A new generation service blockchain Platform built by Glosfer Platform
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Editors note: The blockchain circle discussed one of the future potential emerging projects, the Glosfer Platform in May this year. 


The blockchain circle discussed one of the future potential emerging projects, the Glosfer Platform in May this year. In many underlying public chains and applications, the Glosfer Platform becomes the focus of many media. Glosfer is committed to building a new generation of service-oriented blockchain application Platform, which is worth in-depth understanding.


[I. Re-construction of service-oriented blockchain platform]


Previous expertise on the GLOSFER platform has successfully create fruitful value for Dapp: local currency, proposal evaluation system, UpMusic. GLOSFER enterprise platform built infrastructure from independent HYCON blockchain ecosystem to Dapp, the most unique convenient blockchain platform at present.


[ii. The necessity of GEP is fundamentally defined by the combination of blockchain and Internet]

Over the past two decades, the Internet has redefined the transmission of value and the exchange efficiency. The empowerment of blockchain will be different from the past in providing safer delivery, creating stored value, and decentralized ecology.

In the Glosfer project, the Internet is the highway, and the Glosfer project will be the automobile on the highway, which provides the application of the ecosystem and the automobile maximizes the benefits.


Glosfer has three advantages:


1. Application service platform: easy development, practical expansion of Dapp, effective improvement of security and increasing network settlement speed through using compound protocol algorithm

2. Dapp ecosystem: use Glosfer Token on Glosfer Dapp, substantive Dapp

3. The fastest blockchain ecosystem: SPECTRE built by DAG structure and a more efficient network system


Glosfer upholds the golden triangle advantages, continuously improves the development application end, actively distributes and promotes the Dapp ecosystem, and complete the comprehensive ecological development for applies of blockchain ecology.

The biggest advantage of Glosfer lies in its existing successful project experience -- HYCON. At the same time, it uses HYCON blockchain technology to exchange data, which can solve the existing problems of Dapp service built in private chain and lay a foundation for the expansion of Glosfer platform to public chain network.

In the blockchain industry in 2019, only the implementation of projects like Glosfer can truly realize the blueprint of blockchain. HYCON based on Glosfer solves the insufficiency of the scalability of ethereum with a new decentralized application model and forms a highly scalable public chain that can be used for commercial purposes.

Since UpMusic has many users all over the world, it can directly direct the flow community to the Dapp project. For other development projects, the number of users of Dapp base period is very small, which effectively solves the problem of few users in the circle.


Glosfer & Huawei blockchain ecological layout





Huawei as the world's top one hundred enterprise brand, continuing to pour money into blockchain technology, its category includes fintech, business application, the e-commerce platform, hybrid cloud series, high-performance computing, and SAP cloud, as the leading Korean blockchain enterprise Glosfer includes financial technology, business application, Dapp ecological building, has its own public chain HYC, blockchain service platform and efficient handling of TPS system, etc. Glosfer and Huawei have different business strategies, which can be regard as the most complete ecosystem in the blockchain circle.


[iii. A full range of Glosfer ecosystem will become the mainstream of the new generation blockchain applications]



Different from the currently widely used consensus mechanism of Proof of Work, SPECTRE is described as "fast and scalable distributed ledger protocol", which uses directional non-cyclic graph (DAG) similar to ByteBall to increase online transaction volume by the means similar to online public voting.



"User privacy" always is a top priority for Glosfer, and HYCON spends a lot of money on information security to build the security of the ecosystem, and continues to invest time in maintaining the balance of the chain.


Evaluation system

From ICO to IEO, there is no clear reference index for general investors. Glosfer provides a comprehensive proposal rating system based on balanced information asymmetry, and at the same time, it is graded through the credibility of local governments and business association, aiming to balance the information equality of the blockchain ecosystem.


Glosfer项目8.pngSeven ecological advantages

(Comparison of Dapp application development projects)

[iv. Glosfer, the largest blockchain team in South Korea and a leader in fintech industry]


 Glosfer team background


Glosfer strategic partner

Its founder is also the vice chairman of South Korea Blockchain Industry Revitalization Association, the South Korean parliament blockchain invited experts, Hycon public chain CEO, cooperates with large institutions such as PumaPay cryptocurrency payment, F2Pool large mining pool, etc. the ecological layout is quite diverse.


[Blockchain integrates into the real economy to construct a blockchain ecosystem] Glosfer indeed has perfect strategic advantages. It is the largest blockchain team in South Korea and the deep-rooted technology will realize the vision of the blockchain ecosystem in the future.

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