2019 World's First Double Eleventh Blockchain Day Grand Opening

Block Technology Shenzhen Live Report: November 10-11, 2019 World First Double Eleventh Blockchain Day was hosted in Shenzhen by Bull Market Finance, Billion Alliance, BLOCK GLOBAL, co-hosted by DEEPTECH SPACE, BAFEEX, co-organized by f2pool, Jiasheng Data Technology, Baxter Mine Pool Amoy Alliance, Golden Finance, Huobi Indonesia, Brock Technology, Coinin, blocktimes, Beecast, Coin World, Mars Finance, BANKX, Diamond, SOLRCE, BLOCK ECO FUND, Fire Online, GCBA, GSIPA, BlockchainNo.1, Alpaca Blockchain, World Chain Finance, Richest Community Alliance, AEX, Leopard Finance, Flying Pigeon Blockchain, ETHEX.COM, Stark Technology, Gyro Finance, COINALL, HKEx.ONE. The event brought together hundreds of industry leaders, opinion leaders and project founders in the field of blockchain, digital assets, AI, etc., with the theme of “consensus, alliance, innovation”, focusing on application innovation, industry trends, etc. In order to enhance the block consensus, promote the block trading and circulation, and actively empower the benign evolution of the blockchain ecology. The conference invited top talents in the blockchain industry to gather in Shenzhen. The scene of the guests at the conference was full. The round-table forum held during the period shared a lot of high-quality content for many guests, and finally the conference ended in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere.

2019-11-15 14:42
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Business and Distributed Finance Summit held in Hangzhou Grand

Block Technology Hangzhou Live Report: On October 23rd, sponsored by ZG.COM and BLOCK GLOBAL, co-organized by Qianyi Chain, Block Technology, Coinin, Blocktimes, Beecast, Brock Global Eco-Fund, Fire Online, GCBA, GSIPA, Huobi Indonesia, Blockchain No.1, Even Token, FIND, Chain Tour Player, Zhuozhi Enterprise, and Great Wall Commune, the commercial and distributed financial summit was held in Hangzhou (supported by 30+ media). Commercial finance is a monetary and financial activity that is carried out by social entities in accordance with the principles of the market under the conditions of a market economy. It has always served the class or group with sufficient funds and credit. To date, it has played an invaluable role in improving the efficiency of human society.

2019-10-24 14:12
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