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Editors note: The largest tourism exhibition in the first half of 2019, [TTE Taipei international tourism expo], is coming soon. This year, 1200 booths, nearly 500 brands, 50 travel agencies and airlines will join together to offer the highest discounts, creating a tourism boom in summer!

Press release date: 2019/5/13

[Taipei report] -- the largest tourism exhibition in the first half of 2019, [TTE Taipei international tourism expo], is coming soon. This year, 1200 booths, nearly 500 brands, 50 travel agencies and airlines will join together to offer the highest discounts, creating a tourism boom in summer!

According to the survey from Taiwan tour network, nearly 60% of workers had the tour exhibition experience, of which nearly 84% in the exhibition had tour consumption, the consumption of participation respondents on average every time amount of up to 10168 yuan (monthly salary of respondents is 37088 yuan which account for about 27% of its income), and the other, according to commercial trade council of the republic of China trust industry in recent 10 years, securities market has the issue of 30 billion yuan output value every year, but it is not used by the exchange value as high as 8 billion, a year nearly hundred million is not yet convertible and preferential ticket expired performance security, so effective asset activation would not only be a boon to consumers, but also a driving force for Taiwan's overall economic development. Across digital currency, block chain in the field of information security and intelligence contract startups Excel ACE LTD which used blockchain technology to build the MoChange Token, will be able to solve the billions "expired ticket" pain points, not only let the rights and interests of expired ticket back to consumers, and expand the original ticket application scenario, the sole with all the biggest beer and skittles ticket system tour exhibition city share up to ninety percent of the "battle of wits network technology" cooperative applications, issuing ticket number more than 10 million copies in its, issuing amount is more than 4.8 billion. More than 700 cooperators are covered by food and drink coupons, which effectively increase the performance of the cooperators and make the benefits available to all the people and never expire!" ABA Asian Blockchain Acceleration", which was approved and subsidized by the department of small and medium-sized enterprises of the ministry of economic affairs, cooperates with enterprises on the chain, and "ACE legal tender - digital currency exchange" is the only IEO in Taiwan. "MoChange Token" attempts to create the largest application of digital currency in Asia and effectively activate the business opportunities of 10 billion overdue coupons in Taiwan every year!



"MoChange Token" reborn expired coupons, known as the comparable blockchain gold, early bird buy enjoy the future market price "30% off"!

[TTE Taipei international tourism expo] will be start on Friday (17), (2018) last year it successful attracted 370000 visitors last year, created a new record number of exhibitors again, people tend to buy tour exhibition huge discount ticket purchase or sales promotion with impulse, also often neglect it and when they realize it is expiration, although the law stipulates expired ticket still can be used as cash, as long as pay for the balance can continue to use, but consumers who lack of legal knowledge may let slip most of the rights and interests away from his pocket.

Excel ACE LTD issues the most valuable digital assets in Taiwan to solve the pain point of tens of billions of [expired notes] and create "MoChange Token" with blockchain technology, said Guo Tinwei, executive vice President of Excel ACE LTD in Taiwan."Asia's largest digital currency fall to the ground application project MoChange Token is comparable as" gold "block chain, gathering battle of wits network technology, ABA Asia block chain acceleration (ACE legal tender)-powerful exchanges resources both at home and abroad, digital currency exchange at the same time have three exclusive function" expired ticket rebirth, vendor performance enhancements, consumer preferential promotion ", lets the consumer through have MoChange Token trading, get more favorable service experience ". From now until May 17, early bird super value discount: "IEO preferential price for one 10 yuan enjoy the equivalent service of 30 yuan on the platform of ink attack, enjoy the future market price" 30% off ", "as long as you buy NT$2,000 in ACE, draw five-star meal vouchers, accommodation and other ten thousand yuan gifts", "pull friends together to earn" MoChange Token "double good feelings!", "registered to give 100 Dongsen tokens", "during the event, full exchange" and so on, the quantity is limited, get it quickly!


Concessions never expire, challenge the market lowest price! Taiwan's largest brokerage "Battle of wits" assembled 700+ home entertainment brands

Digital currency relies on the perfect blockchain mechanism and the application of community users. If it is not applied in practice, it will have no significance to issue. Therefore, there are many "air currency" that have been hyped in the market. Mojiong network technology has mastered the issuance and printing of up to 90% of tickets in the entertainment market, and has an exclusive "real-time trust issuing system". The system issues more than 10 million tickets annually, with an amount of more than 4.8 billion and more than 700 cooperative manufacturers. In 2017, it obtained capital increase from two listed companies, Dongsen international and Jingcheng information. Battle of wits network technology general manager Huang Shaofeng said: "the battle of wits with Excel ACE LTD cooperate, blockchain technology to build the" MoChange Token "solution for the Taiwan billions every year" expired ticket "pain points, through the online platform for the expired ticket collection, with expired ticket in points, let consumer combination for other consumer vouchers, and designed four class VIP system, providing various discounts and feedback rewards, to become a Costco tickets in Securities industry," VIP 4 "a challenge to market the lowest price, effectively making billions of unused tickets capitalization, circulation, make preferential never expire!", the application channel of MoChange Token: online ticket exchange platform of Mochanji mall, chain restaurants, cross-border e-commerce, games and travel exhibition, no matter travel exhibition, movie, online shopping, ticket exchange, etc., as long as you have MoChange Token, you can go anywhere. 

Press conference invited 20 brands to associated response which include: Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei, Xi Tou monsters village, Hutong burning flesh, Cuthere, Colatour, Aureate Sanmai, KLOOK guest road, KKday, Flyertea, Hong yutongyun, Onsen Papawaqa, Guan Xiang Century digital technology, figure wondrous journey, Jun Yi hotel, Kung Shang Design Hotel, online banking, bank of 1111 human, Tosee, etc., let people don't have to play and eat until tour exhibition, preferential never expire.

ABA hatching "MoChange Token" enterprise into chain! [ACE] IEO hits shelves with [bitcoin, LINE Points]

ABA Asian blockchain accelerator has won the approval subsidy of "Economy department small and medium-sized enterprises" 107 annual development plan of small and medium-sized enterprise innovation and education institution. It is the most representative "enterprise chain" expert in Asia and the only officially approved blockchain accelerator in Taiwan. ABA executive Pan Yizhang and general manager said:"with practical ground and market value, blockchain application project is gold which don’t fear the fire, as Asia's most complete blockchain ecosystems, gather exchange, accelerator, blockchain funds and media publicity four resources, help enterprise on the chain, use blockchain technology to solve business pain points, leading the industry breakthrough in Taiwan. "The Battle Of Wits and Excel ACE LTD "two big companies all have real ground application value, has the specialized management team and a complete investors and financial advisers, ability, effective use blockchain real solve industry and brand pain points, and the company profit good physique five indicators, We are very optimistic that "MoChange Token" can survive in Taiwan and rush to the international market!

ACE exchange is committed to providing a convenient channel for Taiwan people to participate in digital currency trading. As long as they register, they will give "bitcoin" and "LINE Points" as a present, which will set a precedent for the global blockchain industry and jointly promote the new application of financial technology for people. It is expected to lead Taiwan blockchain and digital currency industry to the international market. 

For the details, please go to the IEO section of ACE Exchange's official website: https://www.ace.io/ieo, or scan QRcodePress contact:


Press contact: He Xiangqi, PR of brand strategy department/ Ceci.ho@ace.io / 0928-517-615 

Avril lai, Director of brand strategy department / 0960-562-249 / avril.lai@ace.io


About Excel ACE LTD

Across digital currency, blockchain information security and intelligence contract , fast-growing start-ups, ground application magic voucher currency issuance of Asia's largest digital currency (MoChange Token), has been hailed as a rival "blockchain gold", people use blockchain technology to solve the billions of "expired ticket" pain points in Taiwan every year, let the consumer through have MoChange Token trading get more favorable service experience, gather 700+ beer and skittles brand, let the preferential never expire, challenge the lowest price in the market! The MoChange Token will be traded on the ACE open market at the end of June 2019. 


About Mohist Web Technology

All deep ten years in Taiwan, Taiwan's largest beer and skittles ticket system tour exhibition city share up to ninety percent of the "battle of wits" in network technology, have exclusive ticket "real-time trust system," in issuing amount is more than 4.8 billion, more than 700 cooperative companies, securities circulation 10 million, obtain "Dongsen international" and "Jingcheng message" two big listed company's capital increase. It possesses Mochanji online ticket exchange platform, chain restaurant, cross-border e-commerce, games and travel exhibition, no matter travel exhibition, movie, online shopping, ticket exchange, etc.


About ACE legal tender - digital currency Exchange (ACE Exchange)

ACE legal currency -- digital currency Exchange (ACE Exchange), a trading platform for new Taiwan dollar and digital currency, is equipped with international DDos defense mechanism and AI application firewall, develops products and operating procedures with the highest financial standards, and abides the legal compliance standards of KYC and AML and it is unique in Taiwan! Register to give away bitcoin and Line Points for free, and find out the maximum 60% of the commission fee for group feedback and ACE Point, the exclusive membership Point mechanism, and actively promote and implement new financial technology applications for all. 


About ABA (Asia Blockchain Accelerator)

Taiwan's first use blockchain as spindle accelerator "ABA", was awarded "the ministry of economic affairs of small and medium business:" 107 small and medium-sized enterprise development and education institutions plan approved grants, covering the Taiwan blockchain industry and foreign companies that fall to the ground in Taiwan and there are a wide range from blockchain industrialization counselling, global marketing, professional finance to tax law support, business resources docking online offline, such as one-stop service.


[Attachment] MoChange Token membership grading system


Example: Pay 1290 RMB annually can acquire 43 MoChange Token and become VIP level 4

IEO a preferential price of 10 yuan, 290 Taiwan dollars can enjoy the original price of 935 yuan hutong meat coupons, a ticket can save 645 yuan, as long as the purchase of a family of four, immediately back to this! (You can also recommend friends to join the Battle of wits coupon set mall members, and get one MoChange Token for each person, double good feelings, 0 yuan for unlimited discounts!)


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