The first blockchain talents seminar of blocktimes, shared by Huopin and the experts from all walks of life, finished successfully
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Editors note: Sponsored by blocktimes, a blockchain media platform, and co-supported by Huopin online, Taiwan university blockchain research club, Fortune Plus, AMOS, Accupass event and GRENADE, the talent-oriented seminar about "Opportunities and Challenges for Trans-regional Development of Blockchain Talents" is held in the wetland.


Sponsored by blocktimes, a blockchain media platform, and co-supported by Huopin online, Taiwan university blockchain research club, Fortune Plus, AMOS, Accupass event and GRENADE, the talent-oriented seminar about "Opportunities and Challenges for Trans-regional Development of Blockchain Talents" is held in the wetland. This event was delivered by Zhao Jinyao, co-founder of Huopin online, a talent service agency, to share the supply and demand status of the blockchain human resource market, including business types, salary levels, skills in demand and hot regions.

Poseidon Network, a representative of blockchain start-ups and AMOS, a sports project were invited to share the recruitment needs of blockchain companies. Peng shaofu, president of the blockchain research society, recently visited Taiwan colleges and universities to form the Taiwan Blockchain Alliance (TBA) with many national Taiwan university to combining industry and campus to promote talent cultivation, industry-school cooperation.

The highlight of the new development of blockchain is that it is the most important and different aspect from other industries. GRENADE co-founder Laura Liu is also a noted community leader in Taiwan, and is also share her community management experience.


Introduction people Amber said, professional blockchain media platform blocktimes cooperate with BLOCK GLOBAL media group in China mainland Block Technology, Coinin in South Korea, Southeast Asia Beecast industrial resources, provide the latest development trend and pipeline to blockchain practitioners in Taiwan. Taiwan has excellent talents and technology, but the market scale is not large, put the international scale, cooperating and communicating with companies all over the world is efficient and beneficial strategy. This cross-regional talent seminar aims to provide more objective information about Taiwan's blockchain industry and potential investors.


(Lin Hongquan, founder of Poseidon Network)

Lin hongquan, founder of Poseidon Network, believes that the current market situation is not as abundant as in the past. As the industrial trend is changing rapidly, we still have to fight guerrilla war in a visible year and have a flexible operation direction. In terms of recruitment, function is not the first requirement, and it is currently dominated by partners who are willing to believe and bet on the blockchain industry. After traditional enterprises introduced blockchain, they also find that this field needs different functions. Scott Scott, sports program manager at the sports equipment business, says it's a very different ecosystem for techies to be able to understand large projects and share their opinions with the community at the same time.


(Sports project AMOS project manager Zhou Lihao)

Peng Shaofu, president of the blockchain research society, said that a high proportion of postgraduates participating in the academic blockchain program on campus have got jobs before graduation, which is not only limited to technical, operational and marketing person, but also the talents needed in the field of products, legal affairs and finance. Recently, he also joined with more than 10 universities to form Taiwan Blockchain University Alliance (TBA). Through inviting experts of industry and government to give lectures and courses, he synchronized the connection between industry and university, cultivated students' blockchain function in advance, and expanded the entry pipeline.


(Peng shaofu, President of the blockchain research society of national Taiwan university)

Huopin online co-founder Zhao Jinyao analyzed the talent market condition in this meeting. According to the talent website statistics, most company that set technology, operation, business and products as the main recruitment requirements are from the network finance, computer software, enterprise services, technical requirements. Among the requirement are three requirements: GO , C++, Java; In the labor market, the top three positions are user operation manager, JAVA engineer and product manager. The wage structure in the mainland market, for example, is also slightly higher than in other industries. Faced with the specialized talent market of blockchain, Zhao Jinyao shared the innovative recruitment service featuring diversity and community with the audience.


(Zhao Jinyao, Co-founder of Huopin online)

GRENADE co-founder Laura Liu finally shared her experience of community management. She pointed out that as the boundaries of the GRENADE community are blurred, it is difficult to clarify responsibilities between information presentation and investment advice, and that is what is important to be careful about. She also says it's easy to attract people in a community, but it's hard to connect. Community consensus is the focus of this industry. It must be professional and carefully informed.


(GRENADE Co-founder Laura Liu)

This event attracted the participation of blockchain business owners, practitioners of blockchain, traditional industries and students. Through the sharing and interaction with experts from all walks of life, blocktimes also got the key points of industrial talent demand, and the training direction of practitioners and students for their own abilities is still unclear. Blocktimes introduces the professional recruitment experience of blocktimes, which will further promote the mutual understanding and demand between employers and employees, and pave a more meaningful way for the successful conclusion of this event.


(photo after the meeting)


(Speakers' group photo)


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