2019 Asian Blockchain Technology and Application Seminar & BCAAS Global Consensus Summit Held Successfully in Bangkok
2019 Asian Blockchain Technology and Application Seminar
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Editors note: On May 28, 2019 Asian Blockchain Technology and Application Seminar & BCAAS Global Consensus Summit are held in Bangkok, Thailand!

On May 28, 2019 Asian Blockchain Technology and Application Seminar & BCAAS Global Consensus Summit are held in Bangkok, Thailand! It is reported that the event is jointly organized by relevant industry departments and institutions from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan of China, Singapore, Thailand, Canada and other countries and regions. The conference brings together relevant global capital, industry, media and enterprises. Experts and elites exchanged and shared the statu and extend of the blockchain industry in various countries, jointly explore the upgrading path of blockchain technology, and plan innovative application scenarios of blockchain. The scene is climax and exciting!



Representatives attending the event included Ni Jianzhong, Executive Chairman of China Mobile Communications Association, Chen Xiaohua, Deputy Head and Secretary General of China National Blockchain Economic Research Group, Cai Zhichuan, President of Asian Blockchain Society, and Asian Blockchain Chen Baijun, Dean of the Industrial Research Institute, Hu Jiyu, Director of the Blockchain Financial Rule of Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, co-founder of the BAAS Foundation in Singapore, Danny of the BCAAS Blockchain Co-founder, CTO of the BKSEX Digital Asset Exchange, and the former Bijie Technology (coin) An) Deputy General Manager Shaun Lee, Lim Shrimp Organization Chairman TK LIM, Lim Shrimp Organization Founder and CEO Djames Lim and other experts from various Asian regions. In addition, ASEAN Plus 6 CCP President Luo Zongzheng, Thai royal representative Wang Fanji Chen Tiejun, Chairman of the Thailand International Chamber of Commerce, was also invited to the scene to express his congratulations. Many industry media around the world participated in the follow-up report!


From the morning's technology and application seminars, to the afternoon's Innovation and Technology Consensus Summit, to the evening's star song and dance dinner, it is a wonderful experience, lingering! In the morning, the executive speech of the Executive Director of China Mobile Communications Association Ni Jianzhong delivered the opening speech. The President of the ASEAN Plus 6 National Trade Promotion Council and the Thai royal family representative Wang Fanyu congratulated the meeting and expressed their wishes to the grand opening of the conference! Following the digital economist, director of the China Mobile Communications Federation blockchain professional committee, and deputy head of the China National Blockchain Economics Research Group and secretary-general Chen Xiaohua made a speech on the 5G era blockchain empowerment digital economy. After the topic sharing, Dr. Cai Zhichuan, President of the Asian Blockchain Society and President of the Hong Kong Blockchain Asset Management Company, then shared the extension of the "Digital Economy - Layout of the Future" topic, expressing the future of the digital economy from different angles; China University of Political Science and Law Hu Jiyu, director, professor and doctoral tutor of the Chain Financial Rule of Law Research Center, gave a high degree of sharing of the “Blockchain Rule of Law and Regulatory Preview” to the participants from a rational perspective. After the intermission, the Asian blockchain industry Chen Baijun, Dean of the Institute, shared the current situation of the development and application of blockchains in Southeast Asia on the development and application of blockchains in Southeast Asia. Finally, Mr. Zhao Dongfang, co-founder of Canada's nuclear chain, on the Internet of Things and blockchain. The development of the "Internet of Things and blockchain combination" technology topic sharing. The guests were unique and shared, and took a group photo after the seminar.


During the afternoon, the conference entered the BCAAS global consensus witnessing stage of the new technology and new forces in the Asian blockchain. It is reported that BCAAS is called the new generation of ultra-high-speed commercial blockchain application system, which has been perfected in the network bottom layer, technical architecture and account system. Design and innovation, providing solutions for industry pain points, featuring superior transaction speed, support for multi-scenario applications, easy docking and low learning costs, enabling business users to “out of the box” after accessing the network. The way to quickly build a public chain application, greatly reducing the time cost and capital cost of self-development, combined with the use of different scenarios DAPP, to build a blockchain service that suits you. Mr. Danny, co-founder of the BAAS Foundation in Singapore and co-founder of the BCAAS blockchain system, made a concluding speech on BCAAS ecology, focusing on the BCAAS ecosystem to share the new path of community-based consensus on innovative technologies, global multi-technology and technology institutions. And the consensus of the community organization to jointly build technology applications and new commercial tool platforms, innovative services to physical merchants and individuals; subsequently, community representatives and technical teams gave a detailed introduction to the underlying technical principles of BCAAS and on-site roadshows, and targeted The construction of the BCAAS ecological value system has been elaborated, and the meeting has been pushed to a small climax! In the ecosystem construction part, BCAAS also introduced the characteristics of its digital asset trading platform, and held a site strategy signing ceremony for the third-party application of the BCAAS system. The consensus witnessed the summit to a successful conclusion!



As night falls, guests from all over the world gather together to raise a cup of Thai songs and dances to celebrate the success of the conference. The conference will come to a close in the laughter!


The successful convening of the event will promote cooperation and exchanges between neighboring countries and regions in Asia, promote mutual development, explore new ideas for blockchain technology upgrades and innovations, and promote new economic growth points in Asia!

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