GEP Review: Korean blockchain unicorn Glosfer challenges commercial DApp landing
Korean blockchain unicorn
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Editors note: As the blockchain leader in Korea, the overall assessment shows it is a reliable blockchain enterprise.


Background of the project

GLOSFER found that although the number of DApp has increased more than five times from 2017 to 2019, the actual number of users is small, and most of them are games. However GEP is born for the sake of life and business needs. GEP aims to reduce DApp development difficulty, increase developer as well as user friendliness, and use composite protocol algorithms to coordinate HYCON public links to enhance information trustworthiness. In addition, Glosfer Token is used to construct ecological as well as extended practicality, and is built into GEP's DApp in various forms such as handling fees and data records.


Project outlook

GLOSFER provides a business model-compliant environment through its own private chain platform. GLOSFER enhances the smart contract function through differentiated blockchain architecture and contractual agreements to achieve linkage between GLOSFER private chains. GLOSFER's customized system has crossed the beginning of the blockchain market and is demonstrating a variety of commercializations and meanwhile entering a period of rapid growth, making GLOSFER a Korean leader in the commercialization of blockchains and a single platform support. GLOSFER as a blockchain platform service provider should establish Mainnet itself and cannot be subordinate to any other platform. If you use Tokens from other cryptocurrency platforms, in the process of providing commercialized services, if there is a problem with the platform, you need to leave the platform or you can’t solve the problem immediately. Although it is in a difficult position to obtain institutional support, GLOSFER is more able to participate in the blockchain industry than other blockchain companies, and has autonomous Mainnet technology that has been guaranteed.


Project fundamentals


Token economy model:


GLOSFER's tokens are not circulated and traded on any global exchange. They can only estimate their potential from market valuations and airborne market capitalization. By feeling the importance of database management systems (DBMS), and the size of the Korean market reached in 2017. With 611.9 billion KRW (about 520 million dollars), the global market size is as high as more than 40 billion US dollars. Its economic potential of GLOSFER TOKEN is higher than that of its token distribution ratio, and the market potential can be expected.



The number of GLOSFER Facebook community has been more than 500 fans when it just appeared. At the same time, KaKao, Korea's largest community, has attracted thousands of people in the past HYCON ecology, including discussion groups and major local communities to discuss in Korea. The interaction between the project side and the customer group is a very important part. It can be seen that GLOSFER is dedicated to the ecological community.




The past professional experience of the GLOSFER platform has successfully created a value-rich Dapp. His team background comes from early blockchain in-depth developers. GLOSFER CEO and CTO, Taewon Kim was deeply interested in programming and hacking technology since he was a child. He also studied calculator science after school. In 2012, he founded GLOSFER, focusing on blockchain technology research and development. He hopes to implement this technology into people's lives and create value for society. In addition to being the CEO and CTO of Glosfer and HYCON, Taewon Kim is also an important member of the Korean blockchain industry. He is also a council member of the Korea Financial Technology Industry Association, a member of the Open Blockchain Industry Association, a vice president of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association(KBIPA) and a vice president of Korea Blockchain Entrepreneurship Association. Not only that, but his relationship with the education community is also very close. Taewon Kim is the chief vice president of the Financial Science and Technology Senior Management Alumni Association of Dongji University, the top university in Korea. He is also an adjunct professor of the blockchain application discipline. The strength of the team members is obvious to all.




The background color of its consultants is more abundant than other traditional industries. The members are Lee Jaesul, Deloitte Anjin Accounting Company CEO, Kim Hyungjoo, chairman of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, and a number of blockchain background technical consultants. The other corporate advisory team of blockchain is not particularly prominent but does not fall behind.


route map:


Based on the GLOSFER future ecological roadmap, it is crucial to face the challenges of the competition and influence the early stage of the market.


Project evaluation



NEM's complete point-to-point security system encryption information system and reputation system based on Eigentrust++ algorithm, which is also one of the top 100 market values blockchain service platform, have a certain level with the market scale. The systems contain a database based on its GLOSFER token and have more potential than NEM. NEM is an early blockchain development project in 2015. It has a well-developed token economy model and team experience, but GLOSFER has more token potential. If it has certain influence in the early stage, the follow-up team market size may be related to NEM and become a leader.


ICX is a well-known cryptocurrency in Korea. It is one of the top 100 cryptocurrency market items. It has a certain level as the market size. The total amount of token circulation supply GLOSFER is 30 million more than ICON, meanwhile the division and circulation are slightly better. At the technical level, TPS transmits more than 3,000 transactions per second. The global node ICON has a wider ecological layout. ICON has a significantly larger volume in the global community assessment, but GLOSFER brings its past blockchain experience to technology. The level advantage has been significantly improved, and it is not too far from the ICON technical level.


As the blockchain leader in Korea, the overall assessment shows it is a reliable blockchain enterprise. With the existing HYCON technology and experience, it must have a certain influence in the blockchain market. GLOSFER should be positioned as a new generation blockchain platform with potential.


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