South Korea Blockchain unicorn Glosfer Global Tour - Hanoi, Vietnam Station
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Editors note: Following the successful conclusion of the Glosfer global tour in Indonesia at the end of last month, the fourth station of the Glosfer global tour was held in Hanoi, Vietnam on June 1.


Following the successful conclusion of the Glosfer global tour in Indonesia at the end of last month, the fourth station of the Glosfer global tour was held in Hanoi, Vietnam on June 1. This large-scale Southeast Asia Summit hosted by BLOCK GLOBAL, BeeCast, TrueChain and 9 co-sponsors attracted the participation of global practitioners, investment institutions, key project parties in Southeast Asia, well-known KOL and other important people, and successfully held a grand scale Glosfer tour summit in Hanoi, Vietnam as scheduled.


(The speeches of Glosfer Director Victoria Jun and Assistant Manager Joesph Lee received warm reflections during the summit tour in Vietnam)




(Yanqiang Shi, co-host of Glosfer Global tour and BLOCK GLOBAL chairman, addressed an opening speech, which assisted good blockchain operators and bring growth for Southeast Asia)


(Glosfer team communicated with summit guests)


(GEP market size and Strategic layout)


Although Glosfer is strange to Vietnam, it has long been a pioneer in South Korea blockchain industry. Last year, the public chain project HYCON, which received 501 million votes on the second OKEx poll, is a representative work of Glosfer. This is just one part of Glosfer's infinity Project (Glosfer is a South Korea blockchain company). Glosfer, which has been engaged in the research and development of blockchain since 2012, has a comprehensive layout with implemented applications and numerous strategic partners including government, finance, medical care, digital content, payment and other fields. This year Glosfer's new initiative, GEP, is a major development initiative following last year's launch of the public chain HYCON, which has received wide response from the Korea government and the public. Glosfer found that although the number of Ethereum Dapp increased more than fivefold from 2017 to 2019, the actual number of users was small and they mostly were gambling games, and GEP was created for the needs of life and enterprises.


(GEP combines HYCON public chain with Glosfer Token to form ecosystem)


TAEWON KIM, Glosfer CEO, said in Vietnam summit: "using the Glosfer tokens in multiple public agencies and private blockchain service ecosystem which generate in Glosfer platform, recording data and using HYCON public blockchain network exchange trading data can solve the existing problems in DApp service structured by private chain, and also lay the foundation for Glosfer platform to extend to public block chain network environment."


It is not for no reason that Glosfer can go to the global offline community among many blockchain enterprises that lack of actual profits. GEP made up for the shortcomings of other blockchain technologies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Hyperledger (Blockchain open source sponsored by Linux consortium), develops and utilizes new protocol methods and technologies to ensure integrity, speed and stability. GEP provided rapid and differentiated technical support services, including receiving feedback from developers and improving functions. TAEWON KIM highlighted the attraction of GEP for enterprises, said that the Database Management System (DBMS), which was widely used by enterprises and reached 619.2 billion KRW (about $520 million dollars) in the South Korean market in 2017.The market size is more than $40 billion dollars globally. However, just a quarter of the purchase cost is spent on maintaining security. "Unlike existing DBMS, which are widely used for information storage, GEP provides bug-free information storage software that prevents anyone from changing or deleting information," said KIM BOGYU.

Not only that, KIM said GEP will provide ordinary users and enterprise users two revenue model, the ordinary users used the LPoS, which let the users lock the wallet tokens and get interest to obtain rewards. While corporate users participate in the GEP ecosystem by using DPoS and entrusting some or all of the number of tokens to blockchain. This will also use the degree of GEP vitality contribution of enterprises as well as sales to determine enterprise ranking, and get tokens awards.


(GEP revenue model)


GEP cannot be regarded as a new project. The GLosfer Token that it incorporates with will be used in the regional cryptocurrency (such as Gwangju local currency), music platform (such as Upmusic) and proposal evaluation system where GLosfer has implemented. In addition to the cooperation between Glosfer and South Korean government agencies, as well as Daebo information and communication, KLNET, KCC information, communication and other 14 large South Korean enterprises signed channel agreements. The overall Glosfer layout is very excited. Moving out of South Korea and into the global offline community is the right time for Glosfer to expand his years of practical experience. Despite the ICO is illegal in South Korea, but the government is vigorously supporting blockchain enterprise development technology. Blockchain company + Traditional enterprise + Government is a successful model of Glosfer. As a first step for overseas,  China's big cities with booming blockchain industry development is a good place to exchange experience and widely meet strategic partner.(Glosfer talked about the current situation of GEP and South Korea blockchain industry in Glosfer VIP Party banquet)


(Guests communicated with each other in Glosfer VIP Party)

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