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Editors note: Lighting network does not solve problem completely because for micropayment, three aspects must be accomplished: Time, Fee and Price stabilization.


Time: 05/23  9:30(GMT+7)

Wechat group: BlockChain-in-SEA

Guest: Thanh Dao, Co-founder and CTO of Nexty

Host: Andy Zheng, Beecast CEO



Andy Zheng: Good morning, everyone! I am Andy Zheng, CEO of Beecast.

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Topic: Reality of daily payment on blockchain 

Guest: Thanh Dao, Co-founder of Nexty

Thanh Dao is Co-founder and CTO of Nexty.

Thanh Dao is a master of business administration.

He worked as affiliate manager of Amuniverse llc, sales manager of Vingroup, sales director of Winvest joint stock company.


Andy Zheng: Mr Thanh Dao, you can introduce yourself. When did you first know about blockchain? What are your expectations for the development of the blockchain industry?

Thanh Dao: My name is Thanh Dao. I am CTO of Nexty Platform, a public blockchain to join Ethereum Ecosystem to be part of its Plasma network to bring cryptocurrencies for usage in daily life: micro transaction, ecommerce and retail. My expectation is to deliver Blockchain technolgoy to be used in different criteria of life.


Andy Zheng: As the Co-founder of Nexty, could you please briefly introduce your company? What is your business philosophy for a blockchain website platform?

Thanh Dao: Nexty is a public blockchain to solve the issue of current blockchain on three aspects: instant transfer, zero transaction fee and the most important thing is decentralized trustless stable coin. Those three aspects are requirements for the most practical platform of micropayment。


Andy Zheng: In order to build a public blockchain platform, what are the advantages of Nexty in occupying the digital currency transaction market compared with other blockchain network platforms?

Thanh Dao: While we all cannot use Bitcoin as in micropayment due to transaction fees, and confirmation time (in very rush moments like in Nov 2017), and lighting network does not solve problem completely because for micropayment, three aspects must be accomplished: Time, Fee and Price stabilization.


Andy Zheng: After 2017's craziness and 2018's return to rationality, many voices say that 2019 may will be the first year of blockchain application. What do you think?

Thanh Dao: Partially I am agree with such ideas. Many enterprises starts to deliver blockchain technology into life, especially some public blockchain like Ethereum are being widely used.


Andy Zheng: As far as I know, you have a deep understanding of the application of blockchain. What other blockchain applications do you know besides digital currency transaction?

Thanh Dao: Many industries can be applied by blockchains: Logistics, Medical, Insurance, Real estate, Assets tokenization: Stock, Properties, Arts…


Andy Zheng: What difficulties and challenges do you think in the application of blockchain digital currency transaction ?

Thanh Dao: In my opinion there are two things: Technology barriers and political barriers. For technology barriers: It is TX fee, transaction time, and fluctuation of cryptocurrency’s price. For political barrier: Some countries don’t allow cryptocurrencies as type of payment. Such barriers will be solved, sooner or later in every corner of the world


Andy Zheng: As an emerging market of online transaction, Southeast Asia market is becoming more and more hot. So how do you think digital currency transaction should be popularized in Southeast Asia?

Thanh Dao: Southeast Asia is one of the hottest regions in getting used of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I do believe that this area will utilize of this new technology faster than other places of the world.


Andy Zheng: As a senior researcher in the blockchain field, you may have come into contact with a lot of people in the industry. Are there anyone you admire, and why? Beecast currently covers 250 cities in 15 countries, 5,000 community nodes, 1 million users , and hopes to invite more big names to [Blockchain in SEA] to share the blockchain knowledge, promoting the development of the industry. In the blockchain industry of SEA, if you introduce one or two guests to be interviewed, who would you recommend to Beecast to share?

Thanh Dao: Have talked to many top celebrities in this industry. However as a tech person, I would like to refer Dr Dang Minh Tuan and Dr Loi Luu.


Andy Zheng: Next is the Free Q & A session. We also have collected some questions from audiences. If you have any question, please ask.

Q1: Hi, Mr Thanh, you mentioned other applications of blockchain before, so how do you think these applications can be implemented?

Thanh Dao: It is not quite easy at the beginning since blockchain right now is lacking of scalability and direct method to access data in the real life. So initially, it could be applied in finance, banking, in surance and later logistic. Later, when regulation are established, blockchain can be very useful in assets management like: real estate, stocks, arts assets…

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