[AndyView]DMTC focuses on the integration of smart agriculture, smart retail, AI and blockchain
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Guest : Qingpeng Ma, CEO of DMTC

Moderator: Andy, Southeast Asia Blockchain media Beecast CEO

Time: 1st, July (Monday) 15:00 PM (GMT+8)

Place: Blockchain-in-SE Asia community group

Form: English text+pictures

Topic: DMTC focuses on the integration of smart agriculture, smart retail, AI and blockchain




Andy: Mr. Ma, as the CEO of DMTC, please tell us about yourself, what is the reason for you to enter the blockchain industry? And what is the reason for you to create a DMTC?

Mr. MaHello everyone, I am the Chairman of Guangdong Shangsheng Investment Co. Ltd., the Vice President of the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, and the founder and CEO of DMTC. I joined the blockchain industry because I think a lot of three attributes of the blockchain: decentralization, tamper-resistant, traceability and other features to ensure data security and reliability. Data applications in agriculture can be combined with blockchains to make agricultural data traceability possible.

The name of the DMTC comes from the ancient Greek goddess Demeter. She is the goddess who manages the harvest and wealth, and is the origin of our DMTC name.

The main reason for the creation of DMTC is China's food safety issue, which has always been a hidden danger affecting China's people. I founded DMTC to establish a new standard for China's agricultural industry. Our ultimate goal is to make DMTC "green, organic, ecological" and defend the food safety of the world.


Andy: The arrival of big data era has brought about earth-shaking changes in many industries. Agriculture does not keep pace with big data. How does DMTC use its own advantages to solve agricultural pain points?

Mr. MaThe DMTC is mainly based on agriculture and should be born in the modern organic ecological agriculture development project. From the planting end to the sales end, it conforms to the future trend of agricultural development, thereby liberating agricultural productivity and increasing agricultural output value.

DMTC is a “organic food + intelligent micro-supermarket + blockchain” landing project, combined with Walton chain basic platform to solve a series of pain problems in agriculture from production, warehousing, logistics, to stores and after-sales, using RFID chips + blockchain technology to solve the whole process of traceability tracking of organic foods, and create safe and reliable organic food logistics channels as well as information channels.


Andy: The country has been advocating agricultural modernization for the past two years, and the related resources are tilted. The policy support is very strong. Has the DMTC obtained those achievements or successful pilots in this respect?

Mr. MaDMTC has the largest Daoqiu joint base of 2000 acres in Jiangsu Province, China. It combines the advantages of sufficient light-free period, long frost-free period, coastal saline soil, rich potassium content and good water storage and permeability in Jiangsu Sheyang County. It gives rice a high quality natural climate and geographical environment, and creates a natural cultivation ecology.

Daoqiusheng Eco-Agriculture is a standardized agricultural production system and blockchain technology provided by DMTC. It cooperates with Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences to create the first traceability application of ecological agricultural products of DMTC. It is developed with the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences for more than 10 years and thousands of research results from field cultivation.


Andy: How does DMTC use AI and blockchain to form a huge agricultural data exchange platform? What is the use of these big data for modern agricultural production?

Mr. MaAgricultural data intelligent contract application system established by blockchain technology, AI and big data analysis technology. Users upload agricultural data through application software based on the DMTC platform system. The DMTC application platform transforms agricultural data into smart contracts and stores them in the blockchain. Intelligent contracted agricultural data can be effectively applied to various agricultural related scenarios.

The DMTC passes the sensor, the camera, and the small black box. Through the sensor, the temperature and humidity in the air can be taken, and the pH value of the soil can be detected in real time without pesticides or fertilizers.


Andy: What are the applications of the DMTC agriculture traceability application chain? Can you give us a detailed introduction? What changes can these applications bring to agriculture?

Mr. Ma:The application of the DMTC traceability chain is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

First is data collection, through the development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, DMTC runs through the entire agro-ecological chain. When agricultural production is produced, the agricultural production environment data and production process data are automatically recorded. At the time of sale, the DMTC terminal is connected to the intelligent micro-super, collecting the consumer consumption behavior data of the product. Through the popularization of the intelligent micro-super, the terminal is spread all over the living community, collecting rich data for the industrial development.

In terms of second: data security, agricultural big data is mostly stored in a traditional centralized way, which is vulnerable to malicious tampering. With the development of network equipment and loMT, the existing tracking and traceability IT architecture is striving to maintain the security of system. The DMTC platform has the potential to maintain the infrastructure needed to track the privacy and security of traceable data, providing a strong guarantee for the stable and effective preservation of data.

In terms of the third: data sharing, the data collected by the entire process of DMTC can be conditionally shared with the users in the entire supply chain of ecological agriculture, sharing production and transportation data for consumers, and traceable products can be traced back and forth. DMTC gives producers shared user consumption behavior data, guide agricultural producers to adjust production direction, improve production efficiency, and so on.


Andy: Please tell us what is the Walton chain. How does the Walton chain provide technical support for the DMTC?

Mr. Ma:Walton Chain has advanced hardware as well as software technology, RFID system technology, RFID chip technology and blockchain technology. Walton Chain also has extensive experience in blockchain application.

Walton Chain + DMTC is a combination of the real economy and the advanced technology of the Internet of Things. The mature blockchain IoT technology solutions such as the RFID chip of the Walton chain and the blockchain traceability technology provide powerful technical support for the DMTC. The physical economy of the DMTC also provides a grounding scenario for the ecological development of the Walton chain, helping the Walton chain to be applied more quickly in the Internet of Things industry.


Andy: What is the difference between DMTC's smart micro-supermarket and traditional sales market, and where is its competition? What kind of life convenience is brought to the residents by the intelligent micro-supermarket? How is the ecosystem operating structure built?

Mr. Ma:Compared with the traditional sales market, the intelligent micro-supermarket has the following two advantages:

Technical advantages, DMTC uses big data to reduce fresh loss, uses AI to simplify the transaction process, uses IoT technology to reduce labor costs, uses blockchain technology to establish traceability mechanism, so that consumers can buy peace of mind, eat peace of mind. Behind the technical advantages of DMTC is a research and development team of thousands of advanced technologies.

Product advantages, DMTC has a strong vegetable and fruit green planting base, intelligent storage center, chilled full distribution system, ecological green products monitored by the whole chain, ensuring the quality of daily products, ensuring fresh ingredients, and truly let consumers “Buy Rest assured, eat peace of mind."

The DMTC intelligent micro-supermarket plan has been launched one after another, bringing great convenience to the public. Any DMTC smart micro-sale products are sold with blockchain gravity-sensing RFID chips.


The chips can sense goods by gravity, and the products inside can be randomly selected. As long as the goods inside leave the smart supermarket container or the chip is torn, the smart micro-auto will automatically Debit the user account from the scan code to open the door.


DMTC independently develops the background of intelligent micro-supermarket, empowers the vending machine through the mobile phone, the mobile phone can monitor the status of the vending machine in real time. The intelligent micro-investors in the mobile phone end have Features of the machine management abnormal reminder, marketing reports, etc.


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