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Guest: JR Ng, Founder & Managing partner, Wemerge Ventures

Host: Andy Zheng, CEO, Beecast



Andy Zheng: Good evening, everyone! I am Andy Zheng, CEO of Beecast.

Welcome to the leading blockchain community media [Beecast] and join us with 5000+ communities & 1000000+ Beecasters in [Blockchain in SEA] to discuss blockchain technology and industry development.

This is the Phase 12, Topic: The Token Thinking in Blockchain Investment Community .

Guest: JR Ng

JR Ng, Founder & Managing partner of Wemerge Ventures, Governing Member of WBF(World Blockchain Foundation), founder of iTree Technology, partner of CEF cryptocurrency Investment Fund, JR is an active serial entrepreneur, and has rich experience for founding enterprises from zero to one. With the understanding of the enterprise and experience, he has high ability to excavate excellent projects.


Andy Zheng: As a serial entrepreneur, can you share your career journey and experience? Why did you step into the blockchain industry? What unforgettable things happened during this period?

Mr. JR: Hello, everyone. I'm JR, founder of Wemerge Ventures. Thanks to BeeCast's invitation, I was given the opportunity to share my personal opinions with the friends in the group. I hope I can learn from each other in the process.

I am a Chinese from Singapore, Malaysia, 31 years old. I started working at the age of 17, I had worked in direct selling, catering, advertising, gold foreign exchange investment and so on. At that time, I experienced a lot of setbacks, of course, there are good times, but also because of youth to make mistakes and experience failure.

At the age of 22, I had the opportunity to enter the Internet industry in Shenzhen, China, when I was 22 years old. It was the time from the Internet to the mobile Internet. Fortunately, I experienced and deeply experienced the whole process of technology changing people’s life.

Internet entrepreneurship is in a completely different logic from traditional entrepreneurship, because the Internet era is about the platform, first you have to find a certain market demand, and this demand is often that the original market does not exist and you find it. You need to use business models and products to change and educate users. In addition, you must take more than 50% of the market to have a chance of success, or you will be covered by competitors.

So you'll find that in the Internet age, there are only a handful of companies that end up in an industry market, with the first place occupying more than 50 percent of the market, and the rest divided up by a few. But finally the second and third will be purchased through the capital operation to come to final market monopoly.

In my own entrepreneurial process, I realized that in this era, entrepreneurship is not 1 life in 9 dead, but 1 life in 999 dead. And it was the genius who had the potential to make a great Internet company, so after two Internet startups, I didn't really succeed, and then I saw the chance of a blockchain.

The so-called opportunity is not simply to see the digital currency surge, but it has the opportunity to change the original financial and business structure. This change has transformed business itself from the original corporate entity "The majority contributes, the few benefit," to the future community economy "everyone contributes, everyone benefits."

Andy Zheng: In fact, the process of starting a business is similar to reading. Some people do undergraduate studies, some do master's studies, and a few have made achievements in the field of doctorates. It is even more difficult to break through the top tip of the industry.

Mr. JR: For example,If I use travel software, this company appreciation has nothing to do with me. If I started a trip software, and I couldn't surpass it. But with a blockchain, this is going to change. For example, by holding a business card, all card holders will gain value when the business body adds value. As long as this business model is reasonably designed, everyone can participate in the contribution as a reward. This is a process in which everyone contributes and everyone benefits.

Based on this perception, I decided to move into this field to provide value for promising projects by investing and contributing my ability.

Andy Zheng: Thank you for the sharing, rich experience, but the key points are still being grasped.


Andy Zheng: Please outline the business scope of Wemerge Ventures. From which dimensions does Wemerge Ventures identify good projects?

Mr. JR: The business has three aspects. The first is the early investment of blockchain, mainly for token and equity investment. The second is the acceleration of projects, but only for micro-investment projects to provide services. The third is Bitcoin mining, which started in October, because we think the mining sector is at a low point, but an opportunity in the bear market. Of course, the premise is to have an advantage in the cost of electricity.

In fact, our investment strategy this year is relatively simple and direct. One is to only invest in projects in which mainstream organizations are involved, and the other is directly to be the LP of a mainstream fund. The first is that the size of the micro fund is not large, I think it is impossible to participate in premature and excessive uncertainty of the project, because our investment volume can not ensure the viability of the project, so following the head of the organization I think is relatively stable.


Andy Zheng: Wemerge Ventures has a unique operating mechanism, combined with blockchain technology and token model, please introduce and explain the application of token model in the operation of Wemerge Ventures. And how does the community model operate with it?

Mr. JR: The fixed position of Wemerge is the VC based on blockchain , we have set up a set of token model through the token contract of Ether. Holding a Wemerge-token actually becomes our LP, equivalent to having a Wemerge-joint investment certificate for all projects. An annual settlement will be made, a portion of the investment income will be airdropped by Ether, and part will continue to be engaged in quality projects to continuously expand the value of the token of Wemerge.

The value of Wemerge is that it allows more people to understand and participate in quality blockchain projects, with low thresholds and high liquidity to solve problems that conventional VC and ordinary people cannot participate in. On the other hand, early projects are fraught with too many risks, and we can significantly reduce the risk of participants being defrauded by Wemerge professional team who fully responsible investigate the project. And through this form of building a healthy, consensual community, to support the participation of the project. This is actually the Wemerge value of participation in the project.


Andy Zheng: What do you think is the greatest value for the mining business of Wemerge Ventures?

Mr. JR: Wemerge-mining is actually very simple, we have a relatively low electricity advantage, and chose the right time to enter the market. The first is the cost of mining in China, which accounts for as much as 70 percent Calculating force of the entire Bitcoin network. Most of China's mines have now stopped operating, leading to a sharp drop in machine costs and a reduction in the difficulty of calculating power. We are optimistic that bitcoin will be digital gold in the future, so the layout of mining in such a bear market, I think it is a huge opportunity to fit in the cold winter.


Andy Zheng: For investment institutions, the most important point is the ability to resist risk. How do you think the investment in the area of blockchain can improve the ability to resist risk?

Mr. JR: What I shared above has always been on a risk-resistant perspective to do the layout.

Firs, issue token based on blockchain, reduce the threshold of LP, and improve investment liquidity.

Second, the investment strategy is mainly focused on investing in head funds. This is actually an advantage in terms of resources and models, because there is a foundation in the industry that has access to projects that are not accessible to ordinary people, and a combination of community forces, which is exactly what a project needs.

Third, hematopoietic ability, because the current investment environment is not like in 2017, before a project can profit three months to exit, now the market is more mature projects need more solid development, investment cycle is relatively longer, so investment alone is very risky. So we put a considerable part of our portfolio into mines at this stage. The profits from the mine not only bring liquidity to LP, but also allow Wemerge jointly to participate in more projects on a continuous basis.


Andy Zheng: What qualities do you think qualified investors should have? What do you think should be the correct rule of survival for investors in bear market?

Mr. JR: I think that whether operating a startup or making an investment is actually a process of increasing awareness. Many investors look at opportunities and problems according to subjective understanding. They unilaterally believe that there is a certain demand in the market that needs to be solved or that certain problems need to be solved, and then they begin to rationalize all their own imaginations. This is terrible.

As Zhang Xiaolong, father of WeChat, said yesterday: "if a product does not get a natural growth curve, we should not promote it", which is used in entrepreneurship and investment: "if a project can't get the natural growth curve of the market, we shouldn't continue to invest or develop it," as it is probably wishful thinking.

As for the rules of survival of investors, I think that do not blindly expand at the bull market , it is time to accept the results and reserve the grain depot. If you have money when people are short of money, real opportunities will flow to you. So when you're in a bear market, you should be more active in your layout, just like before the bull market wasn't really concerned about us, because the market was too pompous, baptized by all kinds of myths and legends, chances wouldn't see you, but bear markets are very easy to give everyone the chance to come out. That's why I got the chance to be interviewed today.

Andy Zheng: Very agree with this saying, the right time, geographical location and people, all determine the project how the curve changes;

The right time, geographical location and people are nothing more than policy, region, timing and founding team.

In the Bear Market, the right thing is like the policy used by Zhu Yuanzhang: digging Wall with wide Grain accumulation.

Mr. JR: Yes, deep experience.

Andy Zheng: The advantage of the bear market is that we can clearly understand the objective environment. Of course, we are also honored to invite Mr.JR.


Andy Zheng: As a governing member of World Blockchain Foundation, please talk about the current situation of blockchain industry development in the country and region where you know well. What do you think of the development of the blockchain market in Southeast Asia?

Mr. JR: My view on this may be extreme to others, but in fact I don't think great projects will be born in Southeast Asia before the blockchain industry matures. Because of the relative backwardness in industry information, talent, entrepreneurship and the capital environment, I personally will not consider investing in Southeast Asian projects this year in terms of investment.

In addition, in Southeast Asia, there are still many traps, because there are so many frauds, and a large number of retail investors are easily misled. People's understanding of this industry is likely to take a long detour. So a blockchain project to establish a Southeast Asian community is very difficult. The people involved in the blockchain have a speculative mentality, which is actually bad for the development of the project. For those who do not participate in the blockchain, because they still do not understand the blockchain, they always feel that this is a pyramid scheme. Even in China, let alone Southeast Asia. So I think the current market in Southeast Asia should be more in partnership with some of the blockchain friends. A good national government policy to popularize education and promote the basic work of industry development.


Andy Zheng: As a senior preacher in the blockchain field, you may have come into contact with a lot of people in the industry. Are there anyone you admire, and why? Beecast currently covers 250 cities in 15 countries, 5,000 community nodes, 1 million users , and hopes to invite more big names to [Blockchain in SEA] to share the blockchain knowledge, promoting the development of the industry. In the blockchain industry of SEA, if JR introduces one or two guests to be interviewed, who would you recommend to Beecast to share?

Mr. JR: I feel that people who can contribute to the industry and adhere to industry principles are worthy of respect. In the industry, there are often practitioners who do not conform to their values, for the purpose of cutting leeks, they laugh at value investments, and treat the community as chives as the true. Such people are actually the cancer of the industry. But these people are leaving almost in large numbers. For new friends, I hope you can take a positive attitude to promote the industry. Blockchain is a great opportunity for people of our time, and it also gives us insight into the changes in the future world, so we encourage more people, especially young people to participate.

Regarding the recommendation of Southeast Asian practitioners, I recommend Dr.Kelvin Chu and George Wong, who are the director of the International Internet Finance Association and the Southeast Asian head of the BQEX Exchange, respectively. As I have just mentioned, they are the driving force behind industry principles. They have a long-term view of development and have scored well no matter how the Coin Price changes in the market.  


 Q & A

Q1: What projects have you invested in? Do you have any specific preferences for the project type?

We are currently invested in five projects, an infrastructure, a blockchain VR platform and a similar game, a blockchain+iot and a decopyrighted content trading platform. I'll link the project introduction to the group.

In fact, now we will focus on finance, protocol layer and Dapp and so on, and is a bit more STO. If only the public chain or emphasize the basic TPS project, we are not much interested.


Q2: What do you think of that the four exchanges in Thailand are licensed on 8 Jan.?

Regarding Thailand to issue the STO license, my view is that it’s need to be cautious, basically must first see the license plate exchange's qualification,if it is a strength has the qualifications unit or not. Because that Thailand is also a place where if you have money, you can make the devil push the millstone for you. I think that if a firm business is going to be listed by STO or an STO exchange, it should focus on the US, Singapore and Hong Kong first.

I often hear millions of people in the country saying they want to get a license plate here and there overseas. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the Chinese people, because doing things in China as long as they have the support of the government is like running a through train. Everyone should follow the national leadership to seize the opportunity. But overseas, especially in Southeast Asia, is not the same thing. So those who want to do well still spend their energy on what they do to satisfy the community, the customer will naturally be strong.





[Blockchain in SEA]区块链投资社区中的通证思想


对话时间:2018 年 1月 10日  18:00 






东南亚Beecast CEO


郑西平:各位Beecaster,大家晚上好!我是东南亚Beecast CEO 郑西平。

欢迎大家来到领先的区块链社群媒体【Beecast】,与5000+社群1000000+Beecasters一起参与【Blockchain in SEA】节目,探讨区块链技术与行业发展。本期是Beecast【Blockchain in SEA】第12期,



JR黄健荣,微合资本创始人&管理合伙人,WBF世界区块链基金会理事成员,CEF加密数字投资基金合伙人, iTree Technology智树科技创始人,JR是一位充满活力、积极阳光的连续创业者,对于企业从零到一有着亲身经历及丰富经验。凭着他对企业的理解及经历,能大大提升挖掘优秀项目的能力。













































郑西平:JR作为资深的区块链领域布道者,应该接触过很多行业内人士,其中是否有您欣赏和佩服的从业者,为什么?Beecast目前覆盖15个国家250个城市、5000个社群节点、用户100万+,希望通过[Blockchain in SEA]邀请更多的大咖来社群分享区块链,以推动整个行业进一步的发展,如果JR引荐一到两位东南亚地区嘉宾,您会引荐谁来做客Beecast进行分享?


关于推荐东南亚的从业者受访,我推荐曹耀群博士Dr.Kelvin Chu和George Wong,他们分别是国际互联网金融协会会长,和BQEX交易所东南亚负责人。他们正如我刚提到的,是秉持行业原则,沉下心在推动行业发展的推动者。无伦市场币价如何变化,他们都有长远的眼光看待发展,并取了不错的成绩。











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