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Editors note:  BitUniverse is world’s top Grid Trading & Auto-portfolio App with over 1 million users. In a swinging market, BitUniverse helps users secure more profits by running “Grid  Trading Bot”——“buy-low and sell-high”automatically , coupled with AI strategy, convenient for users to set the parameters when running the trading bot.


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1. AMA with Phoebe: Technology Empowers Trading, Improving Traders’ Capabilities.

Time:05/15  20:00

Guest: Phoebe Tang, BitUniverse CMO

Host: Andy Zheng, BeeCast CEO

On May 15th, hosted by BeeCast CEO Andy, BitUniverse Co-founder & CMO Phoebe Tang speaks via BiYong. BitUniverse is world’s top Grid Trading & Auto-portfolio App with over 1 million users. In a swinging market, BitUniverse helps users secure more profits by running “Grid  Trading Bot”——“buy-low and sell-high”automatically , coupled with AI strategy, convenient for users to set the parameters when running the trading bot.

Hereunder are the summaries of Phoebe’s sharing.


2. BitUniverse: A rising star amid the cold winter.

In the very beginning of founding BitUniverse, we went through relentless studies over industries like financial asset management. We found out that, brokers specialized in services for investors are pivotal to global financial service industry, and it’s also with largest scale and fastest growth rate.

Whereas, in cryptocurrency market, there is no such broker specialized in providing services for investors. Most of the organizations and platforms serve Token projects. We have seen this opportunity and seize it. BitUniverse App was released in the beginning of year 2018, capable of helping users in managing all their digital assets. Only half a year after its release, we have over 300k downloads. Till the end of March 2019, the total number of downloads surpassed 1 million worldwide.

To interpret the reasons for such success, we conclude in following terms:


1): BitUniverse provides one-stop service

BitUniverse is defined as provider of one-stop services including records of positions and profit-loss, market tracking, token encyclopedia, grid trading bot and auto-portfolio. BitUniverse currently supports 6202 tokens, 248 exchanges and 22 analysis indicators.


2): BitUniverse improves users’ ability to earn more through trading

Within 3 months after the availability of Grid Trading Bot function, our users have earned more than 3 million in USD by using our Trading Bot!


3): BitUniverse gathers high net-value users

BitUniverse now gathers high net-value users with high trading frequency and large trading volume. Features of our users also include: high enthusiasm for trading, strong demands for high-quality trading bot/tool, belief in the long-term value of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the love from our users, BitUniverse App maintains next-day Retention Ratio of over 90%. Geographical distribution of BitUniverse shows that BitUniverse services covers almost all countries and areas worldwide.



4): Users exceed 1 million only within one year after release


Till now, BitUniverse app has 209 times of iterations, with 2-3 renewed versions per week. Under fierce market competition and sluggish market conditions, BitUniverse stood out and continued to rise up as a leader in the market: BitUniverse has been enjoying user growth rate of 365.5% month on month after the release of Grid Trading Bot.

To conclude all, BitUniverse dedicates itself in improving users’ ability to trade, promoting profit efficiency and lowering trading risks for users. In the future, through “AI strategy” and more strategies, BitUniverse will accelerate the process of “improving users’ trading ability”.


3. Grid Trading Bot: overcoming human nature weaknesses, amplifying profit efficiency.

We came to the conclusion that, 70% or the cryptocurrency markets maintains a swinging market. If users want to make profits through market fluctuations, normally they can’t overwatch and trade 7*24, which has to be practical with the help of trading tools. Grid Trading Bot satisfies the strong demands for profit-making in a swinging market.


The best way to earn profits in a swinging market is “buy-low and sell-high”. The mechanism of Grid Trading is as following:

By using BitUniverse Grid Trading Bot, users need to set price range including highest price and lowest price, number of grids and positions. Users’ assets will be divided by the number of grids to proceed continuous making and taking within the price range, enabling repetitive “buy-low and sell-high” operations to earn profits!


Hereunder please find an example:

1, When running BTC/USDT trading pair, first we need to divide the price range USD3300-3900 into 5 grids, the bot place two sell orders in USD3900 and USD3750 and two buy orders in USD3300 and USD3450.



2, When Bitcoin price hits USD3750, Grid Trading Bot will sell 1BTC pricing USD3750, meanwhile it places a buy order for USD3600.


3, When Bitcoin prices rises up to USD3800 and drops back to USD3600, the Bot automatically buys1BTC and places  a sell order for USD3750.


Users spend lot of time in sleeping, commuting, dinning, resting, etc, and the real trading time normally is under 5 hours or even less. In the contrast, Grid Trading Bot enables continuous trading 7*24 with triple efficiency for profit making!


BitUniverse Grid Trading Bot amplifies the profit-making efficiency as it suits a swinging market, enables 7*24 trading, overcoming human nature weaknesses.


When the markets gradually moves to a bull market, or, when the market rises, Grid Trading Bot is suitable for token pair trading to earn double profits! Taking EOS/BTC trading pair as an example, Grid Trading Bot helps profit-taking when BTC price is high and repetitive profit-taking after exchanging BTC for EOS when EOS price goes up.

Also, we have trailing-take-profit tool, helping users to take the profits during price surges. 

So, for new users, how to start Grid Trading? It’s simple as it only takes 3 steps!

Please see the video here.


4. Applications: satisfying users’ demands in an all-around way

To conclude the advantages of “Grid Trading”, it amplifies profit-making efficiency. In the year 2018, the whole market was basically a swinging market with fluctuations at the bottom. Thus, after introduction of our Grid Trading Bot, it satisfied users’ eager needs for profit-taking in such swinging market. Praising words from users flood our communities.


90% of BitUniverse are top developers and veteran financial experts. BitUniverse user growth almost solely replies on Words of Mouth and community recommendations. In the winter of Blockchain industry, BitUniverse community was in its mid-summer. This is the testimony of the rule that good products have good propagation, influence and vitality.

After months of practice, it concludes that, Grid Trading Bot is suitable for three trading scenarios:

1, Value coins hoarding when prices are low and take profits when prices go up;

2, Token pair trading, helping in taking double profits;

3, Stable coin profit taking, stable profits with annualized return ratio higher than 30%.





5. AI+Blockchain: liberate users’ brains and hands

With all the advantages and benefits of Grid Trading, however, not so many users were capable of running Grid Trading in the beginning as most users did not know how to do it. They did not know what trading pairs to choose, how to set the highest and lowest prices, how many grids are needed. So basically, we did one-to-one teaching for quite a while.

Gradually, we developed some new functions like “Volatility Index” to provide references for users when choosing appropriate trading pairs for Grid Trading. By using BitUniverse “AI Strategy”, it helps users by providing the suggestion on optimal price range based on historic breakdown of data in the last 7 days.

“Volatility Index”, a crucial and indispensable indicator for cryptocurrency investors. When users run Grid Trading orders, they normally would like to choose trading pair with drastic volatility and limited margin of rising. Traditional volatility ratios are capable of finding the trading pairs with drastic price volatility, but trading pairs rising or dropping sharply would have high readings. So, on the basis of volatility ratio, BitUniverse made some improvement and formulate BitUniverse’s unique “Volatility Index” after enhancing the weight of price fluctuations within the price range. Currently, BitUniverse “Volatility Index” is publicized on weekly basis.


6. Security: spear and shield is an ever-going subject

BitUniverse team members are mostly from top Internet companies. And we secured sufficient investment from top investment organizations at the start of our founding. What we aspire after is to making our Internet ideals come true in the realm of finance. When we have the best product, other things will follow. As for security, my answers are listed hereunder:


1): We secured investment with total volume of 10 Million USD from top investment organizations like Gaorong Capital, Shunwei Capital and Zhengge Fund. This is nothing comparable in  the Blockchain business. Most of BitUniverse team members are R&D personnel. BitUniverse App 100% replies on Words of Mouth, saving us the marketing expenditure. So we are well funded to develop the very best product.


2): Before creating BitUniverse, I was responsible for security products in KingSoft and Cheetah Mobile. I have deep consciousness on the importance of security and know-how. I wan involved in financing and investing also. I chose to work with two best security teams SlowMist and PeckShield.

CEO of PeckShield was formerly the chief security scientist of 360. After conversing with me, he decided to be fully involved in Blockchain security. I’m his only angel investors and I have only one demand for him, which is to well maintain security inspection and enhance security protection  for BitUniverse.


3): BitUniverse applies Amazon VPC technology for encrypted and isolated storage of users’ API keys. Through VPC isolated technology, users’ API keys are stored in encrypted internal server. Only one server in the internal network is authorized to do certain visits. All trading requests are sent to this server, which encrypted the API keys and return. Once users’ API keys are stored, there is no possible outside visit.

Spear and shield is an ever-going topic. Security issue will become more and more violent. But I feel that now most Blockchain teams have not paid sufficient attention on security issue. I do believe that, besides enforcing on internal security supervision and precaution, we still need top security teams to jointly elevate our capability of security protection.


7. Token stimulation: users are friends

As publicized, total number of BitUniverse token BUB is 50 Million with current number of circulation around 520k by April 22nd. BUB is distributed under the mechanism of POC (Proof of Contribution).

What Blockchains excites me is that, it stimulates by issuing tokens. Through token issuing, it’s possible to gather all the value contributors for the product. Thanks to our users and BitUniverse friends, we hope that once BitUniverse becomes successful in the future, we could reward them with tokens. To be honest, we are not short of funds, and we don’t need to raise funds through toke issuing. We hope to give back to the contributors with BUB tokens.

In BitUniverse community, we apply credit rewarding mechanism. We will not raise funds by issuing BUB tokens, nor we will do IEO. The only way to earn BUB is to contribute. We have written this in our company articles.


8. Blockchain will revolutionize value medium

Before founding BitUniverse, Jack has been involved in angel investment for some years and well recognizes the hardship of entrepreneurs. Jack joined KingSoft in the year 2001 when China’s Internet industry was in its initial booming stage. During the two decades of development, we witnessed the rise of many great companies such as Google, Amazon, Tencent, Alibaba, etc. The Blockchain industry is just like the initial stage of Internet industry.

I always believe that, successful companies reply not only on luck but also a strong sense of mission and values, only by that, they could encourage team members to conquer all the obstacles and difficulties on the way. 

I had deliberate thinkings before deciding to devote myself in Blockchain business. Those thinkings I share here.

My conclusion is: Internet reconstitutes information medium while Blockchain reconstitutes value medium.


Taking some examples for Internet business:


1): Social network: people communications are through telegraph, telephone and letters. When Internet comes, people can talk anywhere and anytime by using WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2): Newsletter: People used to get information from newspapers, radio and TV. Now they get information from portal websites such as Sina, Yahoo, Sohu and search engines like Google and Baidu.

3): Shopping:People used to shopping in shops and markets. Now they can choose commodities in websites like Amazon or Alibaba.


Taking other examples for Blockchain business:


1): Value storage: the old medium for value storage includes real estate, stocks, fiat currencies and so on. Most people choose fiat currencies which might cause losses due to inflation. In the contrast, due to fixed amount of Bitcoins, it makes Bitcoin an asset invulnerable to depreciation.

2): Payment method: Blockchain makes Bitcoin as the new way for payment by replacing payment medium such as shells, gold and fiat currencies. 

3): Financing: companies could only get financing through funds, which takes long time and it’s especially difficult for start-up companies. Now Ethereum makes financing easier through Tokens.


Features like decentralization, open-source and coordination of Blockchain will transform companies into communities. The growth of Blockchain industry will be more lengthy and promising.

It’s my unyielding belief that, Internet reconstructs information medium while Blockchain reconstructs value medium. The future will testify that, Blockchain’s impact on people’s lives has just begun.

After meticulously deliberating about Blockchain, I decided to All-in. As a start for my All-in, I chose to create a tool to improve users’ trading abilities.

To be honest, this is a brand new road that no one has walked. The difficulties will be unimaginable:

1): Financial trading is very complicated business. It’s a combination of multiple disciplines with very high requirements for technology and know-how.

2): As for common investors, requirements for learning are exceptionally high. Common investors could either be exposed to loss risks or they can only choose professional funds for stable profits.

3): Financing is a traditional business. 90% of US individual investors choose funds instead of markets.

Once a while, I thought about quitting. However, after three days and nights of deep deliberation with barely no sleep, meditating about what Blockchain is. It finally comes to me that:

1): Bitcoin builds up a trust relationship, which is based on foundation of mathematics, making this way of trust absolutely fair;

2):Bitcoin is the first revolutionary disruption in human history starting from the very foundation. If  Blockchain becomes successful, it will definitely revolutionize financial medium and make every investor enjoy more information and power of execution in financing trading.

Above are the honest and initial intention when founding BitUniverse because I believe that Blockchain can decentralize finance and make every stakeholder get access to transparency.


Our team is well loaded with Internet industry experience. We have created product with MAU over 600 million worldwide. So we are strongly confident that, we can make BitUniverse an application which can be used even by beginners with all the complicated functions aggregated in one application.

If there is only one team that is capable of creating an application such as BitUniverse, it has to be us. We are well convinced of BitUniverse’s mission “technology empowers trading and improves users’ trading capabilities”.


9. Mission of BitUniverse: “Technology empowers trading and improves users’ trading capabilities”

When looking back at the history of financial investment, there are two schools, of which one is value investment and the other technical analysis.

For value investors, they trust in finding high-quality assets, represented by Graham and Warren Buffet. School of technical analysis trusts that all values of one company are sufficiently presented in the markets and they build projection models using higher mathematics and physics.

From my investment experience over a decade in the past, my thought is that, a good investment ideal is a combination of the two schools, meaning that investors should find high-quality assets while keeping improving trading capabilities.

In Blockchain business, the core functionality of exchange is to help users find high-quality assets. From Mt.Gox selling Bitcoins to the recent IEO projects by Binance and Huobi, exchanges’ job is to find and provide high-quality assets.


When it comes to improving trading capabilities, there are two types of platforms in the market. One is quantitative trading platform providing programed interface for users to realize independent trading models and automatic trading. This kind of product is too complicated for users. The second variety is funds. As Blockchain is still in its preliminary stage of development, and, profit models of high-end funds are closed and hidden, making common users impossible to get knowledge of its functionalities. Based on all the facts, common users are exposed to market risks without any protection.


Are there platforms providing services for common users? Services include:

1):Abundant trading tools and multi-dimension asset statistics.

2)Comprehensive trading varieties, capability to satisfy diversified trading demands.

3)Simple interacting experience, capability of DIY trading.


We can conclude that, BitUniverse is mutually complimentary with cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchanges help with selecting high-quality assets while BitUniverse helps improving traders’ capabilities.


What BitUniverse does has never been done before and barely possible to be outdone by others in the near future. What BitUniverse does is to helping users in realizing their value appreciation and improving their capabilities.


10. Bright future of Blockchain: users will take care of us as long as we create values to them.

BitUniverse has initiated “World Trip” campaign to have depth conversations with local users and get hold of first-hand feedbacks on demands from users. This year, we have successfully hosted two consecutive meet-ups in Beijing and Tokyo. The enthusiasm from users is overwhelming. What we offer to users are tool helping users under different market conditions and improving their capabilities to trade. Users give back by recognition and appreciation. We expected 50 attendees in our Beijing meet-up, but, more than 200 people showed up and lot of our users travel afar from cities like HongKong and Hangzhou to attend. So, it convinced me so much that, as long as BitUniverse provides real values for users, the users will take care of us.

The birth of new things is prone to produce overheating and speculating, which is especially fierce in Blockchain business. Lots of speculators uphold the banner of innovation but produce assets without values. Luckily, on Sep.4th, 2017, the Central Bank of China published Notification on Financial Risks through Token Issuance, which was a step-ahead regarding digital asset supervision.

In the meantime, the government keeps encouraging innovations pertaining to Blockchain technology. On 30th March this year, Informatization Office of the State Council released 197 Blockchain information service names and backup licenses. We see big companies like Baidu, KingSoft, Tencent, JD, Ant Financial releasing their Blockchain products. There are also public listed companies and big SOEs behind these products. The new Blockchain world is at its dawn.

It’s my strong belief that, Blockchain industry is gradually evolving and developing in the right track. After barbaric growth, the whole industry will be more and more regulated as long as it’s conducive and contributive to the society and the country. With larger and larger space of industrial development, we will witness more and more Blockchain applications.


Today, lot of people pay attention to Blockchain or cryptocurrency more because of the feature of drastic market fluctuations as well as the opportunities raised. But in my point of view, any speculation will become a gamble in the end, a fool’s game. If one investor does not hold the righteous ideal of investment, with well settled investment goals, it will become a pipe dream in the end.

I have a dream, that, BitUniverse could bring more advanced and popularized ideals of investment for all in the future. It could also help users to make smart investments with application of automatic technology. Last but not the least, I hope that all people can return to the very essence of Blockchain, seek for the core values, adhere to the revolutionary nature of Blockchain in the financial field, avoid blinded speculations, only by these steps could the whole industry develop in a more rational and healthy way. 

This article is reproduced only, does not constitute an investment opinion



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