Jumping away from DApp speculative thinking, facing WTB gaming platform of $80 billion market
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Editors note: According to international research firm Coherent Market Insights, the legal online gaming market in 2017 was worth $46.9 billion, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6%, and the market value will reach more than $81 billion in 2022.


According to international research firm Coherent Market Insights, the legal online gaming market in 2017 was worth $46.9 billion, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6%, and the market value will reach more than $81 billion in 2022. In particular, the agency pointed out that the Asia-Pacific region has a large population base, plus the loosening of the law, the growth of bets, the numerous and varied game sites, making the growth rate even more prominent, up to 14%. Despite the huge market, there are still many problems to be solved in the online gaming platform, such as the correctness of the user's account deposits, the difficulty in withdrawing bonuses or rewards, the unreasonable restrictions on cash withdrawals, and the high cash withdrawal fees. The vast number of online gambling users around the world have long been risking “centralization” as well as “opaqueness”. Can the strong value exchange capability provided by the blockchain digital economy and the unchangeable and transparent data data open up a new situation for the online gaming market?


Eliminating online casino chaos, WTB guarantees fair and safe for games


Gaming tests the wits, technology, and considerable luck. The Internet creates more and more convenient casinos for gamblers across borders, but there are many loopholes that make the game unfair, making it meaningless for both speculation and entertainment purposes.

In September 2007, Absolute Poker members of the Canadian team's online casino were accused of stealing $1 million through fraudulent operations; in January 2008, the same happened to another well-known online casino, Ultimate Bet. At the time, two internationally renowned online poker platforms were investigated by law enforcement agencies, and nearly 7,400 users were victimized. Not only is the problem of human manipulation, the opacity of programming, but also the unfair game at the beginning. In 2012, SkillOnNet was found to be inconsistent in the statistical specifications of the used programs. In 2013, Hi-Lo Gambler was involved in a scandal that a game of coin toss was different with reward claims .

Committed to creating a fair and open "WTB blockchain gaming platform", the blockchain game program code is completely a open source, allowing users to publicly check the fairness of each game, while tracking the source data through the blockchain transaction data. Recording game data on the underlying wiki chain can make fake data look like nothing. In the past, the problem that user deposits were not correctly recorded, the difficulty and limitation of cash withdrawal, or the slaughter of the centralized platform will also be solved through the characteristics of blockchain value transfer. This is a major development in the traditional disputes and running risks of traditional online gambling.


Stable currency double access to the gold channel, and direct gambling DApp pain points


Not only is the “traditional” problem of fairness and transparency resolved, but the “WTB Blockchain Gaming Platform” also addresses the pain points of blockchain gaming applications. There is a key missing from the application of digital currency to gaming scenarios: volatility. Although digital currency can track real circulation, its volatility also affects the value of application as a currency. This is why the DApp users often do not spend more than a few months or even weeks. In order to attract people, most of the gambling DApps are circulated through volatility tokens, allowing users to pay attention to the fluctuations in tokens, rather than the gaming itself, becoming a killing harvester in the circle, but it is difficult to reach. Traditional gambling players. The games in the “WTB Blockchain Gaming Platform” use the stable currency WLC to allow players to bet and receive rewards, so that non-coin players can easily connect and truly bring the advantages of blockchain technology to traditional scenes, and enjoy with peace of mind brought by DApp, and let the gaming DApp return to the essence of the game.

The “WTB Blockchain Gaming Platform” provides a dual access channel. In addition to the traditional legal deposits (Internet Banking, Alipay, WeChat, etc.), WTB differs from the general platform in providing digital currency access. As a currency player, you can easily convert the digital currency into a stable currency WLC without worrying about volatility. When you want to return to the currency circle with a generous bonus, you can also directly convert to the corresponding digital currency. The stable currency WLC can also be easily exchanged for the legal tender, allowing traditional players to easily connect to the blockchain platform.

The pain points of blockchain scenarios are not limited to volatility, and user thresholds, user experience, and transaction costs are redundant costs for traditional players. Based on the wiki chain development, the “WTB blockchain gaming platform” is different from the low efficiency problem of Ethereum and the high resource consumption barrier of EOS. WTB uses the zero transaction fee of environment, zero resource fee and zero registration fee for users. The wiki chain infrastructure also provides high performance, allowing developers to import games with more efficient specifications and produce a variety of zero-delay online game scenarios.

One-click opening, decentralized innovation experience


In the past, gambling games were made by a centralized platform, and players participated. Gaming operators are fiercely competitive. In a variety of marketing offers, it is very likely that they will open an account with customers to gamble to exhaust the player's funds, and may even flee due to operational factors. Nowadays, the real-life online casinos often have fake and black-and-white problems in the background.

The fun of the blockchain is that it provides a geographically restricted and liberalized scene for the decentralized economy. When the gaming game encounters the blockchain, it can stimulate the authenticity and fun of the traditional online casino and reflect the true value of decentralization. Players can enjoy their own free experience on the WTB platform, as long as they mortgage a certain margin and set odds, they can interact with other players. For players, the WTB platform offers a higher return rate than other platforms. The blockchain gaming platform is not only an improvement of the user experience, but a decentralized ecosystem created by the community, reducing the risk of all players being affected by the centralized platform. In the system security part, the blockchain architecture greatly increases the attack cost of hackers, far surpassing the security of the centralized platform.

The WTB team includes experts who have accumulated years of online gaming experience, plus sophisticated blockchain technology to provide the WTB platform as a bookmaker's user. It is different from the current DApp market's rare game categories, such as sports events, guesses, scores, timeliness Colors, dice, slot machines, blackjack, baccarat and 3D all of them can be included on the decentralized platform.

While most blockchain applications are still looking for users or investors through speculative attitudes, the “WTB Blockchain Gaming Platform” has locked in the pain points of the traditional gaming market and will launch a multi-billion dollar market into a new field with a seamless experience.


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