[blockchain in SEA] How the Post-95’s Media Preach the Malaysian Blockchain
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Guest: Ah Go, Founder of blockchain media Cryptopedia, Malaysia, Member of the Malaysia Blockchain Committee

Host: Andy Zheng, Beecast CEO



Andy Zheng: Good evening, everyone! I am SEA Beecast CEO Andy Zheng.

Welcome to the leading blockchain community media [Beecast] and join us with 5000+community&1000000+Beecasters in [Blockchain in SEA] to discuss blockchain technology and industry development.

This the first phase, topic: How the Post-95’s Media preach the Malaysian Blockchain

Guest: Ah Go

Ah Go, the founder of the first blockchain video media Cryptopedia in Malaysia, and the first educator in Malaysia to use video to spread the blockchain knowledge. With the high-quality content and the rapid spread of influence in Malaysia, he has become the opinion leader of the blockchain industry, and joined the Malaysian Blockchain Committee, currently focusing on community development, who has a deep understanding of the Malaysian blockchain and digital currency market.


Andy Zheng: Ah Go, please briefly introduce yourself,your self-media brand Cryptopedia and your business?

Ah Go: Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to listen to my sharing, thanks to BeeCast's CEO Andy for doing an interview with me here.

I am Ah Go Wu Yifeng from Malaysia, 21 years old, currently a university student studying in finance.

I founded Malaysia's first Chinese blockchain we-media in 2017. At that time, I was able to start production before the bull market, and shared Chinese education videos of the blockchain on Facebook, which aroused the attention of a group of Malaysians and Taiwanese. Cryptopedia is a Malaysian news media that I want to further develop after my personal operation of the we-media [Ah Go Wu Yifeng].


Andy Zheng: What made you decide to enter the blockchain industry and start doing video media? From the founding of last year to now, how is the spread impact? Are there any unforgettable experiences to share with us?

Ah Go: Although I am a college student in Malaysia, I was an exchange student in Taiwan in 2017 and lived for a while.

At that time, I actively participated in some blockchain sharing meetings and events in Taiwan, and I found that other countries were more avant-garde than Malaysiathe in development of blockchain, and the Taiwan government began to support the development of the blockchain at that time, and the blockchain community is also more active than Malaysia.

After realizing that the Malaysian public generally had a lower degree  in the understanding of the blockchain, I began recording my first Chinese blockchain video for the Malaysian masses in Taiwan.

Because when I started to operate my self-media, I just met the beginning of the bull market, and naturally attracted many people who were interested in the blockchain to follow my video. The Malaysian Chinese market is still in its infancy, the spread of video quickly covered the entire Chinese market in Malaysia. At that time, I also received many project parties cooperation. This should be an unforgettable experience in my operation on the media.


Andy Zheng: The hot market of blockchain in Malaysia has just risen and more start-up media enter the market. The community operation model has become the main focus of blockchain media. What are your views on the development of blockchain media and the mode of community operation?

Ah Go: According to my observation, since the outbreak of the bull market in 2017, large and small blockchain media companies have sprung up in the blockchain media industry.

I believe that from the point of view of blockchain media, in order to monopolize the market in this competitive market and seize market share, we must cooperate with our own unique community operation model and integrate our own community into our own media. Then connect with other peer media to traffic and content channels to achieve maximum benefits with minimal cost.

In addition, I am also very convinced that the development of the community plays a very important role in the future development of the blockchain.

Only relying on the community, relying on the strength of everyone to accumulate various resources of all parties, toasting in the bull market, supporting each other in the bear market, relying on this strong cohesive force, and we will have the opportunity to see the blockchain media, even the entire blockchain ecosystem grows healthily for a long time.


Andy Zheng: You may have been exposed to various areas of the blockchain industry during your work., including all kinds of blockchain projects. From the perspective of a media people, how is the current development of the blockchain project in Malaysia?

Ah Go: Yes. During my time in the operation of my personal media, I did come across a variety of projects in the blockchain industry, not just in Malaysia, but also in other countries.

From the perspective of a media person, Malaysia's development is relatively backward compared to other countries, there are no more quality projects than other countries, but there are also some famous international projects, such as the famous blockchain of Ethereum. The browser Etherscan was developed by the blockchain team in Malaysia.

I hope that in the future, as the blockchain becomes more popular in Malaysia, there will be more quality projects that will bring real value to the entire blockchain development.


Andy Zheng: Whats your understanding about the current digital money market in Malaysia, including the whole situation of the ICO market, related policies, regulatory strength and so on. What do you think of the current and future development of the digital money market?

Ah Go: From the perspective of Malaysia's regulation, although Malaysia's decision-making on digital currency regulation is relatively slower than that of advanced countries, the government is also trying to keep up with the international pace.

Just four days ago, on November 2, 2018, Malaysia’s State Treasury Secretary Lin Guanying announced that a regulatory framework for digital currency trading and ICO would be officially launched early next year when he released the 2019 National Budget.

Based on my understanding, the Malaysian government will not stop any technological innovations that are beneficial to the future of the country and the people, especially for the blockchain and digital currency.

Before the introduction of a formal regulatory framework, Malaysia is currently maintaining a neutral attitude towards the development of digital currency.

I believe that after the launch of a formal regulatory framework and related policies, the future development of digital currency in Malaysia will be more vigorous and more optimistic.


Andy Zheng: The blockchain wave sweeps across the globe. What advantages do you think Malaysia has in this wave? Could you talk about the views of the entire Malaysian blockchain ecosystem?

Ah Go: Honestly, I don't think Malaysia has any significant advantages. If I really want to think about it, I think Malaysians will be more tolerant when they choose to invest in innovative ICO projects.

Although some blockchain projects may not be really good, as long as the team is convincing enough, many people are willing to try to give them a chance.

With the help of low threshold capital introduction, it will make the project easier to develop better.

Of course, this situation will be like a double-edged knife. If everyone ignorantly sees the project, it will also cause problems in the scam project.

In addition, I think another advantage of Malaysia is that the government is relatively rational about regulation.

In 2017, the blockchain became a household name overnight. As it involved the financial sector, countries began to express their position or act quickly. The Malaysian government chose to wait and see because of its unfamiliarity with new technology.

Malaysia chose to take into account other countries' regulation of new technology and after slowly understanding the new technology, it introduced a sound regulatory framework to catch up with international efforts. This is commendable to me.


Andy Zheng: As only 21-year-old Malaysia blockchain industry preacher, you can be said to be the representative of the post-95 blockchain industry talent, what are your expectations for your future development? How do you think the younger generation in Malaysia should view the development of blockchain?

Ah Go: Thank you Mr. Zheng for the compliments. Rather than being a talent in the blockchain industry, it is better to say that I am a blockchain learner who is constantly improving.

I hope that in the future, I will continue to learn from and research, gain a deeper understanding of the current and future development of the entire market, continue to contribute to this industry, and witness the true maturity and successful popularization of blockchain technology.

I think young people in Malaysia should start to realize that by our side, it is not just the blockchain, but also the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. That will slowly penetrate into our lives and become an indispensable part of our life.

After realizing this, I believe that young people will try to understand the disruptive nature of blockchain technology for the future of the world.

Then try to get in touch with new things, new technology, contact with some avant-garde pioneers, try to contribute to the development of the blockchain, and follow the trend of this era.


Q & A

Q1: Ah Go is so young to have such entrepreneurial results, and it is really great. What are the difficulties encountered in the process of starting a business? Can you tell us about the qualities necessary for a qualified blockchain entrepreneur?

Ah Go: I have heard a sentence: "An entrepreneurial team must have a dreamer. This dreamer must be able to persuade and lead a group of executives."

I feel that the biggest difficulty in starting an entrepreneurship at this age when except for the only ideas, ambitions, and dreams that have no basic economic ability, is how to organize a team that can trust you.

First of all, you must use your mobility to prove yourself, and then use your persuasive ability to enhance the confidence of others in your life, and work together with you to advance and retreat. I think this is one of the biggest problems that young entrepreneurs will encounter before trying to start a business.

Then, it is the profit model of business and the flow of income. I remember that I saw an entrepreneurial TV series, which mentioned this sentence: "A business that does not make money is an unethical business."

I think that in addition to human resource integration, another big problem in the process of young people's entrepreneurship is nothing more than financial problems.

If there is no stable profit model and stable income stream in the early stage, how to raise funds and raise sufficient operating expenses and development costs to support going to the later stages of development is also a problem that entrepreneurs often encounter.

Speaking of the essential qualities of blockchain entrepreneurs, I feel that as a blockchain entrepreneur, to survive in a rapidly developing industry and era, we must have strong insights and must master every detail of the entire market at all times, following the rhythm of the market, which is the best way to cope.

Next, I think it is necessary to have a strong willpower. Especially in the bear market that everyone is now encountering, it is necessary to have enough patience and coping strategies to precipitate in this sluggish market, wait for the next round of bull market again, and wait for the next round of flower blooms.


Q2: Is there any other media form of your self-media content carrier besides the video? What innovations will there be in future business?

Ah Go: Based on my personal observation and understanding of the blockchain media market, I believe that using video to launch content will be a competitive advantage, saving spectator’s time and reducing reading energy.

Therefore, about the form of content promotion, we insist on video as the main medium form.

In the previous interview, we mentioned the part of community development. We want to expand our current business through the integration of community and media.

In addition, we are also considering integrating digital currency into it to enhance the value of the entire media platform. I believe this will be a good innovation.


Know more about Ah Go: www.facebook.com/ahgo.wu/



[blockchain in SEA] 95后媒体人如何布道马来西亚区块链


对话时间:2018 年 11月 06日 18:00








东南亚BeeCast CEO


郑西平:各位Beecaster,大家晚上好!我是东南亚Beecast CEO郑西平。

欢迎大家来到领先的区块链社群媒体【Beecast】,与5000+社群1000000+Beecasters一起参与【Blockchain in SEA】节目,探讨区块链技术与行业发展。本期是Beecast【Blockchain in SEA】第1期,主题:95后媒体人如何布道马来西亚区块链。





吴一风: YFeng Go:大家好,感谢大家抽空在这里听我的一些分享,感谢 BeeCast 的 CEO Andy 能够在这里对我做一个专访,请大家多多指教。

我是Ah Go 吴一风,来自马来西亚,今年21岁,目前是一名就读金融系的大学生。

我在2017年创办了马来西亚的第一家中文区块链自媒体。当时赶得及在牛市前就开始制作,并在Facebook脸书上分享关于区块链的中文教育视频,引起了一批马来西亚以及台湾的群众的关注。Cryptopedia(加密百科)是继我个人营运的自媒体【Ah Go 吴一风】之后,想要更进一步发展的马来西亚新闻媒体。


郑西平: 是什么让您决定进入区块链行业并开始做视频自媒体的呢?从去年创始到现在,传播影响力如何?有没有什么难忘的经历可以和大家分享的?












从一个媒体人的视角来看,虽然马来西亚的发展比起其它的国家相对来说稍微落后,优质的项目不比其它国家多,但也不乏一些著名的国际项目,像是以太坊著名的区块链浏览器 Etherscan 其实是由马来西亚的区块链团队所开发的。









































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