will focus on the current topic of blockchain technology and application, discuss how to control the timing, accurately lay out the bull market eve, invite industry experts to share the latest development results of blockchain policies, standards, technologies and applications, discuss the blockchain industry ecology and risk prevention, explore the global development trend of blockchain and new opportunities in the new round of bull market layout, analyze national strategy, look forward to industrial situation, share practical experience, explore international development path, and help blockchain technology empowerment entity Economy to achieve greater business and social value.


【Summit Highlight】


A. Global extension, giant entry and blockchain boundaries

B. alternating bulls and bears, how to force in a new round of bull market

C. New world at a glance: Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe

D. The prelude of the bull market : Exchange, Investment, Technology



【BLOCK GLOBAL】 is committed to building the global leading blockchain technology media group。 It’s headquarter is in Singapore. 【BLOCK GLOBAL】 covers 4 blockchain media: China Block Technology, Taiwan blocktimes, Korea Coinin, Southeast Asia Beecast; 1 Token Fund :Block Capital; 1 blockchain talent platform: Huopin Online.


【Block Technology】is the leading blockchain community media in China mainland. It integrates news, analysis, market, data, community, project and campus. As the world's first "community media", it provides 7 * 24 project tracking report and serves the community users with principles of“objectivity, truth and depth”. At present, 【Block Technology 】includes four major sections of 【Brock News】, 【Block Community】, 【Block Column】 and 【Block Activity】.


GLOSFER】: As South Korea's first-generation blockchain company, GLOSFER developed Korea's famous DAG public chain Hycon in 2017, raised 3000 BTC within 8 hours, and landed on well-known exchanges such as OKex. In 2018, GLOSFER developed the digital currency NOWON for the Korean government, which is used for regional residents' consumption and charity. At present, GLOSFER has developed 22 DAPPs for Korean governments, public institutions, and commercial enterprises.


Registration link: https://www.huodongxing.com/event/1497032455800


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