【The Vietnam·2019 Asia Blockchain Consensus Summit】will be grandly held in Hanoi, Vietnam on June 1
【The Vietnam·2019 Asia Blockchain Consensus Summit】
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Editors note: On June 1, 【The Vietnam·2019 Asia Blockchain Consensus Summit】will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam.


On June 1, 【The Vietnam·2019 Asia Blockchain Consensus Summit】will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam. The summit is hosted by BLOCK GLOBAL, Beecast, TrueChain, Glosfer, and co-hosted by Block Technology, blocktimes, Coinin, Block Capital, Huopin Online, the Global Blockchain Alliance and the Global STO Industry Promotion Association. Southeast Asia has a large population base and many opportunities of development dividends, among SEA Vietnam is the most active one in the blockchain industry. At that time, 100+ institutions, 1000+ participants, well-known global blockchain VC, traditional enterprises, well-known transactions and Southeast Asian KOL will gather in Vietnam to discuss hot topics of blockchain and new opportunities for industry development.

The economic growth of China is slowing, so domestic capital will focus on areas with rapid growth and enjoy the dividends of economic development. Southeast Asia has a large population and a high rate of economic development and growth. Whether blockchain or the Internet, it's going to move very quickly to southeast Asia. In 2019, due to the market of nearly 700 million people and numerous development dividend opportunities, the blockchain industry is rapidly emerging in Southeast Asian countries, among which Vietnam is the most active market. The summit aims to connect high-quality resources in the industry, promote cross cooperation and exchanges, and jointly promote the progress and development of the industry.


Headquartered in Singapore, 【BLOCK GlOBAL】 is committed to building the global leading blockchain technology media group, and serving the entrepreneurs and investors in the global blockchain field with the mission of "converging international information, linking global resources and empowering economic development". Since its establishment in March 2018, 【BLOCK GLOBAL】 and its eco-brands have got investment and support from many other well-known investment institutions/individuals. At present, 【BLOCK GLOBAL】 covers 【Block Technology】, 【Block Capital】, 【Huopin Online】, 【Chain International】, 【Youjia Enterprise Service】, 【Coinin】, 【blocktimes】 and 【Beecast】. In addition, BLOCK GLOBAL has established 【Global Blockchain Alliance】 and invested in more than 10 upstream and downstream enterprises of the blockchain, and have basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media.


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