DMTC Takes the Entities as the Root, Rises to the Foundation of China, and Opens up the Road to Global Sailing - Vietnam
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Editors note: On July 2, 2019, China's blockchain leader "Walton Chain's DMTC Agricultural Traceability Chain" took their first global tour stop at the Khách sạn Bảo Sơn Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, and it came to a very successful end.


On July 2, 2019, China's blockchain leader "Walton Chain's DMTC Agricultural Traceability Chain" took their first global tour stop at the Khách sạn Bảo Sơn Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, and it came to a very successful end. Walton Chain is one of the most influential blockchain enterprises in China. Its sub-chain “DMTC Agricultural Traceability Chain” has received positive responses from Chinese government as well as the public. As the core business, “DMTC Agricultural Traceability Chain” has launched a large number of pilot projects h in central cities and achieved great success in operations.

In order to rapidly expand its global business, DMTC traceability chain has reached a strategic cooperation with BLOCK GLOBAL to hold project summits in key cities of blockchain industry around the world and introduce more outstanding partners. The global tour was hosted by the DMTC traceability chain and Beecast, supported by Block Technology, Taiwan blocktimes, Huopin Online, Korea Coinin, and Block Capital. The core theme of the summit is to promote the commercial value of the “DMTC Agricultural Traceability Application Chain” and its core technology advantages.


On-site guests gathered from well-known investors, investment institutions and numerous head exchanges at home and abroad, such as Beecast co-founder Xiong Yidan, Director of Development of FinanceX Henry Ng, Business Development Manager of VCC exchange Ms. Mie Nguyen, co-founder of Mr. Quang Pham, DMTC Technical Consultant Tao Haijun, etc. At the conference, DMTC CEO Ma Qingpeng delivered a speech and introduced the achievements of the “DMTC Agricultural Traceability Chain” to the guests at the current stage., which implemented the commercialized blockchain applications in government, public institutions and private enterprises and many guests expressed their intention to cooperate.

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